Top 10 Reasons Why SecretLab Chairs are Worth It

By Jim Jones

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You might just think that a gaming chair is nothing more than a gaming chair, and that it won’t really do that much to improve your life. After all, a chair is a chair, right? Well, SecretLab chairs, like a good video game, have a few secrets that keep you coming back to them for more.

Getting a SecretLab chair might not help you get the high score on a videogame, but it certainly will make you more comfortable as you do so. Here are some of the reasons that buying a SecretLab chair is one of the best choices that you can make.

These gaming chairs aren’t just all high quality, but they are also very inclusive and receptive to all sizes of people. Rather than being done for one size of body, there are several chair options that are the best for everyone.

However, there are a few things that every single chair should do for you if it is the right size. First, your feet should be able to be flat on the floor. This allows for better blood circulation in your legs and increased comfort. It should also have a headrest that gives support to your back and neck while you play.

Instead of fidgeting and squirming as you try to get into that perfect position for your gaming, you can sit still and focus on the game.

For example, three of the sizes offered include the Omega chair, the Titan Chair, and the Titan XL. Let’s break each one down:

The Omega chair can be adjusted to be at a height of 160-180 cm, and can hold anyone less than 110kg. The seatbase is snug and you can have a fit that is completely molded to you.

The Titan chair is a bit roomier, able to have a height of 175-200cm and hold a weight of up to 130kg. The Titan XL has a height of 180-208cm and can hold a weight of anywhere from 100-180kg.

Both Titan chairs have leveled seat bases, giving you some leg room to cross your legs and make yourself comfortable. No matter what size you are, you can have a comfortable gaming experience.

You have three different upholstery options for your SecretLab chairs, the PU leather, Softweave Fabric, and Napa Leather. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages and you will need to decide which is the best for you.

PU leather is very spill resistant, with most spills able to be dried off quickly. You won’t be getting any stains on your chair with this leather! It’s also very breathable, as well as being soft and smooth to the touch. You just need to wipe down the chair with the Secretlab Premium Leather Cleaner once a week, and that’s that.

Softweave Fabric is very durable and will keep it’s form even after years of use, and it can be cleaned up with a simple vacuum cleaner to get the crumbs. Commercial fabric cleaners are also able to clean up spills.

Additionally, the fabric is also soft and breathable, able to help you stay cool even on a hot day. The leather can also wick a lot of sweat away from the area, so you won’t be sitting in it whenever you get in the middle of an intense gaming session.

Finally, NAPA leather is a soft and smooth leather that will give you maximum comfort, although it is a generic leather and doesn’t have much else going for it. If you want something soft and cool, then it’s a good fabric… otherwise, that’s it.

Finally, the chairs aren’t just one variety of color like their competitors. SecretLab chairs have their signature collection of chairs with patterns and color schemes, but they also collaborated with various intellectual properties to adorn the chairs with various items from those properties.

From Dota 2, to League of Legends, to Batman, you will be able to have special edition chairs made for various games and TV shows. Additionally, SecretLab even has chairs that are a lot like the chairs used by various esports teams. If you want to experience the same level of comfort as the esports stars you watch online, then these are the types of chairs for you.

While all models have lumbar support, you need to know about how the support is delivered for you. The Omega chair comes with a lumbar pillow that can be placed to provide support, while Titan chairs have the lumbar built in.

Lumbar support is the support that is given to your lower back whenever you sit in a chair. If you find that you are either slouching or leaning forward in your chair, then your lower back will start to hurt after a while. Having good lumbar support allows you to sit for much longer, without dealing with pain or other problems that result from a lower back.

Having good lumbar support can also start to correct posture problems, and will even spill over into other areas of your life as well. Whether the support is included or not, or you are getting it from the memory foam pillow, you will start to see the increased benefits from sitting in the SecretLab chairs.

Finally, even with all the customization that they give you for every single SecretLab chair, the team knows that not all people are built the same way. They need certain things to truly feel comfortable inside of one of the chairs. The SecretLab team is focused on making sure each chair has height adjustments, a backrest decline, and a mechanism to control the chair tilt.

