Top 10 Useful Call of Duty: Warzone Secrets and Tips

By George Wood Jr.

It’s been nearly a month since Call of Duty Warzone officially dropped, a time that can be measured in mountains of bullets spent, gallons of blood spilled and countless hours trekked around the shellshocked land of Verdansk. In this time, I’ve been able to pick up a smattering of secrets and tricky tips to sharpen that competitive edge. Scroll down below for my ten ways to cut through the competition and stand roaring victorious in the final circle.

10. Adjust those settings!

Top 10 Useful Call of Duty: Warzone Secrets and Tips - Adjust those settings!
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Credit: Infinity Ward & Activision

In large part winners stay winning because of unrelenting screentime, putting in the hours to hone their shot accuracy with a continual awareness of the map’s features.

However, there are a few ground level adjustments within the settings that will immediately improve your lot. For example, did you know that if you dip into the options and choose the square map rather than the default circle map, you are suddenly rewarded with 20% more map visibility? This is a huge edge, especially when it comes to spotting snipers that may have otherwise sat pretty and grinning outside the boundaries of the circle.

I’ve also found that turning off the cinematic frivolities of film grain and motion blur helps in spotting enemies faster, although not as fast as upgrading to an improved screen monitor.

9. Gangs of the Gulag

GIF Credit: CJLito

It can be a helpless situation watching your squad mates fight man to man in the dank, claustrophobic bowels of the Gulag.

The most common way to ‘influence’ the match is to pelt the opponent with rocks from the stands like an angry wine-drunk Roman who is seeing his gladiator bet turn sour. But there are better options for the savvy gamer.

If you want to break out of the role of pitiful bystander there are some things you can do. For example, if your squad has audio chat enabled, you can provide call outs informing your teammate as to where the enemy is located in the arena. This awareness could prompt a critical quickdraw leading to a coveted respawn for the good guys.

On that special occasion where the opposition tries to play dirty with hidden C4 or trip mine, a well-placed rock can detonate the explosive right in front of them, vaporizing the bastard without your teammate having to pull a trigger.

8. The Sound of Mutilation

It was the late pianist Alfred Brendel who brought up the mighty applicable point that the word ‘listen’ is merely the letters of ‘silent’ rearranged. As in, the soldiers that last the longest in COD Warzone creep quietly with a constant awareness of the battlefield sounds rushing around them.

The sounds of Hell fiends who kick in the doors and bust through the windows are quickly noticed, and these loud offenders are soon skewered like an angry junky hog in a glass blowing shop. Runners’ footsteps become a jolting alarm especially when they’re in the same building as you. Listening to the world around you in Warzone is an imperative practice to level up your game, which can be a lot more manageable if you have a next level gaming headset.

Worth noting is the audible ‘whoosh’ sound effect that is broadcasted when a nearby downed enemy is revived (see above audio clip for sound). This is a good indicator that there is now an extra man to contend with. On top of that, you may notice there is a distinctive mechanical whir emanating from the supply boxes around Verdansk. This can make the search for loot much quicker.

7. Stack your Contracts

Top 10 Useful Call of Duty: Warzone Secrets and Tips - Stack your Contracts
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Credit: Infinity Ward & Activision

Contracts in Warzone are one of the many tantalizing spices in the game that keep these large-scale blood stews so flavorful. The rewards for contract completion mean the ability to revive squad mates or selfishly beef up your own arsenal.

However, these in-game side-quests also divulge information that many gamers miss. While it is obvious that you can stake out the positions of other players via the bounty contracts, did you know you can also determine the position of the final circle? Indeed, the greedy stacking of three different Recon contracts show the path of the storm forecast, which of course means the location of the final circle.

6. Yellow and Red Flares in the Sky

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Credit: Infinity Ward & Activision

On the subject of contracts, Recon Contracts specifically can act as a sort of flashing neon sign that says, “SQUAD HERE, COME AND GET SOME.” Rather than a gaudy floating neon sign however, a squad completing a recon contract releases a mustard yellow flare that smokes into the sky.

