Top 10 Pros and Cons of the HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset

By Erika Lentz

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A lot of gaming systems have built-in mics available but these aren’t always the best quality. Many gamers prefer to get an official gaming headset and, with all of the great options available to you, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. Some headsets are designed for specific features, such as bass or surround sound. Other headsets may be designed with specific games in mind, like Call of Duty: Warzone.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha gaming headset is a fantastic choice for gamers of all types. It has a lot of wonderful features that will really ramp up your gaming to the next level. Like every headset, though, it has its pros and cons. Some of its best features include its look, durability, comfort, sound quality, and adaptability.

10. Pro: Visually Appealing

It’s no secret that the HyperX Cloud Alpha just looks really cool. It’s got a sleek black design with bright red accents on the aluminum frame and HyperX logo. In addition, it also has red stitching along the top of the headband to pull the colors through the whole look. The simple design lets you melt into the game and give it your full attention. The black and red color scheme, then, gets you fired up and ready to play.

9. Con: Price

This isn’t the most expensive gaming headset you’ll find but it’s definitely up there. A lot of great gaming headsets can be bought for under $50. For a used HyperX Cloud Alpha, you should expect to pay between $50 and $100. For a brand new Alpha, you’ll likely be paying right around $100, though the price can fluctuate a bit.

8: Pro: Great Build Quality and Comfort

The HyperX Cloud Alpha is definitely reliable. It has an aluminum frame, which gives it great flexibility and durability over lower quality plastic headsets. It has strong stitching to keep the headband intact and a braided cable to protect the wires. For comparison, non-braided cables (those just covered with rubber or plastic) tend to wear down very quickly and the internal wiring can easily get damaged.

Regarding comfort level, not only is the headband built for durability; it is also built for high comfort. This headset has a padded and expanded headband, ensuring comfort for all head shapes and sizes. In addition, this headset has memory foam ear cups covered in a leatherette material designed to keep your ears cool. These ear cups rotate as well, whereas other gaming headsets may have stationary ones. This lets the headset adjust automatically for comfort. This headset is also lightweight at around 12 ounces.

7: Con: No Sound Setting Customization

A lot of gamers look for equalizer settings in their gaming headsets. This is what allows you to customize the audio volume by frequency rather than the volume as a whole. For instance, sound setting customization lets you make the bass really prominent without having to raise the whole volume to uncomfortable levels. Unfortunately, the HyperX Cloud Alpha lacks this feature. So, you only have the option to change the overall volume and not individual equalizer settings. This might lead to minor irritation if you really seek out those features but it could also cause issues for people with hearing loss that have trouble with certain frequencies.

6. Pro: Removable Cables

The HyperX Cloud Alpha is a wired headset, which some gamers might find very bothersome. However, the cable is detachable so, while you can’t use it wirelessly, this feature does make it a little easier to move around. In addition, the headset comes with a cable that is a little over 4 feet long. It also has an extension cable for the PC that splits and connects to separate microphone and audio jacks if needed. The extension cable is about 6.5 feet long.

5. Con: Hassle to Travel With

Because the HyperX Cloud Alpha is a wired headset, it is automatically going to be more difficult to travel with than a wireless (Bluetooth) headset. First, you have cables that you now have to lug around. Second, it can be very hard to game on the go (ex. riding public transport) with 4 to 10 feet of cable to contend with.

4. Pro: Great Microphone

The HyperX Cloud Alpha does have a fantastic microphone, which is incredibly important when you need to communicate with your team in battle. The first thing you need to know is that the microphone is detachable and noise cancelling. This means that it won’t get in the way and that your teammates will be able to hear you very clearly. In addition, this headset has easy to use in-line audio controls, which includes a mute button for the microphone.

This headset has a great microphone frequency response range. Put simply, this indicates the frequencies (or pitches) in your voice that the microphone can pick up on. For the average voice, a microphone with a range between 80 and 15,000 Hz is enough. The HyperX Cloud Alpha has a frequency response range of 50 to 18,000 Hz, much larger than recommended. This is good if you have a lower or much higher pitched voice than usual.

It also has good microphone sensitivity, which indicates the amount (or volume) of input it needs in order to output the sound to your team. This is measured in decibels (dB) and should be between -46 and -35 dB. This headset has a microphone sensitivity of -43 dB.

3. Con: 7.1 Sound Adapter Sold Separately

7.1 surround sound is one feature that most gamers look for in their gaming headset. This type of sound adds a directional dimension to the sound quality. Not only do you get to hear all of the game sounds but you’ll know where they’re coming from as well. This is essential for being able to pinpoint the location and distance of your enemies or teammates. It also helps to make the game much more immersive.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha has 7.1 surround sound capability but the adapter for it is sold separately. So, you will need to pay extra in order to have ultra-immersive gaming. You will still be able to hear all of the game sounds otherwise; it would just be more difficult to tell where they are and the game would be far less immersive.

2. Pro: Excellent Sound Profile

In addition to great microphone quality, the HyperX Cloud Alpha also has great sound quality. This headset has a closed back design, meaning that it provides noise cancellation. So, you won’t hear any static, background noise, or microphone playback (echo) as you play. This is really important for an immersive gaming experience.

This headset has dual chamber audio drivers (50 mm) which give you better sound quality and clarity. The in-line audio controls give you easy volume adjustment on the go. Like with microphone frequency response, your headphones should also have a decent range to ensure you hear all of the sounds in the game. The recommended minimum range for headset frequency response is between 20 and 20,000 Hz. The HyperX Cloud Alpha has a frequency response range of 13 to 27,000 Hz. Like with its microphone frequency response range, this range is much larger than recommended so you are guaranteed to hear everything in the game.

1. Con: Lacks in the Highs and Lows

This goes back to not having a good sound customization system. With equalizer settings, you could adjust the high and low frequencies individually to be more distinct. Since the HyperX Cloud Alpha does not have that, some of the sound features will get blurred together. So, you will still have clear audio and decent volume all around. But, you won’t as much of a distinction with this headset as you would with others.

This does not necessarily affect the gameplay as this feature often comes down to player preference. For example, some people like to have loud booming bass, which this headset would not have. You may also need equalizer settings to better hear certain frequencies if you have hearing loss or damage related to frequency. In general, this isn’t a deal breaker but it’s definitely something to think about.


Overall, the HyperX Cloud Alpha gaming headset has all of the basic requirements for a good gaming headset plus some. It has a great microphone and sound quality, which are the top two feature you’ll want in a good gaming headset. Other critical features include comfort and durability, which this headset definitely has as well. It also looks cool and has removable cables.

This headset does have its downfalls, like any other product. It is corded and can be difficult to travel with. You also aren’t going to get the great sound customization you would with other headsets and this headset can be quite expensive. Many of these features are more of a nuisance than a total loss, though. So, while the HyperX Cloud Alpha is not perfect, it is still a great choice for gamers.