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Top 10 Fundamental Valorant Tips for Beginners



By George Wood Jr.

Riot Games has been stirring up the hype for their upcoming blockbuster release of VALORANT, a multiplayer tactical shooter that is expected to drop this summer. Combining the reserved momentum of Counter Strike: Global Offensive with the colorful, flashier-than-life aesthetic of Overwatch, the game presents itself as a prominent contender in the currently stacked FPS market.

Much of the buzz around this game has been perpetuated through it’s open invitation beta testing platform. In order to participate, interested gamers must first spectate over certain streamers playing VALORANT in order to be granted a “key” into the exclusive community.

This accomplished two things: The first, is placing many gamer’s first impressions on the backs of streamers who have become acquainted with the tense, strategic pace of play. These promoters can fluidly demonstrate an arresting command of the 10 available “agents” in VALORANT and their signature, battle-ready set of abilities.

The other thing accomplished by choosing experienced streamers to be the VALORANT gatekeepers is setting a high expectation for in-game performance for the common FPS plebeian. With that being said, below you can find some strong intel on necessary in-game strategy when first dropping into the colorful, raucous team rumble that is VALORANT.

10. Walk Slowly and Carefully

VALORANT – Credit: Riot Games

Battle Royale is all the rage within the current FPS industry, citing the popularity of Fortnite, Apex Legends and the recent release of Warzone within Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This style of play is characterized by wide open space counter sniping operations with occasional face to face duels indoors. Running and gunning is often rewarded, and utilizing cover isn’t totally necessary.

If you drop into VALORANT with this mindset, the walls of all the maps will soon be painted a double coat of your cell-shaded blood and gore. Instead, emulate the tiger, slowly stalking your prey and only striking when a kill is near-guaranteed. Running really shouldn’t be done unless the enemy already knows your position or you are absolutely certain you can get the jump on another.

9. Do Not Move While Shooting

VALORANT – Credit: Riot Games

This tip is paramount for beginners. Despite how often streamers can rely upon killing enemies while strafing, VALORANT newcomers, especially those unacquainted with the punishing speed at which one can die in a tactical FPS, need to pump the brakes. Absorbing attacks is simply not an option because, for the most part, it only takes a few bullets to die. Every shot counts, accuracy is King. Battles are more dependent on your ability to hit the enemy with your attacks, rather than your ability to dodge theirs.

8. Keep Crosshairs at Head Level

VALORANT – Credit: Riot Games

This simple technique might be the most effective way, besides stationary shooting, to improve your shots on target in VALORANT. This seems eye-rollingly obvious to be stated in an article, but the fact is new players often forget it within the rush of dodging gunfire, dashing through the opposing team’s walls of flame or choosing a good angle to let loose a recon arrow. The millisecond it takes to readjust your weapon’s reticle for a headshot is more than enough time for your adversary to give you a lead-based haircut.

7. Crouch and ADS for Improved Accuracy

VALORANT – Credit: Riot Games

On the topic of accuracy, Aiming Down Sights (ADS) is an upstart VALORANT player’s best friend. Crouching while using ADS also improves a firearm’s accuracy, with the added bonus of making yourself a smaller target. This technique does slow down the rate of fire on all rifles, heavies and sub-machine guns, but this concentrated fire is far more effective at dispatching foes when compared to the alternative of spraying and praying. There is a case to be made that ADS is not as advantageous when it comes to short- to mid-range conflicts where speed is the deciding factor. However, most beginners tense up and lose their composure in these scenarios. Best to start off on the ADS training wheels.

6. Use Abilities for Support

VALORANT – Credit: Riot Games

Abilities are by far the coolest aspect of VALORANT. Each of the 10 memorable agents in the game have 4 abilities that aid in supporting your team and stifling the enemy. SOVA, the lithe, platinum-blonde hunter is a popular choice because he can easily use his abilities “Owl Drone” and “Recon” to highlight enemy positions. Both Phoenix and Viper can conjure elemental walls obstructing an enemy’s line of sight, while someone playing as Jett can quickly dash around the commotion outflanking the unwary. Each agent’s abilities have a specific function that is best used in conjunction with the rest of your team, depending on the circumstances of a gunfight.

