Top 10 Tips to Get Out of Platinum in Overwatch

By Emily Barnes

Overwatch is a first-person shooter multiplayer game that revolves around team play, ability usage, counter gameplay, and overall game sense. The game has arcade modes, quick play, and most importantly competitive mode. Competitive mode ranks players into these categories based on their skill level: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Masters, and Grandmasters.

Most of the player base lands somewhere around Gold and Platinum and many players find the jump from Platinum to Diamond to be very challenging and almost impossible to complete. This list includes the top ten tips to get out of platinum in Overwatch and make your way to the top percent of players in Diamond and above. So, if you’re ready to climb the ranks of competitive Overwatch, keep reading.

10. Don’t be a Toxic Teammate

Top 10 Tips to Get Out of Platinum in Overwatch - Don’t be a Toxic Teammate

One of the most recognizable parts of the Overwatch community is the tendency for its players to be very passionate about winning their games. This can often lead to teammates getting toxic when their teammates make mistakes, and in reality, there are many mistakes to be made. You can overextend and get killed by not being near your healers or the enemy team could be countering your character of choice. In these scenarios, if your teammate is doing something you disagree with, always make a callout in a positive fashion. People will always play better in positive environments than toxic ones, and at the end of the day, everyone wants to win and have fun. Try to help your teammates do well and in turn, your games will turn out much better than if you responded to them with anger.

9. Recognize Mistakes

Top 10 Tips to Get Out of Platinum in Overwatch - Recognize Mistakes
Overwatch - Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

There is definitely more than one way to recognize and improve your mistakes. Overwatch has a replay system where you can rewatch your matches to see your mistakes first person or third person. This is a great way to analyze your gameplay and decide on your own what mistakes you may be making: positioning, ultimate usage, counter picks, etc. Another great way to recognize your own mistakes is to promote and participate in clear communication with teammates about what went wrong during a match, and what could have been done better. Overwatch is most definitely a team game, and discussing your team’s downfalls in a constructive manner will only improve all teammate’s skill levels.

8. Know the Roles

Top 10 Tips to Get Out of Platinum in Overwatch - Know the Roles
Overwatch - Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Every player who wants to play Overwatch seriously needs to have a serious understanding of each role, how every character plays into their role, and what your role should be contributing to your team overall. It may seem self-explanatory, but it really isn’t and a lot of thought should go into it. For example, Mercy is a healer, but her damage boost is arguably her best ability. Knowing when you should heal and when you should damage boost can easily boost yourself to Diamond. Knowing that as Reinhardt you are the main tank and your primary goal is to create space for your teammates.

7. Play as a Team

Top 10 Tips to Get Out of Platinum in Overwatch - Play as a Team
Overwatch - Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

You can queue up for games as a solo player and the majority of the time as a Diamond level player I play alone. However, for those looking to climb out of Platinum, I highly recommend utilizing the “looking for group” tool that Overwatch has to find other players to play with. Even just playing with one other person can cause you to win many more games than on your own if you can strategize with this person and combine your abilities and ultimate’s. You can also find full teams in the looking for group tool to ensure you can communicate with each one of your teammates and that everyone has a mutual understanding and agreement on strategy and team compositions.

6. Trust your team

Top 10 Tips to Get Out of Platinum in Overwatch - Trust your team
Overwatch - Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Nothing bad can come from trusting your teammates. Even if you lose or they make a mistake, at least your team had a positive environment. When you trust your teammates, your team will synergize much better which ends up in more impactful team plays. Trusting your teammates to hit their shots and use their abilities or ultimates at the right time can enable them to perform to the best of their abilities. In a game that involves such heavy communication, it is very important to treat others how you would want to be treated.

5. Know Your Hero

Overwatch - Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Realistically each hero should be played differently. Hitscan heroes such as Mccree, Soldier, and Ashe should be played from a distance and preferably on high ground. Supports such as Ana, Zenyatta, and Mercy are vulnerable and should play around natural cover away from the enemy’s line of sight. Knowing when to utilize Mccree’s stun ability can allow you to stun enemies at critical moments such as when a Reaper is using his ultimate. Another example is recognizing when your team’s Ana hits an anti-grenade on your enemy team, they cannot be healed. This means your team should go very aggressively in order to capitalize on her grenade.

4. Plan Ahead

Overwatch - Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

When you are placing yourself on high ground or in the backline, always stay hyper-aware of the enemy team and their position. If you’ve lost sight of the enemy damage heroes for a few seconds, there is a very high probability that they are flanking you. Once you reach high Platinum players have enough game sense to target backlines in order to challenge the support heroes on a team. This is where having an escape route is very important and utilizing callouts to inform your teammates if you are diving and attacked. Always plan for enemies to attack you and save your abilities to get yourself out of a fight.

3. Watch Better Players.

Twitch Tv Logo - Credit: Twitch

Overwatch is a mental game more so than an FPS. More decision-making goes into the game than shooting. Therefore, watching professional players and studying how they play and make decisions will only benefit your own gameplay. Twitch and YouTube are saturated with an Overwatch community of Top 500 players who create informative content and stream their gameplay on a daily basis. Watching Overwatch being played at such a high skill level can expose you to their strategies and callouts, and therefore you can incorporate this into your Platinum games. You will also learn the easy way; you will learn from their mistakes without affecting your own SR.

2. Adapt to Existing Conditions

Overwatch - Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

On certain maps, certain team compositions are going to be extremely effective while others are not. Also, there are certain heroes that are extremely effective or ineffective against other heroes in the game. The tank Winston has a high health output and he is a large target, and the damage character Reaper is extremely effective against him. Running a Winston into a Reaper will only charge the Reaper’s ultimate ability extremely quickly, which will be very bad for your team. Another example of a common hero counter is a Pharah versus hit scan heroes. Pharah literally launches herself into flight with rockets and can be extremely hard to hit with many characters in the game. However, characters like DVA, Soldier 76, and Mccree can shoot her out of the sky and even dive her to force her to come down. Knowing when to switch to counters will undoubtedly make you climb SR, and this is why it is also extremely important to make sure your playable character is diverse and to not one trick.

1. Team Composition

Overwatch - Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

There are many known team compositions in Overwatch: dive, bunker, brawl, and more. Certain characters fit into these team compositions extremely well, and it is very important to know which characters work well together. An ideal brawl composition, for example, would be Reaper, Mei, Brigitte, Moira/Lucio, Reinhardt, and Zarya. Using these characters and playing them close together to focus on your enemy teammates will be extremely powerful and almost unbeatable. In order to out brawl a composition like this, your enemy team is going to have to counter you well. An example of a great bunker composition would be Orisa, Sigma, Bastion, Symmetra, Baptiste, and Mercy. This composition is extremely hard to counter on defense and when playing in ranks lower than Diamond will almost always work. As long as your team is communicating, picking characters based on your composition, and focusing targets your team will be very difficult to beat. 


In conclusion, Overwatch is a very immersive gaming experience because the game really promotes strategy and mental work in order to win your games more consistently. Working with a team can be difficult at times but when it works and flows smoothly the game is extremely fast-paced, action-packed, and fun. Climbing through the ranks of Overwatch may be frustrating, but if you’re having fun the overall experience is extremely rewarding for players of any rank.

You can definitely gain enough SR by actively utilizing these tips to get out of the Platinum rank. Then, you can focus on getting to Masters, and after that Top 500. Many players in the highest ranks of Overwatch started out stuck in Platinum, and you can learn a lot from their tips and tricks.