Top 10 Reasons To Own a BenQ Zowie Monitor

By Nicholas Poe

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It’s no secret that much of gaming success depends on the equipment you have. Without a competitive set up, you might struggle to keep in the fight. But with all of the different options available for each and every piece of equipment imaginable, it can be hard to keep up and choose the perfect fit for yourself.

A key component of any gaming set up is a monitor. Monitors, like every other piece of equipment (especially keyboards and mice!), come in so many different options. Maybe you like a simpler, compact design to fit into a smaller space, maybe the clarity of image is the only factor you consider, or maybe, like most of us, you need something at a price that fits into your budget. As gaming monitors trend toward the more extreme, it can be easier and easier to get lost in the weeds of what makes a monitor truly great.

The BenQ Zowie XL2411P has something to offer anyone. No matter what set up you have or what your favorite features are, the Zowie could fit your needs. Here are the top ten reasons why the BenQ Zowie XL2411P is one of the better gaming monitors currently on the market.

10. Simplistic Design

The design of the Zowie focuses on simplicity that can perfectly fit into any size gaming space. Whether you have all the real estate you need for your set up or space is a bit limited, the Zowie can fit. It is a 24inch monitor that sits almost 7 inches thick with the stand (2.6 inches thick without the stand) and doesn’t distract with anything flashy in the design.

Some people might want something that has a bit more pop in the style, but others are drawn to a monitor that blends in well with any surrounding. There’s no danger of this monitor overshadowing any of the other pieces in your set up, it will mix with any design aesthetic. Paired with a stand that is sturdy and offers little to no wobble, the design is top notch.

9. Easily Adjustable

One of the best features of the Zowie is how incredibly versatile it is in terms of ergonomics. It can be switched from portrait to landscape with little trouble. Almost every part of the included stand is adjustable, meaning you can easily maneuver the screen to the optimal height for you. With an incredible swivel and tilt range, your screen is easy to share with any of your friends.

A key feature necessary for any good piece of equipment is versatility. No one has the exact same set up as any other gamer. Everyone will need to adjust something about their monitor to make it the perfect fit for whatever occasion. The Zowie offers features that are adjustable on almost every level. There is no question of finding the best position with this monitor.

8. Picture Quality

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) – Credit: Infinity Ward

Of course, arguably the most important feature of any monitor is what the picture on the screen looks like. You can have a monitor plucked straight from a spaceship, but if the image on the screen is fuzzy or distorted, the monitor is essentially useless. Luckily, that is not a concern for the Zowie. The picture quality is easily one of the best features of this monitor.

With an incredibly impressive range of peak brightness, there is no issue with using this monitor in even the brightest of rooms. Like almost all monitors, the image degrades when you view it from far to the side or way above or below. However, with the easy adjustments mentioned in point 9, that should never be an issue.

7. Precalibrated Picture Sets

If you are anything like the average gamer, you aren’t going to only play one game. Maybe one night you want to play some FPS. Or maybe you are in the mood for an RPG. Maybe you want to play some sports or do some racing. Whatever game suits your fancy, the Zowie has a pre-set picture option designed with that game mode in mind.

These pre-set calibrations are already optimized to ensure that you have the best image quality possible for the type of game that you want to play. These settings can create different screen sizes and provide a completely customizable gaming experience. And you don’t have to do any of that adjustment yourself, it is all pre-programmed to ensure the best experience.

6. Motion Blur Reduction

Of course, no matter what game you are playing, things are going to be moving on the screen. With certain games, objects will be moving quite fast across your monitor. Moving at high speeds, graphics can sometimes blur on some monitors. But that isn’t an issue with the Zowie.

The response time for this monitor is so high that it renders motion blur almost non-existent. Of course, there still might be the occasional issue at super high speeds, but it is hard to find a monitor with a quicker response time to graphic movement than the Zowie.

5. Color Vibrance

Something that is exclusive to the Zowie and other BenQ products is their color vibrance technology. And, really, this should become a feature of all other monitors. This technology works to increase color representation and clarity. This means you get that edge over the competition when it’s needed the most.

The Zowie has an unbelievable SDR color gamut. It has near perfect coverage of every color in the standard ranges used by most games. The colors due tend to run a bit cool, but there are easy to understand calibration options that help to offset that issue.

4. Black Equalizer

Another feature of the Zowie that makes it a step above other monitors is a technology called Black Equalizer which is designed to adjust gamma and make it easier to spot objects in dark rooms. This feature may sound somewhat trivial, but it can be a complete game changer depending on what game you are playing. If you are in a close fight in an FPS, seeing that one gun hiding in a dark corner could make all the difference.

Other areas of the map that are not black or grey are not affected at all by Black Equalizer, meaning this feature is nothing but upside. If you find yourself consistently playing games that have a darker color scheme or corners that are impossible to see into, the Black Equalizer technology may change your gaming experience forever.

3. High Refresh Rate

Something about the Zowie that cannot be overstated is just how phenomenal the refresh rate is. Unfortunately, the Zowie doesn’t support any variable refresh rate technologies, but with a native refresh rate this exceptional it’s not necessary.

When every millisecond counts and you need any advantage that you can find, the higher refresh rate you can get on your monitor the better. There are very few monitors in the marketplace right now at the price point of the Zowie that offer similar refresh rates.

2. Response Time

When you press a button on your controller or a key on your keyboard, you expect your character to perform that action immediately. As you should. You know what needs to be done and the quicker your character does it, the better it will be. With the Zowie, there is almost no lag between what you say to do and what you see your character doing. In addition to instantaneous responses on the screen, the motion blur reduction helps eliminate the nuisance of fast actions.

Every gamer understands the importance of fast response times. The people who designed the Zowie also understand how important it is and have pulled out all of the stops to ensure the response time is as good as it could possibly be.

1. Budget Monitor

We’ve talked about a lot of features that make the BenQ Zowie monitor truly phenomenal. At this point, you might be thinking that it sounds great – which it does – but there is no way you can afford it. With all of the amazing features it has to offer, this monitor has to be out of your price range, right?

That brings us to the best feature of the Zowie. For everything that is included, it truly is a budget monitor. You really cannot beat this price point and come anywhere close to the quality of monitor. Some monitors are even more expensive with half of the features. The Zowie monitor has features that make it a truly elite gaming monitor and enhance any gaming experience all for a price that will not hurt your wallet. This also makes the Zowie a perfect gift, especially with fathers day coming up!


As with everything else in gaming set ups, monitor preference is subjective. Some people will absolutely love things in their monitors that another person never even considered. The BenQ Zowie might not be the best monitor for every single gamer and if you love something about a different monitor, maybe that is your perfect match. The best monitor for you is the one that fits your set up and does what you need it to do.

For the vast majority of gamers, the Zowie is and can be that monitor. With advanced features designed to give you an edge, easily adjustable positioning, and a sleek design, what’s not to love about this monitor? It has what you need to be successful no matter what type of game you love.