Abilities must be utilized correctly to win rounds. Regular abilities either recharge after the round is over or must be purchased with Creds, the in-game currency, before a round begins. Besides their regular abilities, all 10 characters have a game-changing “Super” ability that can be used after killing enough opponents or absorbing orbs. These abilities are not to be underestimated. For a detailed look at all abilities in the game click here!

5. Always Buy Armor

VALORANT – Credit: Riot Games

Purchasing weapons and abilities in VALORANT, because of the limited budget of Creds, is something that should be done strategically with the rest of your team. However, unless a player is especially hard up for cash, armor should always be purchased before a match. This is particularly true for beginners who soon learn that the default 100 health points dissipates after taking minimal fire. Armor keeps a player in the game for a longer period of time, which means more time to learn the ropes.

4. Sound is Important

VALORANT – Credit: Riot Games

To hearken back to tip #10, walking is an especially better alternative to running because walking is a much quieter choice of motion. The more noise you make, the greater chances that an enemy can pick up your position on the map and kill you and your friends. The keen eyed will notice that a small ring expands around a player on the minimap while they run.

Running isn’t the only offender, either. Shooting, jumping, using certain abilities, even diffusing a bomb can be picked up by enemy ears and capitalized on. VALORANT is in many ways a game of stealth. Choices to disturb the ambience should be made deliberately.

Pro tip: Pull out the knife if you want to move faster while still maintaining a cover of silence.

3. Defuse Fake-Outs

VALORANT – Credit: Riot Games

This technique is a bit more advanced, but is still a commonplace maneuver in any contentious VALORANT match. Once a bomb is placed, the defense can defuse a bomb to 50%, then scurry off into a nearby defensible position to fake out the other team.

The offense, alerted to the defusing, may heroically sprint to the bomb zone to save the day. They will arrive just in time to notice that no one is defusing the bomb. From there it is a race to see which hits their brain first: The realization they’ve been duped, or the speeding bullet released from the grinning duper.

The best part of this technique is the defuse counter on the bomb does not diminish. It remains at whatever percentage the defensive trickster left it in. Keep this in mind when you find yourself deactivating the bomb, or on the other side when you first receive notice your bomb is being tampered with.

2. Learn Recoil Patterns

VALORANT – Credit: Riot Games

This tip relates to shot accuracy, a pretty standard recognition by any veteran FPS gamer. Submachine guns have a tendency to climb in rapid fire, while snipers have a considerable kickback after each shot. Rifles can hover between these extremes, depending on the damage it deals and how effective it is at shooting through walls and debris.

Typically, players choose a few guns to cozy up with that suit their personal playing style. Try out as many guns as you can during the beginning stages to become aware of your choices, then choose a few to get dialed in on (or you can just check out our Top 10 Best Weapons in Valorant guide!). For a detailed video on all spray patterns in the game click here!

1. Team Play!

VALORANT – Credit: Riot Games

Victory in VALORANT is ultimately decided by how cohesive a team of five agents can coordinate to outmaneuver the other team. This strategy is obvious to see on the battlefield, communicating enemy positions to others or using abilities in tandem to confuse and eradicate the other team.

Not so apparent is how much selfish decisions buying weapons, armor and abilities can impact the game. For example, say you buy the baddest, highest caliber weaponry in the first round, but everyone else saves their money. If you are a beginner, you will probably die anyway, but your chances are further solidified because your teammates are packing pistols and nothing else. You now have no money; you lost your gun after dying and all this equates to the fact that you are somehow more useless than before.

There are three main types of decisions a team can make together when purchasing goods in the pre-round store: Save Round, Full Buy Round, and Partial Buy Round.

Save Rounds are a collective decision to decline on spending Creds on weapons, higher tier armor and abilities to save for other rounds. This is useful because in later rounds, a team can execute a more deadly Full Buy Round which is where a team buys the best equipment they can afford. The coordinated Full Buy Round is especially effective because a fully stacked team can decrease friendly casualties which in turn allows teammates to carry their equipment into the next round.

