Top 10 Places To Land In Apex Legends’ World’s Edge Map

By Abby Espiritu

Apex Legends’ brand new third season, “Meltdown,” went live just a couple weeks ago, bringing exciting new content, features, and customizations to the popular battle royale game. Along with a weapon and a new Legend, Season 3 introduced a brand new map to replace the original “King’s Canyon,” the game’s backdrop since it’s original launch. Players can now explore “World’s Edge,” a brand new map where teams can fight and loot through hot volcanoes, icy forests, a number of fun buildings and structures.

Any Apex Legends player understands the components of how good combat and high-tier loot make up a prime landing location, and with this new map comes a wave of even more places to scope out. “World’s Edge” debuts fifteen brand new locations, each of which features a variety of loot and combat options. Though the map has been live for a few weeks now, players are still attempting to figure out the best and most optimal landing locations. Given the scope of the place, it can feel overwhelming to navigate through this vast area blindly and without any guidance. Luckily, if you’re feeling a little lost, this list is a great place to start to guide you through the various areas in World’s Edge. Here are the top 10 places to land in Apex Legends’ World’s Edge map.

10. The Geyser

Top 10 Places To Land In Apex Legends’ World’s Edge Map The Geyser
Apex Legends – Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Starting off at number ten is The Geyser. Located towards the east, this tropically designed location is filled with lush greenery and sparkling blue ponds. It’s a high-tier looting area and a great spot to land for loot. Of course, the main draw of the location is the eponymous geyser itself. In addition to being fun to use, it also has practical functions, operating similarly to a balloon. While it doesn’t quite get to the same high height as a balloon would raise you, it’s still pretty cool and useful to take advantage of while here. The Geyser offers seventeen supply bins and a respawn in its area.

9. Capitol City

Top 10 Places To Land In Apex Legends’ World’s Edge Map Capitol City
Apex Legends – Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Next up, at number nine, is Capitol City. The biggest location on the map, filled with many different structures including skyscrapers and streets, you and your team can expect and should prepare for combat when landing here. Inexperienced players should tread with caution in this area, as there are always teams hanging about looking to jump here. While this area isn’t too great when it comes to loot, it’s a prime location if you’re looking for a guaranteed and quick fight. Be sure to note its proximity to high-tier looting locations Epicenter and Overlook. If you and your team survive, keep in mind you’ll probably receive an immediate push from teams from those areas equipped with medium- to high-tier loot. In total, Capitol City has nineteen supply gins, three respawn points, and a pathfinder beacon. 

8. Skyhook

Top 10 Places To Land In Apex Legends’ World’s Edge Map - Skyhook
Apex Legends – Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Next, at number eight, is Skyhook. Positioned in the northwest side of the map, this location offers many fun areas to scope out, plus a hefty supply of loot hidden within the maze of fences, ramps, and towers. With so many buildings and twenty-six supply bins in total, there’s plenty of area to explore around here. Even if an enemy team does land nearby, you and your team won’t necessarily get caught up in a loot fight, as the area houses a number of optimal hiding spots. That said, this is a high-priority zone, so players should expect combat, if not a third party, while in Skyhook. Take advantage of the ziplines, jump tower, and plenty of cover spots in case things get a little too crazy while defending yourselves. 

7. The Train Yard

Top 10 Places To Land In Apex Legends’ World’s Edge Map The train Yard
Apex Legends – Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Next, at number seven, is The Train Yard. Centrally located with a number of climbable metal structures, this location is a medium sized area with guaranteed combat. As this place is frequently used as a pass-through point for teams traveling in and out of the adjacent Lava Fissure and Drill Site locations, you and your team can always expect to engage in a fight while here. In addition to its vitality as a combat area, this location also houses a large supply of high-tier loot. While in The Train Yard, you and your team can expect to find twenty-six supply bins and a respawn beacon while exploring. 

