Top 10 Weapons in Apex Legends Season 4

By Samuel Riedeman

As Season 4 goes live with the new Legend, Revenant, Patch 4.0 proves to be the largest yet. This mysterious legend will allow players to use Revenant’s unnatural abilities to haunt his enemies and defy death. Players also get to play on the updated Worlds Edge map which is now split in half, a fissure separating the Fragment East and Fragment West. Season 4 also brings a new sniper Rifle, the Sentinel, as well as several weapon balances. In this list, we will look at the top 10 weapons after the 4.0 patch

10. Sentinel

Top 10 Weapons in Apex Legends Season 4- Sentinel
Apex Legends – Credit: Respawn Entertainment

As the newest weapon in Apex Legends, the Sentinel is a bolt-action sniper that now deals the second highest damage with a single round of any weapon. This sniper allows players to consume a shield battery from your inventory to energize the Sentinel, guaranteeing a 100 damage body shot. This empowered state deals massive damage to shields but only lasts 90 seconds, each shot taking away 15 seconds as well. The rate of fire is not as slow as the Kraber, but slower than other snipers like the Longbow. This is mostly up to player preference, and many would prefer to keep their shield battery for themselves.

9. VK-47 Flatline

Top 10 Weapons in Apex Legends Season 4- VK-47 Flatline
Apex Legends – Credit: Respawn Entertainment

This Assault Rifle is a solid weapon with decent stats that is considered one of the best ARs in the game. Equipping an Anvil Receiver Hop Up makes the VK-47 incredibly versatile. This attachment allows players to take an already great full auto assault rifle, and make it a semi-automatic monster. The Flatline is only brought down by a significant horizontal recoil, making long range shots difficult. This AR can double as a pseudo-sniper, so it’s still a good and versatile pick.

8. Wingman

Top 10 Weapons in Apex Legends Season 4- Wingman
Apex Legends – Credit: Respawn Entertainment

A weapon that used to be the most powerful weapon in the game, the Wingman has been nerfed in the past. However, the Wingman is still a pistol that fires sniper-level damage. This pistol remains a viable weapon and is only brought down by its small magazine size. Patch 4.0 introduced a balance change with its magazine size; the Base Wingman had its mag increased while rare and epic level mags were decreased. Equipped with an Extended Mag, this pistol is a great choice.

7. R-99

Top 10 Weapons in Apex Legends Season 4- R-99
Apex Legends – Credit: Respawn Entertainment

This SMG has a crazy rate of fire which attracts many players. While its RPM can take out enemies quickly, the R-99 also has a large recoil and small magazine, making it harder to handle. The damage of the R-99’s bullets is actually the lowest of all SMGs so players have to be accurate in order to harness its potential. Patch 4.0 also nerfed the R-99 by reducing the damage per shot from 12 to 11. The R-99 can still be a good pick for some players, as long as it’s used in short range.

6. Peacekeeper

Top 10 Weapons in Apex Legends Season 4- Peacekeeper
Apex Legends – Credit: Respawn Entertainment

This weapon is a lever-action magazine-loaded shotgun known to many as the best world-drop shotgun. The Peacekeeper has fantastic damage and a wide spread pattern in the shape of a star. Players should definitely pick this up in the early game and consider attaching the Precision Choke Hop Up which increases the Peacekeeper’s accuracy and range by reducing the spread of its projectiles. While this shotgun has been nerfed in the past, Season 4 has left the Peacekeeper untouched and still a viable pick for players.

5. Prowler Burst PDW

Apex Legends – Credit: Respawn Entertainment

This SMG is a decent weapon with a 5-shot burst, making the damage potential pretty high. One downside is that it’s easy to go through the whole magazine with such a large burst, decreasing its reliability if you can’t make your shots. However, with a Selectfire Receiver Hop-up attachment, players can go full-auto and grab an Extended Mag to make this weapon even better. The Season 4 update has also increased its damage, so consider taking this SMG into battle next time.


Apex Legends – Credit: Respawn Entertainment

With a high rate-of-fire and impressive damage, the DPS of the L-STAR comes close to being the highest in the game. What’s great about this weapon compared to other high DPS guns is that there is no warm-up period like with the Devotion. A larger magazine size and larger bullets also make this EMG easier for players to use. Season 4 also allows this weapon to be found around the map, instead of just in crates. The one downside to the L-STAR is that it will overheat if it fires for too long. Patch 4.0 also brought some nerfs; the EMG now requires energy ammo, damage per shot has been reduced from 19 to 18, and rate of fire has decreased from 12 to 10 RPM. As long as you are light with the trigger, the L-STAR is still a solid weapon.

3. Hemlok Burst AR

Apex Legends – Credit: Respawn Entertainment

This burst weapon fires 3 bullets with each trigger pull, allowing insane damage if you’re accurate with the Hemlok. Broken down, this Burst AR can deal over 100 damage in 0.2 seconds when landing all three slugs. The Hemlok even got a buff in patch 4.0, increasing its single-shot rate of fire from 5.6 to 6.4. The only downside to this weapon is that it requires players to be accurate to unlock its full potential, and most people would prefer an automatic weapon because of that.

2. HAVOC Rifle

Apex Legends – Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Tough to master, the HAVOC packs a punch for those skilled with the Assault Rifle. As the only Assault Rifle to take Energy Ammo, HAVOC has a huge DPS and rate of fire but with the trade-off of a charge-up time. Players can equip the Selectfire Receiver to switch from full-auto to a special single-shot laser blast. Unfortunately, patch 4.0 removed the Turbocharger attachment from the game which eliminated the charge-up time before shooting. This means there is no longer a way around the HAVOC’s long charge time, making it a less popular Assault Rifle this season.

1. G7 Scout

Apex Legends – Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Caught between an AR and sniper, this Assault Rifle lacks the damage of other ARs but makes up in range. One benefit of the G7 is that players can attach a Double Tap Trigger, allowing the weapon to fire twice with each trigger pull. With a little accuracy, this can provide a massive damage boost. In patch 4.0 the G7 actually received a nerf to its rate of fire, a decrease from 4.5 to 4.0. The G7 Scout is a great choice for many, especially when used at medium range.


While every weapon in Apex Legends has trade-offs, we put together our ranking of the best weapons as of the Season 4 update. Compiled from a wide selection of weapon types, this list should help any Apex player choose the best rifle, pistol, shotgun, or sniper for their play style.  Whether you’re dropping in with your squad or playing solo, consider picking up these weapons. With Kings Canyon coming back in the middle of season 4, check out our guide for the Top 10 Locations to Land in King Canyon.