Partial Buy is best reserved for a counterattack measure, when a morale boosting comeback is necessary or if a final push is required to win the match. Less powerful weapons may not be an assured equalizer, but they are still a hell of a lot better than trying to rally the troops with only pistols.


From first impressions, 2020 could be the year of VALORANT for FPS gamers globally. The unique dynamic of careful movement tactics and imaginative abilities may prove enough to hook the market Follow these tips, and you’ll be locked and loaded when the real action begins this summer when VALORANT hits the PC market.

Howdy, George here. As a lifetime gamer who grew up reading the Nintendo Power, Official Xbox Magazine and Game Informer, I’ve always dreamed of writing about my favorite passion. I enjoy writing about the all-encompassing worlds that some games can pull you into, changing your perspective on the human experience and providing engrossing, artful entertainment value. My first love was Final Fantasy IX, as a youngin I would watch my cousin play for hours. Since then, my experience has expanded across battlefields in COD and Halo, the fantastic realms of Skyrim and Warcraft, and many other brilliantly diverting worlds. Hope you enjoy reading the blog half as much as I’ve enjoyed typing up content for it...because I’ve had a ball.

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The 10 Best Ways to Make Money in GTA Online



Grand Theft Auto Online, or more commonly known to fans as GTA Online, allows players to experience the open world maps from Grand Theft Auto V with others online. As you explore Los Santos and Blaine County, players have the option to play alone in Free Mode PvE, choose who to play with by inviting their friends, or even play completely PvP as you coexist with other players online. Players have a wide range of activities to complete in this open world environment like assaults on local gangs, robbing armored trucks, and challenging other players to Impromptu Races to name a few. Available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, players can experience Los Santos and Blaine County in up to 4K resolution and 60 FPS. However, just like the real world, GTA Online runs on money, so using your time to make the most money possible is a top priority for many players. Combining these methods along with specially offered Double GTA$ and Double Reputation activities is by far the best way of maximizing profits. In this list we will go over the top ten methods of making money in Grand Theft Auto Online.

10. Time Trials

Top 10 Ways to Make Money in GTA Online - Time Trials
Grand Theft Auto: Online – Credit: Rockstar Games

These short races are a Freemode Event marked on the map with a purple stopwatch. You will be given a par time to beat and a finish line, but no route, so it is up to you to find your way and finish in time. Time Trials are unique and change every real-time week, cycling through a total of 30. Upon completing within the par time, players are rewarded with $101,000 – $104,000; however, if you do not complete within the required time or you complete the race again in the same week, players are only rewarded with $1,000 – $4,000. There are no prerequisites for this activity, but a fast and fully upgraded car or bike is recommended. If you want to know what the fastest cars are in the game currently, check out our guide here!

9. Daily Objectives

Top 10 Ways to Make Money in GTA Online - Daily Objectives
Grand Theft Auto: Online – Credit: Rockstar Games

Unlocked at Rank 15, players are able to complete three objectives found on the player’s Interaction Menu everyday. The objectives consist of at least one job to participate in such as Deathmatch, Racing, Capture, LTS or Versus Mission, Survival or Contact Mission, or a Parachute Jump. Completing all three daily objectives rewards players with $30,000 and 5,000RP. Daily objectives may not give the most money daily, but the investment is worth it when consecutive days reward cash bonuses. After completing seven daily objectives in a row, players are rewarded with $150,000 and 20,000 RP, and after 28 consecutive dailies, players will receive $750,000 and 50,000 RP. In one month, players will have profited a total of  $2,190,000, making daily objectives worth the time. 

8. VIP Work

Top 10 Ways to Make Money in GTA Online - VIP Work
Grand Theft Auto: Online – Credit: Rockstar Games

In the Free Mode world, players can start their own organisation as a VIP or CEO from the SecuroServ option in the Interaction Menu to complete VIP Work. You must have at least $1,000,000 in your bank to become a VIP or purchase an Executive Office from the Dynasty 8 Executive website on your phone to become a CEO. With nine jobs available, Headhunter, Hostile Takeover, and Sightseer are some of the most profitable, each rewarding about $20,000. These activities are best to complete between the cooldowns of other, more profitable, methods on this list. 

