What Headset is Better Than the HyperX Cloud II?

By Jim Jones

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In the world of PC gaming peripherals, headsets lead the pack of essentials that compliment your gaming experience.

According to research, headsets dominate other peripherals with a market share of over 30%.

Several brands liter the market with affordable headsets featuring immersive sounds and just the right comfortability. But, not everything in the market is worth spending your money on.

The question is, how does HyperX fare in all of this? Should you pay attention to their headsets, or are they just another brand with promises and nothing to show for it.

Let’s check out what makes a headset perfect for gaming and how to get more bang for your bucks in the gaming headset world.

The HyperX Cloud II was the holy grail of headphones in its reigning era. Launched in 2015, the HyperX Cloud II arguably became the most popular headphone in the gaming industry. The headphone gave a huge promotion to the HyperX brand as it became the top-selling gaming headphone brand from 2017 to 2018.

The HyperX Cloud II became so popular because it was designed specifically for gamers in terms of comfort, sound quality, detachable mic, compatibility, and weight. While this headphone isn’t produced from the most durable materials, it has proven to last for years if properly maintained.

The design of the HyperX Cloud ii headphone primarily focused on sound quality, among other things. The helmet design is carved so that gamers can hear the gameplay’s tiniest details, including a feeling of isolation.

The bass is well present, featuring excellent linearity at low frequencies, while the mids and treble are also at a very decent level. The HyperX Cloud ii also offers an inch-perfect vocal clarity making communication smooth among gamers.

Another feature many gamers also love about the HyperX Cloud II is its detachable mic. This flexibility allows gamers to reposition the mic at an angle they feel best suited. The windshield feature of the mic is also a feature many gamers love considering it helps reduce breathing sound.

Hence, breathing doesn’t affect communication in the most intense gameplay, making sound reproduction and vocals very clear.

While much attention is poured into sound quality, HyperX didn’t neglect comfortability. The headphone is designed using an aluminum frame to ensure that the set isn’t too heavy, putting undue pressure on the head.

The headband is also well padded with leatherette, while the ear cups are padded with memory foam cushions. All for comfortability, gamers can enjoy their game nonstop for very long hours.

The HyperX Cloud II, since its launch, has earned maximum respect among gamers. It’s been seven years now, and some of the fastest headphones are still comparable to the HyperX Cloud II. Many gamers believe the headphone raised the standards. However, lots of headphones now seem to match the bar set.

As a result, it will be perfect to compare the HyperX Cloud II with one of the leading headphones in today’s market — the Audeze Penrose.

The Audeze Penrose is one of the best wireless gaming headphones in the gaming industry. It offers gamers exceptional, immersive, and detailed audio quality during gameplay. The gospel of Audeze Penrose has spread the industry, which is why it is ideal to compare it with the HyperX Cloud II.

Several reviews have concluded that Audeze Penrose is a better headset than HyperX Cloud II. We 100% agree with this, and we’ll back it up with valid reasons.

The first factor to consider is the driver. The Audeze Penrose is a better headset, given it is equipped with planar magnetic drivers, unlike HyperX Cloud II. Being a planar magnetic headset, the Audeze Penrose produces better sound. It also offers better bass response and wider extension to low-end frequencies.

While HyperX Cloud II is considered to have a better build to its aluminum frame, the Audeze Penrose offers better comfort. For an all-plastic build headphone with a flexible headband and memory foam earpads. The Audeze Penrose is lighter, offering better comfort.

Weighing 320 grams, gamers can surely enjoy their games for long hours without feeling discomfort.

Additionally, the Audeze Penrose being a wireless Bluetooth headset gives a more convenient use with mobile devices. Thanks to its head tracking and 3D features, the Audeze Penrose offers a better gaming experience than HyperX Cloud II.

These extra features make the Audeze Penrose a better headset than HyperX Cloud II.


The Audeze Penrose being a better headset than HyperX Cloud II honestly shouldn’t come as a surprise. The former is a more advanced and latest model, giving it an edge over the latter.

But while these differences do exist between the headsets, it does not undermine the quality of HyperX Cloud II. The HyperX Cloud II is old but gold and still ranks top among the best.