Additionally, keep watch for red flares floating into the air around Verdansk. This means an enemy team is redeploying a squad mate. In securing a safe landing zone for their revived teammate, it’s likely the squad will be checking the perimeter for any interlopers. That said, fortune favors the bold ones daring enough to crash a squad party, bearing gifts of DEATH.

5. Pre-Match your Eradication

Top 10 Useful Call of Duty: Warzone Secrets and Tips - Pre - Match your Eradication
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Credit: Infinity Ward & Activision

As a child watching spaghetti westerns, I was always curious why neither duelist capitalized on the agreed upon terms and unloaded on the other guy after 3 paces or so. Rules, in war, are meant to be broken.

On this note, I see too many Warzone players who float serenely down from the heavens without a care in the world in the time before the round begins. Of course, I don’t mind at all. That time period where many players are either AFK or dancing about the map are fair game for easy experience points. Kill them all for their willful disregard for safety. This is also a sure-shot way to establish yourself as a threat before the starting gun. Psychological warfare.

4. Go for OT in the Gulag

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Credit: Infinity Ward & Activision

The cruel reality of this world is that unless you are inherently gifted, getting clean headshots off with the pistols in Call of Duty Modern Warfare takes practice. Pair that with the one vs. one pressure of fighting in the Gulag, and the outcome is typically a run and gun battle with a couple reloads apiece.

If you find yourself in immediate danger of losing your life, a good strategy is to run the clock down into overtime. Once overtime in the Gulag begins, you can rush over to the flag in the middle which, upon contact, will immediately spike you back to full health. It’s like the jail equivalent of a performance enhancer.

3. Reading is good and stuff

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Credit: Infinity Ward & Activision

There are many notices that go unnoticed in COD Warzone, which is a tragedy because there are probably teams of developers at Infinity Ward that worked very hard to make sure they appeared on your HUD. Ungrateful louts.

For example, while the fall distance in Warzone is far more forgiving than in any other COD MW game mode, gravity can still kill you. When the “Deploy Parachute” warning is flashing red it means the fall will be fatal, so be patient or run the risk of splattering on the ground before the action even starts.

Another pop up I have found to be especially helpful is the “Squad Wiped” message that appears once you’ve eliminated the last member of a team. Without this useful confirmation, you may still be nervously checking their six for the friends of the dude you just shot to death.

2. Cheating the Self-Revive

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Credit: Infinity Ward & Activision

Besides eagle eye shot accuracy, one of the most important skills one can have while dashing about Verdansk is resourcefulness. There are many ways to game the system to your advantage that are still within the parameters of ‘fair play.’ (That said, there is a special burning circle down below for cheating hacks.) One of my favorites is the “Self-Revive Trick.”

When you’re down and have a self-revive, (provided your squad members are nearby) start self-reviving, and keep the meter held riiiight before completion. Now, once your teammate comes to revive you, your progress will carry over and that teammate will be able to bring you back to your feet in an instant! The best part is, because you didn’t actually self-revive completely you will still have it on you for later use.

1. Advanced UAV

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Credit: Infinity Ward & Activision

Many of these tips are contingent upon the strong functionality of your team acting as a unit, because teamwork really does make the dream work. That said, you should continually educate yourself as a player so that you aren’t dragging your squad down.

To top this list, I have to go with the Advanced UAV tactic. This one can be accomplished with three squad members engaging their UAVs one after the other. The yield here is HUGE.

Once activated, every single player in Verdansk is shown on the minimap, even with the ghost perk equipped. If the player doesn’t have the ghost perk equipped, you can even see what direction they are facing! This is an especially helpful trick in rooting out the last vestiges of opposition during the final circle. From there, it’s just a matter of a clever flanking maneuver, with the possibility of a sexy finishing melee animation to secure the W.


These tips are my personal top ten for gaining a competitive edge in Warzone. Racking up victories is in large part continued dedication to the craft, but oftentimes it’s a matter of working smarter. It’s always worthy time spent learning from others.

Have any other tips or tricks you think I should have covered? Want to meet up in the Gulag sometime and have a pistol whip battle? Go ahead and shoot us an email at

Stay frosty out there.

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