Top 10 Reasons Why AimControllers is The Best Custom Controller

By Jim Jones

* AimControllers did send us a controller for free to review and we do make a commission if anyone buys a controller from our affiliate links below.

If you are an enthusiastic gamer, you have undoubtedly looked into custom controllers at one time or another, maybe you even own one or two already. Custom controllers give you the same basic feeling as your standard controller, but they feature mods and alterations to help you be more effective in your games, as well as beautiful visual customizations and themes that make your controller stand out from the crowd.

There are several brands of custom controllers out there, but one of the leaders in effective customization is AimControllers. They offer a solidly built controller that gives you the performance you need and the look you crave.

Top 10 Reasons Why AimControllers is The Best Custom Controller
Photography by Kodi Rene

AimControllers have an incredibly wide variety of customization options available for their builds. The number of color schemes and combinations is nearly infinite. Not only can you pick different colors and patterns, but you can have those colors differ from piece to piece. The front of your controller can be one option, while the grips and back are other colors.

You can pick from three different control stick heights, several colors, as well as whether you want your sticks to be in the Xbox or PlayStation styles. Then you can pick out the colors and finishes for the buttons, directional pad, bumpers, triggers. When you are ready for the finishing touches, pick a color for the touchpad, and even get a custom text on your lightbar, for that extra bit of flair.

By far the best placement of paddles on any custom controller. Some other custom controllers simply activate the standard buttons and triggers with bridges, but the AimControllers feature fully custom paddles that actuate tiny buttons built into the handles.

This means no more clunky plastic gear clipped on your controller, just a low-profile custom set of paddles that can be mapped to do whatever you like. We suggest always getting paddle remapping even though it’s a little extra it’s worth it!

The actuator buttons for the paddles also feel a lot more responsive than competitors. With a positive haptic click when activated. Also, you won’t need to pay extra for extra paddles, since they give you the full set of 4. You can remove the 2 pairs of paddles easily if you don’t want to use the paddles or only want to use 2 instead of 4.

This certainly is more expensive than your standard controller, however, even some of the fancier builds can still come in way cheaper than its competitors. Our review build is valued at $242.50. We did choose a lot of bells and whistles though, and with just the essentials you can get the controller for well under $200.00. What we consider essential is the remappable paddles, smart triggers, and smart bumpers.

If you find that the full custom jobs are a little too spendy for you, AimControllers will let you send in your own controller (or a good spare that won’t keep you from gaming in the meantime) and they will do the custom work to that one instead. This means you can cut out a hefty portion of the final bill, usually in the neighborhood of $80. This is one of the best options for gamers who want a fully custom controller but already have two or more standard controllers. You can have one sent out for the build work, while you stay connected. Since you are sending your own “core” you can often afford to have much more intense customization done than if you needed to spend another $70-$80 on their base controller anyway.

We’ve been using this controller for a 3 Months rigorously now, and it has performed flawlessly. The durability of AimControllers builds is plenty of justification for their cost. This is of particular importance to gamers who really put their gear through its paces. The buttons stay tight, the sticks stay responsive and firm, and the bumpers and triggers keep bouncing back for more.

In some cases, we’ve had issues with competitor controllers within a month sometimes even out of the box! When you are relying on these controllers to help you top the leaderboards and boost your viewership on your streams, you need them to perform flawlessly for far longer than just a few weeks.

Top 10 Pros and Cons of AimControllers
Photography by Kodi Rene

In case your controller has issues you are covered by a lifetime warranty. Most competitors only offer a 6-month warranty. The warranty covers nearly all parts of the controller, including the paint, buttons, smart triggers, smart bumpers, AIM paddles, and AIM bases.

While the warranty does stipulate that you will need to pay the shipping costs to get the controller back to AimControllers, if the complaint is determined to be a valid warranty claim not only will they repair or replace the controller, but they will reimburse shipping paid if a copy of the receipt is included. There’s no other way to say it: that’s awesome!

The standard order, build, and shipping time gets your new AimController to your door in an average of 3 weeks. Considering how much work and detail goes into each controller, and the robust product you end up with. AimControllers take the time to make sure that all the tolerances are tight and that everything fits like a glove so that you end up with a high-performance controller in a reasonable timeframe.

However, if you are willing to pay a premium for it, they have an option to have your build prioritized, getting it out the door and on its way to you in only 72 hours. Doing an entire custom build in three days and having it ready for shipping is no easy task, so understandably the rush cost is commensurate with that challenge.

Are Smart Triggers Worth It?
Photography by Kodi Rene

These are arguably some of the best thumbsticks in the custom controller world. They are nice and grippy, and they come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. They pop right off and swap in seconds if you need to change out for a different game, and can be done without stopping your stream.

During the ordering process, you will have the chance to change the thumbstick color and baseline height. You can even order a transparent base for the thumbsticks, giving that extra bit of custom flair to your rig. The operation of the thumbsticks is legendary, the tension is perfect and even improves on the original equipment, helping to prevent over aiming or oversteering in the heat of the moment.

We highly recommend this option for all of our FPS players out there. Smart Triggers and Smart Bumpers allow for faster response times when pulling the trigger or activating the shoulder bumpers. For games that depend on a split-second reaction time, these can give you the edge and make you a game-changer.

The default triggers and bumpers on Xbox and Playstation controllers often have a rather large degree of travel in them. This means that when you first touch them and start to press the buttons, they depress far more than they really need to in order to be effective. The Smart Trigger and Smart Bumper reduce that range of movement to only about 1mm, so you are far closer to activating that button when you first touch it than ever before.

If you are one of the lucky few to have obtained a PS5 or want to use the new DualSense controller on your PC, you’re in luck because AimControllers offers custom DualSense controllers with paddles. Not many competitors offer paddles with DualSense at the time this article was written.

AimControllers offers the same breathtaking customization as before, with the next generation of console controllers. You are not only able to create a fully custom DualSense controller and have them provide the original controller core, but you can also opt to send in your official Sony or Microsoft controller to be used in your custom build.

Top 10 Reasons Why AimControllers is The Best Custom Controller
Photography by Kodi Rene

Wrapping It Up

When you are thinking about throwing down some of your hard-earned cabbage for a high-performance custom controller, you obviously want the most bang for your buck. That is absolutely what you get with a custom-built rig from AimControllers, and more. These controllers are some of the very best around, with unmatched ingenuity in the design and execution of each modification.

When you are ready to really bring the heat with your gaming, consider AimControllers. You get the top-tier button and control stick quality they are known for, wrapped in your choice of colorful and sleek paint jobs, with everything from the button color to the light bar text personally decided on and picked by you. If you want a more detailed breakdown of the pros and cons of this controllers check out our review!