6. The Dome

Top 10 Places To Land In Apex Legends’ World’s Edge Map The Dome
Apex Legends – Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Next up, at number six, is The Dome. The southernmost location on the map, this location is a large high-tier loot area housing a lava pit surrounded by various research facility buildings. When dealing with combat in this area, one advantage of this location is that enemies can only come from the north, given this area’s placement. You and your team can find a balloon and respawn beacon in the middle of the area, as well as twenty-two total supply bins. Prepare yourself if this is the first spot you’re landing from the ship, as you can expect at least two teams to fight fight off, as well as possible third party enemies from he the north.

5. Lava Fissure

Apex Legends – Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Coming in at the halfway mark, at number five, is Lava Fissure. Located all the way to the west side of the map, this high-tier looting area is a great spot to scope out if you and your team are willing to make the long trek. It’s a popular landing site, so expect to always encounter at least one squad and a possible push from enemies leaving from the neighboring Drill Site after they’re done passing through that low-tier looting area. Take note of the location’s number of escape paths if you need a way to retreat. Beyond combat opportunities, Lava Fissure features twenty-nine supply bins, a pathfinder beacon, a respawn point, and a balloon. 

4. Overlook

Apex Legends – Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Next up, fourth on the list, is Overlook. The smallest and easternmost location on the map, the aptly named location features an overlook with a number of structures suspended over water. It’s a high-tier loot area, so teams can and should expect combat upon landing. In addition to the location’s nineteen supply bins, balloon, and respawn point, players should be sure to take advantage of a hidden spot just outside the area. If you head beyond the map, you’ll find a tunnel that leads to a set of train tracks. It is here where you’ll find a trove of secret and secluded loot bins hidden on both sides of the tracks. 

3. Refinery

Apex Legends – Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Coming in at number three is Refinery. An underrated, but extremely smart looting location, this small area is located on the north edge of the map. Though this area may seem unassuming due to its size, don’t underestimate its features. Not too many players have discovered how valuable of a landing spot this is, with many teams opting to drop on the neighboring Epicenter instead. This works in your favor, as there’s a good chance you and your team can have this space all to yourselves. With twenty-five supply bins, a pathfinder beacon, a respawn point, and a huge amount of loot for such a tiny area, definitely don’t sleep on Refinery.

2. Sorting Factory

Apex Legends – Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Next up, at number two, is Sorting Factory. Found in the southern area of the map, this location houses a huge factory and a number of spacious and open areas. If you and your team are looking for fast combat and a huge supply of high-tier loot, this is the place to land. With a whopping total of forty-four supply bins, two pathfinder beacons, and multiple respawn beacons in the area and surrounding areas, it’s a prime location. There will always be more than enough loot in this area for you and your team, plus you’re guaranteed a great amount of combat to keep your entire squad busy and fighting.

1. Epicenter

Apex Legends – Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Finally, our number one location, is the Epicenter. Centrally located in the middle of World’s Edge, this frozen wasteland is a small but popular area, and rightfully so. Landing here essentially guarantees combat, but with all the ice spikes and a huge yellow machine in the middle, you and your team will certainly be in for some fun bouts of combat when fighting off rotating teams coming from the neighboring Capitol City and Refinery. Be sure to take advantage of the location’s multiple vantage points when picking off targets, and note the two respawn beacons in the outer rim of the area. It’s certainly a fast-paced location, but with fifteen supply bins and a good supply of ground loot to help gear you and your team up from the get-go, it’s worth the thrill.

As every player and their team have their own strategies and styles, your squad may have your own differing opinions when it comes to the best places to land. But if you’re looking for a good starting point when it comes to tackling Apex Legend’s newest map, this list should be able to help you out. 

It’s important to remember that the World’s Edge map features a vast diversity when it comes to each locaiton’s features and components. Therefore, all players should be able to satisfy their gaming needs and priorities while traversing through the map. Whether you’re aggressively looking for a good fight, trying to collect as much high-tier loot as possible, or are in the mood for a mix of both, you’re sure to find exactly what you need while exploring Apex Legends’ newest map, World’s Edge.

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