Top 10 Weapons with The Lowest Recoil in Call of Duty Warzone

By Justin Joy

When it comes to shooters Call of Duty has long been at the top of that list for its gameplay. At the heart of Call of Duty is its multiplayer which has evolved over the years and none more so than Warzone. As a competitive multiplayer mode, you will absolutely want to make sure you have the right equipment for the job. Choosing the right weapons will make sure that you are killing your enemies before they put a bullet in you. Now you may not be the most knowledgeable about which weapons are the best, but you can be assured that finding a blueprint will put you on the fast track for success. For more knowledge, you can always do some research to maximize your chances of success and put the best guns to good use. Finally, coming into Warzone with a good loadout is paramount to winning so take some time and make sure you are prepared before dropping in

10. M4A1

Top 10 Weapons with The Lowest Recoil in Call of Duty Warzone - M4A1
Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision)

The M4A1 is one hell of an assault rifle, boasting fully automatic capability and a name that is very fun to say. But more important than that is the fact that this rifle is extremely accurate and allows you to control your shots and make precise shots even at long distances. To further your range, you will want to equip the Monolithic Suppressor which will also reduce your muzzle flash so you can stay hidden from your foes. The next attachment you will want is the Stock M16 Grenadier which not only increases damage range but also bullet velocity and recoil control. Up next is the Commando Foregrip which will further reduce recoil for the ultimate commando experience (minus not wearing underwear of course). Even with all of this help towards recoil reduction and increased range you may be like me and have a better chance of hitting a target if you have every bullet on the planet at your disposal. To that end, you will want the 60 Round Mags for increased ammo capacity because surely with rounds at least one of them will find its way to a headshot. Last but not least is the Stippled Grip Tape which will slightly reduce stability but makes up for it with increased aim down sights speed and reduced sprint to fire time.

9. FiNN

Top 10 Weapons with The Lowest Recoil in Call of Duty Warzone - Finn
Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision)

Now you may be surprised to find an LMG on a list of weapons with the lowest recoil because LMGs aren’t exactly known for their accuracy but you will find that the FiNN is the exception. It is a lightweight fully automatic LMG with advanced recoil control which gives it a place here on our list. That being said, the FiNN could certainly use some help from attachments to get the best bang for your buck. First on our attachment shopping list is the Monolithic Suppressor which will increase range and reduce muzzle flash. Following that is the XRK LogShot Advantage barrel which further increases damage range, reduces recoil, and keeps your rate of fire at a standard speed. Pairing these two with the Commando Foregrip will give you additional control of your recoil. Next, you will want to set your eyes on the VLK 3.0x Optic which will give you better sights but also gives a slight reduction to recoil as well. Finally, the XRK Citadel stock brings some much-needed stability to your life – I mean to the FiNN LMG which will certainly help at greater ranges.

8. Bruen

Top 10 Weapons with The Lowest Recoil in Call of Duty Warzone - Bruen
Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision)

If you thought we were done with LMGs on this list then think again because we are right back at it with the Bruen light machine gun. The Bruen brings to the table not only impressive firepower but also incredible accuracy and reliable damage range. To bring out the best in the Bruen you will want the right attachments and to that end starting with the Monolithic Suppressor is an excellent choice. This suppressor brings a much-appreciated range and muzzle flash reduction to the Bruen. The XRK Summit 26.8″ Tac Laser further increases this range while also giving increased bullet velocity and recoil control. Following that, you will want the VLK 3.0x Optic for increased range and optics as well as a slight benefit to recoil reduction. Now with this next one, you may be thinking that an LMG already has enough ammo capacity but when it comes to bullets you can truly never have too much, especially if your aim is anything like mine. The 60 Round Mags does just that and increases your ammo capacity to give you a chance to land even more shots, or in my case, hopefully just one.

7. MW MP5

Top 10 Weapons with The Lowest Recoil in Call of Duty Warzone - MW MP5
Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision)

Up next is the infamous MW MP5 which has been known to dominate the meta on and off throughout Call of Duty so it should be no surprise to see this beauty on our list. This fully automatic SMG offers the perfect balance of stability, mobility, and lethality and that’s without collecting the Infinity Stones. To further increase the viability of the MP5 you will need some top-notch attachments and the first one you should grab is the Monolithic Integral Suppressor. This suppressor is exclusive to the MP5 and will increase sound suppression as well as bullet velocity. The 5mW Laser will bring some much-needed hip-fire accuracy to the MP5 as well as reduce sprint to fire time. The Merc Foregrip will increase recoil control as well as hip-fire accuracy. Next, you will want to grab the 45 Round Mags to increase your ammo capacity and chance to get the kill. Finally, the Sleight of Hand perk is an absolute must as it decreases reload time allowing you to show off just how deadly accurate you are with the MP5.

