Top 10 Locations to Land in Kings Canyon – Apex Legends

By Jim Jones

Kings Canyon is a large map with nearly 20 named landing locations in addition to a bunch of smaller areas spread around the map. Picking the right spot to land is the first key to success and each location offers something unique to look out for. However, there are spots that are better than others and this is what you need to know to be successful. So, are you ready to be one of the best Jumpmasters and impress your squad? You came to the right place. Here is a list of the best places to land to help you become the Champion in your next game of Apex: Legends.

10. The Cage

Top 10 Locations to Land in Kings Canyon - Apex Legends The Cage
Apex Legends – Credit: Respawn Entertainment

One of the new areas of the map, The Cage provides a lot of action in a ridiculously small, partially enclosed space. This is a perfect location for honing those early game fighting skills, learning quick looting tactics, and even punching your way to victory if necessary. Since the area is so new, it is often highly populated right off the drop and learning to fight in early game scenarios is one of the best ways to become better at Battle Royale games. It can also be a place to flex your skills and wipe out half the competition right up front. The one downfall to The Cage is the loot may not always be the best and may leave you looking for loot in other locations if you survive the fight. Either way, dropping into The Cage is a smart choice if you are feeling scrappy and ready to mix it up.

9. Relay

Top 10 Locations to Land in Kings Canyon - Apex Legends Relay
Apex Legends – Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Unlike The Cage, Relay is a large, fragmented location that offers high tier loot. It is not a popular place to drop either, so it offers the potential to gear up early and hunt for the fights you want as the game progresses. As one of the quieter drop points on the map, landing here can sometimes be seen as cowardly but being able to find and pick the right fights is a skill that everyone should learn if you want to continue to get better. Located in the corner of the map, it can be difficult to exit the area and there is a lot of open ground on the other side of the Wetlands that can be hazardous to travel through. An enemy squad could be watching you from anywhere as you walk right into their trap. Sticking to cover and always keeping a sharp eye out will be necessary to successfully navigate the map but you should have the guns to be effective when a fight breaks out.

8. Airbase

Top 10 Locations to Land in Kings Canyon - Apex Legends Airbase
Apex Legends – Credit: Respawn Entertainment

The Airbase serves as two drop points in one as the location features two distinct runways separated by a large gap over water. This allows the teams to fight among themselves on their runway and loot up before heading to the other side to finish off the location or run away if you prefer. Offering high-tier loot makes this a great drop zone but the clustering of loot caches can make the drop feel hopeless if you are not able to secure a weapon from your cache. You can all but guarantee the other teams will find something useful to kill you with so you may have to rely on you’re the rest of your squad to give you cover or some fast feet to get to safety and find a serviceable weapon. A failed Airbase drop can make for a long and difficult game, but a successful one can set you up for a victory.

7. Skull Town

Top 10 Locations to Land in Kings Canyon - Apex Legends Full Town
Apex Legends – Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Skull Town is just a large version of The Cage and has been the most popular drop spot since the game launched. Even in Season 2, this is a popular place to drop so the fighting will kickoff moments after landing and could last until half the squads are eliminated. Once again, I recommend these types of locations for those looking to improve their skills quickly and I personally favor Skull Town over The Cage due to the size of the location and better options to escape should things turn against you and your team. Both factors allow for a greater degree of skill expression and can make a difference in your game play and the likeliness you will start seeing that victory screen more often.

6. Slum Lakes

Top 10 Locations to Land in Kings Canyon - Apex Legends Slum Lakes
Apex Legends – Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Slum Lakes is like Skull Town, but usually offers a little less upfront confrontation. Although it is rare to land here alone, there are typically only a couple other squads with you that you can dispense of before moving on. Surrounded by high-tier looting areas, the Slums offers a quick hitting route to great gear and a Top 5 finish if you can win those second-round encounters against the teams with the loot you want. Additionally, there are some often ignored areas of the maps in the mountains walls around slum lakes and overlooking the river that provide great high ground to protect if the ring closes in on your location. So, grab yourself a rifle, hunker down and camp your way to a nice finish. Even if it feels dirty being a camper, a win is a win.

5. Repulsor

Apex Legends – Credit: Respawn Entertainment

The Repulsor is an interesting location. It a high-tier loot area that doesn’t attract a lot of attention. Often only a few teams will land here before scurrying off to other locations quickly because the one weakness of the Repulsor is its surroundings. Unless you are feeling brave and want to venture all the way to the Swamps or Water Treatment, which will likely have well geared teams waiting for you, there are very few options to find quality loot in the area. If you come up short at the Repulsor, it could be a difficult game, but if you find the loot you are looking for, you can attack the more populated areas with deadly effectiveness.

4. Runoff

Apex Legends – Credit: Respawn Entertainment

The Runoff is a little hidden gem in Kings Canyon. Occasionally it will be a popular place to land but often it is deserted. It offers great loot and a lot of it. However, it is a very spread out location with multiple entrances that teams can sneak up on your if you are too focused on looting every inch of the location. Additionally, you will often be exiting toward the Bunker, leaving you exposed in a wide-open field for an extended amount of time. However, a quick moving team can gear up and get out undetected and ready to cause some havoc. You may also be able to finish off whatever team is lucky enough to make it out The Pit alive and add their gear to your arsenal.

3. Swamps

Apex Legends – Credit: Respawn Entertainment

The Swamps are huge and that is one of its biggest strengths and weaknesses. It allows for the ability to gain distance on opponents, but it also creates a lot of work to fully clear the area of loot and enemy teams. The tricky aspect of the Swamps is how the loot is spread out in a collection of buildings connected via pathways and zip lines. This can provide hiding spots and flanking opportunities for your enemies, but also for your team as well. Taking a slow, methodical approach to sweeping through the Swamps is best to make sure no one is left alive to take you by surprise. Being able to exit toward the Hydro Dam is also a huge benefit to the Swamps as it provides amazing cover as you make your way into the center of the map.

2. Water Treatment

Apex Legends – Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Like the Swamps, the Water Treatment is a large area containing high tier loot. It also has the potential to bring you some early game fighting and some nice exit strategies as the game progresses. The one strength Water Treatment has over some locations is the sheer amount of loot you can find. Considering there are buildings on both the NE and NW corners of the location serve as ancillary looting spots if you can secure the location. Additionally, if you are losing a fight or unable to find loot, these small areas can be looted very quickly so you are not left without a gun for an extended period as your squad regroups. Sometimes you may have to hop from town to town on your way to the market and the caves near the center of the map which can make for a slower game as these places rarely have any enemies to kill but at least it provides some cover as you seek out your next prey.

1. Artillery

Apex Legends – Credit: Respawn Entertainment

The top spot to land on Kings Canyon. It combined all the features of a great landing spot into one. High tier loot, lots of space and looting opportunities, early fights to secure some of the top loot, and many ways to exit the location depending on how the firefight turned out for your team and where to go to avoid the ring closing. The large buildings, bunkers, mountain, and zipline features allows for a skilled squad to really show off and secure a few quick kills. Also, it is impossible to understate how important the exit pathways are at Artillery. You can pass through multiple high and mid-tier loot locations while maintaining cover or high ground as you make your way toward the center of the map, or wherever the ring happens to be closing in during your game. If you want it all, early fights, great loot and a path to the Champion screen, Artillery should be your go-to spot.