What Headset Does Aydan Use?

By Everett Zarnick

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When trying to emulate greatness, it’s only natural to start with the basics. Technique, habits, and training consistency come with time, but there are a number of things a Warzone player can do to maximize their efficiency in practice when trying to learn from great players: hardware.

It’s simple, really. The best Warzone players, such as Aydan, use the hardware that best suits their playstyle. And if it suits their playstyle as the best of the best, it should suit anyone’s. Just as this applies to mice, keyboards, and computer hardware, this is no less true for Aydan’s headset of choice. 

Aydan is a warzone prodigy who ranks among the highest earning professional players in the game. His skill set includes wicked reflexes and reliable aim, alongside his vast wealth of in-game knowledge and positional awareness. 

Basically, Aydan’s a Warzone badass, and if you’re trying to find out who to study to become a better player, you can’t go wrong by tuning into his stream and taking a close look at the magic in the making for yourself. All that’s well and good, but let’s talk about Aydan’s headset.

As aforementioned, Aydan’s positional awareness is arguably unmatched, or only matched by some of the greatest players to grace Warzone’s competitive scene. This is 95% down to Aydan’s in-game experience, but there’s something to be said for the headset he uses: The LCD-GX by Audeze. 

Those experienced in the headphone community probably would have heard of this headset by now, or at least Audeze as a producer of high quality headsets. For those in the gaming community, though, this might be a new piece of hardware entirely. Given that most gamers buy headphones with a checklist of “Does it have a mic? Cool.”, it isn’t surprising that many players miss out not just on the high quality experience of playing with an audiophile headset, but also on the competitive advantage it gives you. 

To be clear, a reiteration must be made: Aydan’s situational awareness if 95% down to his ingame experience. That extra 5%, though, can be summed up through the high quality of his LCD-GX. His headset features Audeze’s very own Fluxor magnets and ultra-thin Uniforce diaphragm technology. This design gives the LCD-GX high quality control in relation to flux density, which is a solid compliment to their LCD Planar Magnetic Drivers which, according to Audeze, are twice as large as other gaming headphones’ drivers. 

To be clear, the size of the driver isn’t the only factor to consider when judging audio quality, but the increased size does mean that bass audio clarity is increased, which is perfect for tracking enemy movements and actions, such as stomps, reloading, plating, etc. Remember how we mentioned Aydan’s positional awareness earlier? Well, as an Audiophile headset, the LCD-GX gives studio quality, endgame levels of clarity. This means that all that info the drivers are sending your way (footsteps, opponent inputs at the like) are all delivered not just with clarity, but with positional accuracy as well. Instead of hearing a footstep in a general direction, the extreme precision of the audio is going to give you information on the distance of the source as well, both in verticality and in direction. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be a gaming headset without a mic, and since the LCD-GX is an endgame headset, it comes with some of the clearest input quality you could ask for. Talking with friends over discord or strategizing with teammates in-game has never been as crystal clear as with the GX. Though, the real treat is in audio quality and construction. Speaking of which…

The construction for this endgame headset is made to last, and since its something that you’d be buying for the long haul, you can expect this headset to not only give you the highest quality audio on the market, but also for it to perform for the next five years and, depending on how well you take care of it, beyond. 


What works for the best of the best will work for anyone, and although mice, keyboards, and monitors can be boiled down to personal preference, there is zero room to excuse poor audio quality when trying to compete at a high level in Warzone. The LCD-GX by Audeze is the greatest endgame-level headset on the market for gamers, and once one gets used to the unmatched clarity provided by the headset, there’s really no going back.