6. PKM

Top 10 Weapons with The Lowest Recoil in Call of Duty Warzone - PKM
Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision)

The PKM is LMG number 3 on our list for the weapons with the lowest recoil and it is fully automatic, dealing high damage with a moderate rate of fire. Like those before it, you will want to stick with the Monolithic Suppressor to maximize the PKM’s muzzle flash and bullet velocity. You can extend your advantage over your enemies with the 26.9″ Extended Barrel which will increase damage range, bullet velocity, and most importantly recoil control. Up next is the Tac Laser which will improve accuracy and while aiming down sights. The PKM also shares a desire for the VLK 3.0x Optic like the Bruen and Finn which improves your sights as well as recoil reduction. Finally, you will want to snatch up the Snatch Grip which improves vertical recoil as well as providing a better stance for raising and lowering this LMG.

5. MAC-10

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision)

We are going from LMG to SMG with the MAC-10 with this bad boy. Don’t let its small size fool you, the MAC-10 is a fully SMG with excellent handling. As with any weapon, attachments will improve the quality of this weapon. First and foremost, you will want the Agency Suppressor which will increase vertical recoil control as well as muzzle concealment. The 5.9″ Task Force is also an excellent choice that increases damage, damage range, and bullet velocity. The Field Agent Grip further increases vertical recoil and horizontal recoil control. The STANAG 53 Rnd Drum increases magazine capacity while also increasing max starting ammo. Finally, the Raider Stock will improve on the MAC-10’s sprint to fire time and its walking aim speed.

4. Grau 5.56

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision)

When it comes to the lowest recoil in Warzone, we only dipped our toes in assault rifles with the M4A1 but now we are diving in with the Grau 5.56. You should be used to the words Monolithic Suppressor and just like before it is going to reduce your muzzle flash as well as increase bullet velocity. Following that is the Tempus 26.4 Archangel and in addition to watching over you, this barrel will increase damage range, bullet velocity, and recoil control. The Tac Laser increases accuracy and aiming down sights. The Commando Foregrip also makes a return which will increase recoil control further. Last but not least is the 60 Round Mags which increases your ammo capacity and maximizes your chance to get a headshot, or at least gives you more chances.

3. MP7

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision)

The MP7 is a fully automatic SMG with low recoil and a high rate of fire. In order to run and gun at maximum efficiency, you will need some attachments and what better place to start than the Monolithic Suppressor. Like before it will increase bullet velocity and reduce muzzle flash. The FSS Recon barrel increases muzzle velocity, range, as well as recoil control for a smoother shot. The Merc Foregrip will increase recoil control and accuracy while firing from the hip. To maximize the MP7’s firing capacity you will want to equip the 60 Round Mags for the most amount of bullets. Finally, the Stippled Grip Tape increases aiming down sight speed as well as reducing sprint to fire time which is incredibly important for those who prefer to dash around like a madman spraying bullets wildly.

2. M13

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision)

Don’t worry, the M13 isn’t bad luck, you will actually find it is quite the opposite. This assault rifle features a short-stroke piston system that gives it a high rate of fire while still keeping the recoil low. You may be sick of seeing the words “Monolithic Suppressor” but here we are again. The reduction to muzzle flash and increase to bullet velocity are two things that keep it appearing on this list and it is also recommended for the M13. After that is the Tempus Marksman which is available only for the M13 and increases bullet velocity, damage range, and recoil control. The Corp Combat Holo Sight will provide you with a crisp sight picture once equipped. No assault rifle is complete without the Commando Foregrip which will increase recoil control. Last but not least is the trusty 60 Round Mags which will increase ammo capacity.

1. Kilo 141

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision)

Last but certainly not least of the lowest recoil weapons is the Kilo 141 assault rifle. It features an ergonomic design for improved handling which provides a steady and accurate rate of fire. This is the last time you will read the words Monolithic Suppressor though I cannot guarantee this muzzle won’t appear in your dreams. Like with every other weapon on this list it will increase bullet velocity as well as reducing muzzle flash. Following that, you will want the Singuard Arms 19.8″ Pro not only to call yourself a Call of Duty pro but also because it increases damage range, recoil control, and bullet velocity. The VLK 3.0x Optic will improve your sights as well as providing a small bonus to recoil control. Once again you will find yourself attaching the Commando Foregrip and the 60 Round Mags to this assault rifle which will increase recoil control and ammo capacity respectively.


Most of these weapons come from the Modern Warfare side of Call of Duty but don’t let that fool you into thinking Cold War doesn’t also feature some excellent choices for weapons with low recoil. In addition to having the best weapons, there are other factors to take into account to be the best in Warzone. For instance, you will want to make sure you are looking your best with the best operator skins to leave a lasting impression on your opponents. This one is especially important for those like me who lack FPS skills and need a handicap to achieve victory. If this sounds like you, and there is no shame in owning up to it, then you will want to find yourself a supply station and pump as much money as you can into it to maximize your chances of winning. Regardless of your strategy and how you plan to win Warzone, you will want to make sure you have the right equipment especially when it comes to your firearm as it is the main aspect of this game.