They want to make sure that you are as comfortable as you can be while sitting in this chair, and all of the adjustments will help you do that. Then you can play your games without any interruption due to discomfort. That’s something that every single gamer wants to do, and with SecretLab, you can!

The Omega chair comes with a memory foam pillow to provide all the lumbar support that you could ever need. The Secretlab signature memory foam is packed to the brim with memory foam. This causes it to mold to the shape of your back without any trouble, and it will give you the perfect balance between both comfort and support.

The memory foam pillow has all the benefits of traditional memory foam, including the ability to be breathable, mold itself to your body, and also to be very comfortable. If you sleep with a memory foam pillow, then you already know the benefits. So go ahead and see what the pillow can do while supporting your back.

Four Directional armrests are designed to be used and adjusted in four dimensions. You can adjust them up to 8 cm in height, and then take them forwards, backwards, and to each side. You can press a button at the side of the armrest to lock it in place and further the adjustment of the armrest.

Finally, no matter how you adjust the armrest, the top will always be comfortable and padded. It will be the perfect place to rest your arms, keeping you comfortable for both work and gaming. These four direction armrests are much better than their three direction and two direction counterparts, and every SecretLab Chair has them.

Finally, the chairs all have impressive attention to detail and a high build quality. Whenever you get the chair in the mail or from a store, you will not only receive the parts for your new chair, but also a poster and a full color instruction manual.

The chair takes 20+ steps to build and put together, and there is some attention to details that really elevate the chair over its competitors. For example, the plastic side covers are magnetic and simply snap into place instead of being screwed in.

The chairs are all made from high quality aluminum and the gas lift is a class 4 heavy duty KGS cylinder. Even the armrest switches are made from stainless steel that will be very resistant to being snapped off. No matter what, as long as you treat it gently and keep an eye on it, then the chair will last you around 5-10 years for your trouble.

Finally, every single part of the chair is adjustable, where you can move the headrest, the armrests, the height, and the width. No matter the shape of your body or your comfort level, you will be able to make yourself comfortable.

There’s even a multi-tilt mechanism to help your comfort. The chair supports seat tilt angle lock and a 165 degree maximum recline. If you want to get to a space where you are fully reclined, then you can get to a reclined position and then lock yourself into it.

Every single chair from SecretLab has a warranty of up to five years. There are up to 5 years of warranty on all parts of the chair that contribute to its functionality. Any damage due to the misuse of the chair or aesthetic damage will not be covered by the warranty.

You can give the warranty claim with a contact form. You will need to have an image or video handy that shows the damage to the affected area.

Finally, if you have a 2020 series model, then you can post a picture of you using your chair on any social media website. Hashtag it with the hashtag #Secretlab, then place the public post on the warranty extension page. After you do so, you should get an email update for your application within 5 business days.

Finally, SecretLab takes pride in showcasing that their chairs are very very comfortable. They use a signature cold cure foam that is patent pending. This manufacturing mix gives both comfort and support for your body. They also do their best to make sure that the chair is able to help make you comfortable.

All of the adjustments and changes that the chair can make for you include the ability to keep you happy when you sit in the chair. That’s the entire goal with the SecretLab line of chairs, as our team wants to keep you in those chairs for both work and play.

The chairs are very comfortable, and once you find yourself in a tailor made SecretLab chair, then you might never want to get up! They are just really nice to sit in, and you will be able to get a lot of gaming done in them without ever shifting due to discomfort


If you want a gaming chair that is comfortable, customizable, and very fun to sit in, you need to get one from the SecretLab Brand. The SecretLab brand is a chair that can not only look good in your gaming room or office, but also a chair that can teach your proper sitting posture.

So many of us are not sitting properly, with hunched over backs, craned necks, and other problems with our postures. It’s not a very good way to sit, and it can be easily corrected by a chair such as one of the ones for the SecretLab.

The adjustments, lumbar support, and design of the chair will help you sit more ergonomically and will help you get back to sitting normally. After a few hours or days inside of the chair, you will feel your posture start to rise up and get back to being normal. It’s amazing to see how getting back to a normal posture will affect your energy levels, lives, and health.

If you want to start getting a better posture that will approve your life, go ahead and purchase a SecretLab chair! They will get started on your posture from the moment you sit down!