Top 10 Rust Streamers to Watch

By Justin Joy

Twitch has quickly become the top contender when it comes to entertainment in the gaming industry, offering numerous streamers who play different games and have very different, sometimes unique personalities. For these reasons, many streamers have made Twitch their full-time jobs and as a result provide increasingly better content in order to stay appealing to their followers and communities. Rust is a multiplayer survival game first released in 2013 that thrives on community and player interaction by providing moments of incredible fun and tense standoffs. Several of the top streamers can be found on Rust and you should absolutely tune into their streams. You can also find suggestions to become better at the game, such as interesting places on the map, survival tips, the best weapons and gear, and so much more just by watching these streamers.

spoonkid starts off our list of top ten Rust streamers, which is actually rather impressive since he started streaming on Twitch only in March of 2020 even more so since this was at the age of 18. Though he does successfully stream Minecraft, his true claim to fame comes from streaming Rust. He currently has around 74.4k followers on Twitch and also uploads videos to YouTube where he has 214k dedicated subscribers. spoonkid is typically streaming for at least half the week and may even run two streams on the same day. On these streams spoonkid will often propose a challenge to himself, such as taking over a Rust server with a horse or spending an entire stream in the water, in order to create original and hilarious content.

Next on our list is Ryder, also known as iRiskpvp, who currently has 138,672 followers on Twitch and 218k subscribers on YouTube. Currently iRiskpvp has 2,485,813 views on Twitch and primarily earns these views from streaming Rust. His name actually originated as his brother’s name, but as his brother stopped using the tag, iRiskpvp took up the mantle himself and went on to become a popular streamer. But perhaps the most important thing about iRiskpvp is that he has a cute dog named Poggers whom he posts pictures of and can sometimes be seen on stream with. iRiskpvp regularly streams throughout the week making it easy to catch him when he is online. As his name implies, iRiskpvp often engages in pvp, whether it be solo or with a group against a clan, and more often than not, he comes out on top.

Ali Kabbani, known as Myth, is a streamer on Twitch and uploads videos to YouTube as well. He has 7,260,260 and made a name for himself by playing Fortnite. Due to his skill in the game, he was signed on with TSM in 2018, even being named captain of TSM’s Fortnite team. Now Myth streams Rust quite often and regularly has over 100k views on these streams. During these streams, Myth uses his FPS skills to dominate the competition, particularly in raids. On YouTube, Myth has 4.6 million subscribers and regularly uploads videos of Rust as well as other popular games. He typically streams almost every day and usually in the double digits for streaming hours.

Timothy John Betar goes by the name Timthetatman on Twitch and YouTube and is a husband and father outside of streaming. He has 5,991,849 followers on Twitch and 224,554,406 views. Over on YouTube Timthetatman has 2.89 million subscribers. Though Timthetatman started off streaming World of Warcraft on Twitch in 2013, he gained immense popularity by streaming Fortnite in 2017. Timthetatman plays many FPS games and has recently started playing Rust. He regularly streams throughout the week and for several hours at a time and regularly engages with his community as he plays.

Ray__C is a Twitch streamer and Youtuber and began streaming in 2015. He has 95.4k followers on Twitch and 6.88k subscribers on YouTube. Though Ray__C plays a wide variety of games such as CS:Go, Arma 3, Starcraft 2, and League of Legends, he often finds himself coming back to Rust. He is currently 22 years old and is currently in his last year of university where he is pursuing a degree in Biology. Ray_C has his own server in Rust which also has a discord where his community can interact with one another. He streams on Tuesday through Sunday with Friday and Saturday having longer streams. During the Trust in Rust 2 tournament, Ray__C and his team managed to place 5th on stream

No Twitch streamer list would be complete without mentioning Michael Grzesiek, also known as Shroud. Currently Shroud has 8,860,887 followers on Twitch, the third highest follower amount for a streamer on Twitch, and on YouTube he has 6.68 million subscribers. Shroud took off in the streaming business due to his skill and high tournament placings which eventually earned him a spot on Cloud9’s team. Typically Shroud streams FPS games and has recently been streaming Rust, Escape from Tarkov and often alongside other popular streamers such as Dr. Disrespect and Ninja. He streams nearly every day and when he is online, he will be streaming for a majority of the day and Shroud typically streams in Rust where he ends up in the middle of some wild and hilarious shenanigans.

Josiah Lim who goes by the name “CoconutB” is a popular streamer with 272k followers on Twitch. On camera CoconutB is energetic and he primarily streams Rust. Typically, he streams for 6 to 8 hours each day, stating that he spends more time with his community then his own family at times. CoconutB also uploads his videos to YouTube where he has 161k subscribers. He streams almost every day and for several hours at a time, even stopping his stream and coming back later in the same day to continue streaming. During these streams CoconutB typically plays with a group and gets into all sorts of trouble.

Felix Lengyel, also known as xQcOW, is a popular streamer on Twitch where he has 7,433,425 followers and on YouTube where he has 1.32 million subscribers. xQcOW first began gaining in popularity by streaming Overwatch where he earned recognition through his skill at the game, eventually being invited by team Q? to join their tournament lineup. Fun fact: xQcOw’s odd name derives from the last letter of his first name, the Qc from his home province Quebec, and lastly the Ow from Overwatch. Though he earned his fame through Overwatch, xQcOw does enjoy streaming other games and has been playing a lot of Rust recently and typically plays as a part of a group.

hJune is a popular streamer on Twitch where he has 262k followers and on YouTube he has 357k subscribers. He primarily streams Rust and regularly uploads his streams to YouTube as videos. hJune has even streamed with big names on Twitch such as Shroud and Posty. He streams almost daily and typically for several hours at a time, commonly doing 24-hour streams. hJune also plays other games such as Escape from Tarkov but always seems to come back to playing Rust. His love of Rust is so great that he organized and ran a tournament, named Trust in Rust, which featured 200 content creators and all the profits going to the Rise Above the Disorder charity.

Nicolai “Posty” is a famous streamer who has 213k followers on Twitch and 153k subscribers on YouTube. Posty primarily streams Rust and often plays with other streams such as hJune. While Posty doesn’t have a set schedule, he typically streams daily for several hours at a time, making it very easy to watch his content live. During one of these streams, Posty received a massive $1,300 tip from a follower, only to find out the large was a mistype and Posty generously refunded the money even though he had to pay $75 fee. In addition to Rust, Posty has also been streaming Cyberpunk 2077.


Twitch offers excellent content from incredible creators and gives the viewer ways to stay up to date with their content and keep track of when their favorite streamer is live. It also offers the ability to engage with both the streamer as well as the community. In a game like Rust where the best experiences come from player interaction, this makes it even easier to gather together to play with friends and larger groups. By following these streamers, you can stay updated with the best gameplay, advice, as well as what equipment will provide you with the best experience and give you an advantage over any random player encountered in the dangerous and wild world of Rust.