Top 10 Streamers to Watch in Among Us

By Erika Lentz

Among Us has been taking the internet by storm and for good reason. If you haven’t played it yet, you really need to. It’s incredibly fun and provides a lot of comedic moments with friends. You can also play in public lobbies. Among Us places you on a spaceship where your crew has to complete tasks before an imposter kills you all. Among Us is definitely a game for everyone but sometimes you just want to kick back and watch other people scramble to solve this murder mystery.

With the increase in popularity, many online streamers have started to play this game both in public and private lobbies. Watching streamers can be a lot of fun but it also gives you an upper edge against your friends. Streamers can give you tips for playing the game and show you features that you may not have realized were available. You may have already seen streamers for games like Valorant, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Escape From Tarkov. Especially in Among Us, this is also helpful in learning how to complete each of the tasks at super-speed.

Among Us can be played on a mobile phone but many more serious gamers choose to play on Steam. Here are the top 10 streamers playing Among Us.

Cristiano Spadanacci, also known as ZanoXVII, has nearly 600,000 followers and over 10.3 million views on Twitch. You can also check him out on his Instagram and YouTube pages. He has been streaming for years in online games such as Call of Duty and FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). ZanoXVII still plays FIFA quite frequently but has also been spending more time playing Among Us with friends.

Brett Hoffman, also known as dakotaz on Twitch and YouTube, has been streaming since 2013. He now has 4.62 million followers and over 122 million views on Twitch. He initially began streaming Infestation: Survivor Stories before moving on to PUBG and H1Z1. dakotaz now also spends a decent amount of time streaming Among Us.

Ali Kabbani, known professionally as Myth, has been streaming on YouTube since 2013 and Twitch since 2016. His views really took off when he started streaming Fortnite Battle Royal and he is now a professional Fornite player. He has 6.85 million followers and 123 million views on Twitch. He has also recently gotten into streaming Among Us.

Our first female streamer on this list is Imane Anys, otherwise known as Pokimane. Her account has really taken off in the last few years, thanks to her League of Legends and Fortnite streams. She now has 5.76 million followers and 129 million views on Twitch. She does also upload to YouTube and has had several recent Among Us streams.

Top 10 Streamers to Watch in Among Us - Ludwig

Ludwig Anders Ahgren, known simply online as Ludwig, has found notable success in Melee and Super Smash Bros tournaments. He has been streaming full time since 2018 on both Twitch and YouTube. He now has 641,000 followers and 11.7 million views on Twitch. Several of his most recent streams have been in Among Us.

Sykkuno, who’s real first name is Thomas, got his start in streaming back in the early 2010’s. At that time, he was solely a YouTube streamer and mostly played League of Legends. His streaming has since expanded to both YouTube and Twitch, where he now has 602,000 followers and 9.55 million views. He has also been associated with several other popular streamers and members of Offline TV. He spends a decent amount of time playing Among Us as well as various other online games.

Top 10 Streamers to Watch in Among Us - TrainWrecksTV

Tyler Niknam, known professionally as TrainwrecksTV, is a very well known Twitch and YouTube streamer. He began streaming in 2015, though his popularity didn’t start to take off until late 2017. He is now doing quite well for himself, however. TrainwrecksTV has 861,000 followers and 30.1 million views on Twitch. Many of his recent streams have been Among Us, though he does still play other games such as PUBG and World of Warcraft.

Top 10 Streamers to Watch in Among Us - AuronPlay

Raúl Álvarez Genes, also known as AuronPlay, is arguably one of the most popular Twitch streamers in the world. In fact, with 4.8 million followers and 55.4 million views, he has the 10th most popular Twitch channel to date. AuronPlay initially worked at a bookbinding and graphic arts company before quitting to do YouTube videos full time. He began his channel in 2006 and continues to upload on both platforms today. In addition to Among us, some of his recent streams include Grand Theft Auto V, Dying Light, and Minecraft.

Ibai Garatea Llanos, simply known as ibai on Twitch and YouTube, is another incredibly popular name in the world of gaming. He first made his way into pro gaming when he was 19 through a casting for the Professional Videogame League (LVP), which is the leading esports competition in Spain. He now works as a presenter for G2 Esports He has won numerous awards over the years for League of Legends. He continues to play this as well as Among Us. ibai now has 2.79 million followers and 71.6 million views on Twitch.

Top 10 Streamers to Watch in Among Us - xQcOW

Félix Lengyel, known online as xQcOW, has not been without his fair share of controversy over recent years. But that hasn’t stopped him from maintaining a huge following on both Twitch and YouTube. He currently has 3.61 million followers and 199 million views on Twitch. He initially pursued a career as a professional League of Legends player before discovering Overwatch in 2016. He continues to play Overwatch today and has started streaming Among Us as well.


Among Us is a super fun game to play either publicly or with friends. It has taken the internet by storm and many streamers, including those listed here, have taken notice to it. Not only is it fun to play but it is also great fun to watch and our choices of streamers make it all the more entertaining. Having a successful Twitch or YouTube channel takes work. You have to be skilled, of course, but you also have to be really entertaining. You could also get a lot of benefit in your own gaming from seeing what the top streamers are using.