Top 10 Ranged Weapons in OSRS

By Justin Joy

RuneScape is back to its roots and it has never been better. Whether you are a newcomer or a veteran getting back into the swing of things you are guaranteed to have a good time in Old School RuneScape. As an MMO there are quite a lot of aspects that can affect your playtime but you can always count on gear to be a consistent factor in how you play the game. Whether this be armor, weapons, or accessories each piece of equipment can affect how you play the game. While the graphics haven’t been updated for this release, the game still retains the endearing qualities that made it such a hit when it first released and you can be assured that you will have a wonderful time in this game, especially if you are into ranged combat and pick up one of the weapons below.

10. Dwarf Multicannon

Top 10 Ranged Weapons in OSRS - Dwarf Multicannon
Old School RuneScape - Credit: Jagex

Nothing parts fear into the hearts of your enemies faster than assembling a massive cannon on the battlefield and blasting them to smithereens. The Dwarf Multicannon gives the player that satisfaction as it is not a weapon that one carries by hand but rather one that is placed upon the ground as a supplement to a primary fighting method. To get the Dwarf Multicannon one will have to complete the Dwarf Cannon quest which allows the player to purchase cannon parts. The Dwarf Multicannon’s maximum damage output is 30 with standard cannonballs and 35 with granite cannonballs. While cannons are powerful tools in combat, the player should keep in mind that when using a cannon that there are some areas the player is unable to place it on the ground.

9. Dorgeshuun Crossbow

Old School RuneScape - Credit: Jagex

The Dorgeshuun Crossbow is a remarkable weapon that has many benefits. One major perk of this crossbow is that it is one-handed, thus allowing the player to also carry a shield when using it. The ammunition for the Dorgeshuun Crossbow is not only inexpensive but also quite powerful. It also features a special attack that is guaranteed to hit as long as the player wasn’t the last one to attack the target. And finally, the Dorgeshuun Crossbow is the lightest crossbow available in old school RuneScape. To acquire this crossbow, you will need to complete the Lost Tribe quest before it is available to purchase.

8. Black Chinchompas

Old School RuneScape - Credit: Jagex

If you thought nature was full of cute and cuddly critters then you have never been on the receiving end of a chinchompa, especially the Black Chinchompas. Naturally, you will have to trap and catch black chinchompas to weaponize them, but it is worth the effort as they are essentially grenades that are thrown like darts that can hit up to 12 targets in a 3×3 area. As the Black Chinchompas are live creatures, if a player dies while they are in their inventory they will simply run away and the player is unable to retrieve them.

7. Magic Shortbow

Top 10 Ranged Weapons in OSRS - Magic Shortbow
Old School RuneScape - Credit: Jagex

The Magic Shortbow requires a bit of a process to acquire but in the end, you will be grateful that you put in the time and energy. In order to make the Magic Shortbow, you will first need to use a Magic Shortbow (u) on a bowstring which requires 80 fletching and can be found from hard clue scrolls or dropped by Spiritual Rangers. The Magic Shortbow is one of the few short bows with a special attack that allows the player to fire two arrows in rapid succession at the cost of reduced accuracy. While it features a fast attack speed, its true power lies in the ability to use Amethyst Arrows. These things make the Magic Shortbow popular in PvP battles due to its quick time to kill.

6. Crystal Bow

Top 10 Ranged Weapons in OSRS - Crystal Bow
Old School RuneScape - Credit: Jagex

Only the friends of Elves may get their hands on this bow as you must complete the Roving Elves quest as well as have 50 agility and 70 ranged. The Crystal Bow’s true strength lies in its long-range, its accuracy, but most important of all its ability to be fired without the need for ammunition. This is because the Crystal Bow is blessed by the Elven Goddess Seren. As a crystal weapon, the Crystal Bow will degrade over time so you will need to spend some time and money keeping this baby in tiptop shape because it is absolutely worth all that maintenance and TLC.

5. Craw’s Bow

Top 10 Ranged Weapons in OSRS - Craws Bow
Old School RuneScape - Credit: Jagex

Luckily for you, Craw has no more need of his bow and you are free to take this for yourself. To do so you will have to slay some revenants in the Revenant Caves. Craw’s Bow will count as an Armadyl weapon in the God Wars Dungeon. Like the Crystal Bow, Craw’s Bow is capable of generating its own ammo as long as you keep it charged with revenant ether and its charged shots are coated in an aura similar to the Crystal Bow. Craw’s Bow shares the same bonuses as the magic shortbow though it does lack the special attack.

4. Dragon Hunter Crossbow

Old School RuneScape - Credit: Jagex

The Dragon Hunter Crossbow is not for the faint of heart because as the name implies, it excels at taking down dragons. And anyone in the know should be aware that dragons are one of the most famous and terrifying creatures one can face. The dragonbane effect attached to the weapon will deal additional damage to any dragonkin creature you may stumble across. You’ll have to keep in mind that long kebbit bolts and kebbit bolts cannot be used with this crossbow. You will also need to keep in mind that just because you have this crossbow it doesn’t mean that you will be able to take on any dragon just because Dragon Hunter is in the name.

3. Armadyl Crossbow

Old School RuneScape - Credit: Jagex

Another weapon on our list that shares the Armadyl trait is the Armadyl Crossbow. It is also the only crossbow with the prayer bonus and boasts excellent attack speed, range, and accuracy. In addition, the Armadyl Crossbow even has a special attack called the Armadyl Eye which will double the player’s accuracy for that shot. Even better is that enchanted bolts can occur concurrently with this special attack. Like Craw’s Bow, the Armadyl Crossbow counts as an Armadyl weapon in the God Wars Dungeon.

2. Toxic Blowpipe

Top 10 Ranged Weapons in OSRS - Toxic Blowpipe
Old School RuneScape - Credit: Jagex

You may hear the word blowpipe and think that it will be less effective than a bow or crossbow but the Toxic Blowpipe is an amazing weapon. Few weapons in Runescape come with as many intricate scenarios as the Toxic Blowpipe. It has a 24% chance of inflicting venom on a target, but if the player is wearing the serpentine helm and attacking an NPC then the percentage is raised to 100%. If battling in PvP then the attack speed is 3, otherwise against enemies the attack is 4. You can also toggle whether or not the ammunition is automatically reloaded when using the Toxic Blowpipe or remains in the inventory.

1. Twisted Bow

Top 10 Ranged Weapons in OSRS - Twisted Bow
Old School RuneScape - Credit: Jagex

The Twisted Bow is a nice piece of work and should definitely be on your radar if you are interested in range combat in Old School RuneScape. You will receive this bow as a reward from the Chambers of Xeric so you will have to put in some effort. While the Twisted Bow can fire any type of arrow, your best bet is going to be amethyst arrows to best take advantage of the incredible range this bow offers. What makes the Twisted Bow stand out against other ranged weapons is the fact that its damage and accuracy increase the higher the target’s magic level is. This makes it against bosses with high magic levels such as Commander Zilyana, brutal black dragons, and the Alchemical Hydra. But rest assured, the Twisted Bow isn’t too shabby against other enemies as well.


There are numerous weapons to choose from in RuneScape for either ranged combat or melee combat, but if you are anything like me you prefer to stand back and pepper your enemies with arrows while the tanks get smacked around. These weapons are all viable choices for ranged combat and I suppose if things get truly desperate you could always smack any enemies that decide to get up close and personal with your bow or crossbow. However, you will find that far less effective than arrows and crossbow bolts so the best thing to do when an enemy tries to get in close is to simply run away. You can even call it tactical retreating if it makes you feel better because these weapons are far more effective at range than in melee combat.