Top 10 Best PUBG Weapons Season 10

By Justin Joy

When it comes to battle royale games, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is easily one of the most recognizable names in this genre as it was at the forefront before this type of game caught on and became as popular as it is now. With all competitive games, especially battle royales, you want to make sure you have the right equipment yourself. Perhaps most important is the best headset to make sure you can hear when your foes are close and what weapons they are carrying. Secondly you will want to make sure you have the best mouse in order to be able to aim properly and score headshots for the fastest kills. Lastly you will definitely need a good keyboard and even better if it has programmable keys in order for you to create the perfect setup. With the right skills and equipment, you will find yourself quickly on the way to bringing home a chicken dinner.

10. Kar98k

Top 10 Best PUBG Weapons Season 10 - Kar98k
PUBG (©PUBG Corporation)

When it comes to sniper rifles the Karabiner 98 Kurz, or Kar98k, is a reliable choice and one that is more readily available than other snipers. The Kar98k is capable of dropping a target in a single headshot as long as they are not wearing a level 3 helmet. It is a bolt-action sniper rifle which means it carries with it a slower reload but with the longer range it grants this isn’t a problem if you are engaging the competition at the appropriate range. To excel with this rifle, you will need to make sure you have picked up enough supplies to camp out and pick off the competition.

9. Vector

PUBG (©PUBG Corporation)

The Vector is a submachine gun that capitalizes on its low recoil to devastate an opponent. It does have a small magazine of only 13 rounds; thus, you will absolutely want to equip an extended magazine if you can get your hands on it. In addition, the Vector has the most available attachments of all the SMGs in PUBG making it the most versatile. The Vector is most effective at close to mid-range combat. The Vector is definitely a great gun if you prefer to use the run and gun strategy, bolting from cover-to-cover firing at your opponents. Just make your shots count as you only have a small amount unless you can get your hands on the right attachments.

8. Beryl M762

PUBG (©PUBG Corporation)

The Beryl excels at being a versatile assault rifle with a good number of attachments. While its base damage is slightly lower than other rifles it makes up for this with its increased rate of fire. To make up for this increased rate of fire, the Beryl does have higher recoil but this can be mitigated by attaching a foregrip. So regardless of your playstyle, having more attachments makes this a gem of an assault rifle as you have more customization with how you use it. The Beryl dominates at close to mid-range combat so get close and personal when you’re carrying this bad boy.

7. M24

Top 10 Best PUBG Weapons Season 10 - M24
PUBG (©PUBG Corporation)

The M24 is the second bolt-action sniper rifle on our list after the Kar98k and there are a few key differences that make the M24 stand above the Kar98k. First and foremost is its faster reload speed as it is loaded via magazines rather than one-by-one. The M24 will deal more damage than the Kar98k and out to a further distance making it a distinct upgrade. While this rifle isn’t as good as the AWM it does have the advantage of being found looting rather than in a supply drop and its ammo is more easily found.

6. Groza

Top 10 Best PUBG Weapons Season 10 - Groza
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The Groza is considered one of the better assault rifles in PUBG due to its high rate of fire and damage output. Perhaps for this reason it is only found in airdrops which means you will have to be careful when trying to grab this rifle. To offset this, the Groza has a slow reload time of 3 seconds and a lack of attachments for the foregrip, muzzle and scopes. This allows the player to showcase the Groza’s effectiveness at close quarters as it will tear through enemies. When fighting any enemies carrying the Groza they should be your priority in a firefight before they put you down. When carrying one, always keep a backup weapon in order to avoid the long reload time during an intense firefight.

5. AUG

Top 10 Best PUBG Weapons Season 10 - AUG
PUBG (©PUBG Corporation)

Yet another assault rifle makes its way onto our list in the form of the Armee Universal Gewehr A3, or AUG. Like the Groza the AUG can only be found in airdrops which makes acquiring it before other players a tricky matter. The AUG has the same attachment capabilities as the SCAR-L as well as ballistics but does have an increased muzzle velocity and drag coefficient. The drawback to the AUG is the slow reload time as well as the slower rate of fire. However, the slower rate of fire does allow for a more stable and accurate shot. Therefore, you don’t want to be too close to your enemies when carrying this assault rifle.

4. SLR

Top 10 Best PUBG Weapons Season 10 - SLR
PUBG (©PUBG Corporation)

Next on the list is the semi-automatic DMR type SLR, or Self-Loading Rifle. The SLR is a more powerful version of the SKS but does come with more recoil and lacks the ability to add any kind of foregrip which requires greater precision and control. This combined with the slower reload time encourages the player to use this rifle at greater ranges rather than close quarters. Finally, another thing holding this rifle back from close quarters is the length of the SLR itself so you will definitely want to be a good distance away before you open fire.

3. Mk14 EBR

Top 10 Best PUBG Weapons Season 10 - Mk14
PUBG (©PUBG Corporation)

The Mark 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle, or Mk14 EBR, is essentially a bigger version of the SKS, dealing more damage and having greater recoil. But one of the key differences is the ability to change from semi-automatic to fully automatic. This gives the player different options in how they want to approach a fire fight either dealing massive amounts of damage in full auto, or lining up precise shots with semi-auto. The drawback for these perks is a slower reload, the higher recoil, and a lower magazine which like the SLR makes this rifle better suited for long range combat. In order to get your hands on this rifle you will need to rally your courage and raid an air supply drop.

2. MG3

Top 10 Best PUBG Weapons Season 10 - MG3
PUBG (©PUBG Corporation)

The MG3 is a light machine gun that can be found exclusively in air drops. It features two firing modes: the standard mode will fire 660 rounds per minute while the secondary mode will fire 990 rounds per minute. Each mode has a time and place to use them with the standard mode being better for mid to long range fights and the toggle made being better suited for close range. Whichever mode you use the MG3 is perfect for laying down suppressing fire or holding a position.

1. AWM

PUBG (©PUBG Corporation)

The AWM, or Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Magnum, is a bolt-action sniper rifle designed for long range combat and precise shots. The AWM deals the highest amount of damage of any weapon in the game and it is one of two weapons that are capable of killing an enemy with a headshot regardless of what helmet they are wearing. To offset this power, the AWM has a long reload time, long time between shots, and unique ammo that is harder to find. All of this makes this sniper rifle high risk high reward and a skilled player will easily be able to pick off enemies from afar as long as they keep their cool and line up their shots.


When it comes to battle royale games there are a lot of factors that will lead you to a victory. Knowing the map and where to find the best loot as well as where the competition will land is crucial. Being versatile in your use of weapons and recognizing weapons the enemy carries will let you know when to engage and when to retreat. Outside of the game you will want to capitalize on your skill by having the right accessories to make sure you are prepared to go online and decimate the competition. Combining skill, knowledge, and the best equipment will fast track you to earning the most wins and with them, chicken dinners.