7. Nightclubs

Top 10 Ways to Make Money in GTA Online - Nightclubs
Grand Theft Auto: Online – Credit: Rockstar Games

With so many business opportunities available in GTA Online, nightclubs are one of the few legitimate ways to make money. Nightclubs can be purchased with a minimum of $1,100,000 while other businesses cost $850,000. As long as you keep your nightclub popular through the management missions, players will earn a passive income of $10,000 every in-game day (48 minutes). The most profitable part of nightclubs are using them as a hub for your other illegal businesses. These activities can be accessed via the computer in your nightclub building VIP area and selecting “Warehouse Management”, then assign a Warehouse Technician to one of the goods you have available. The goods you have available will depend on the other businesses you own, such as motorcycle club businesses, gunrunning bunker, or cargo warehouses. Some calculate the profits to be about $40,000 per hour.

6. Motorcycle Club

Top 10 Ways to Make Money in GTA Online - Motorcycle Club
Grand Theft Auto: Online – Credit: Rockstar Games

Players can live the biker lifestyle when they create a Motorcycle Club and make money on the side. You can use your club to steal or buy supplies for your various businesses. Rank up within a club or create a new one as the president. In order to make money this way, you must purchase a Clubhouse for $200,000, a business for at least $650,000 and be the Motorcycle Club president.  Cocaine is the most profitable, albeit a more expensive and time-consuming business. Your Motorcycle Club can produce passive income once you give your staff tasks, allowing you to do other money-making activities at the same time. With the right tasks, players can make a passive $80,000 per hour.

5. Gunrunning

Top 10 Ways to Make Money in GTA Online - Gunrunning
Grand Theft Auto: Online – Credit: Rockstar Games

When players purchase a Bunker, the Gunrunning business opportunity is unlocked. Similar to Motorcycle Clubs, buying a Bunker will give you passive income but at double the profit. The start-up costs are higher, so make sure you have a minimum of $1,200,000 to purchase your Bunker. You can start a business as a VIP or CEO from the SecuroServ option in the Interaction Menu to start making money. It is a better use of your time to buy supplies instead of steal, making your Gunrunning business completely passive. Once your staff have created enough product, sell your stock via a delivery mission to begin making about $80,000 per hour.

4. Air Freight Cargo

Grand Theft Auto: Online – Credit: Rockstar Games

Introduced in the Smuggler’s Run update, Air Freight Cargo is an activity where players use planes or helicopters to steal and transport criminal cargo. Cargo missions are easier to access since they can be carried out as either a Motorcycle Club member or president, or as an Organization associate or CEO. Players must first purchase a Hangar for a minimum of $1,200,000 from Maze Bank Foreclosures. It is best to choose one type of cargo, the best being narcotics, chemicals, or medical supplies since you get a 35% bonus for selling 25 crates of these types, and a 75% bonus for selling all 50 crates. When done efficiently and with other people, Air Freight Cargo can make you up to $150,000 per hour.

3. Special Cargo

Grand Theft Auto: Online – Credit: Rockstar Games

Players can purchase a warehouse for at least $250,000 and an Office for a minimum of $1,000,000 to open the opportunity for Special Cargo missions. In this activity, players will have to complete a mission by delivering crates of cargo to their warehouse. You can only carry one crate at a time, so bringing friends can speed up this process. To sell, players will need to complete a mission to deliver to a buyer, via land, sea, or air. The more crates you sell at once, the more profit you will make. This means a more expensive, but larger, warehouse could make more money, but is also riskier since you can lose your cargo on delivery missions. This is one of the most profitable activities, with the possibility of making  $200,000 per hour.

2. Vehicle Cargo

Grand Theft Auto: Online – Credit: Rockstar Games

Similar to Special Cargo, Vehicle Cargo is actually easier and can make more money for players. The start-up cost is more as players must be a CEO, purchase an Office for a minimum of $1,000,000 and a vehicle warehouse which starts at $1,000,000. In Vehicle Cargo, players will complete a mission to steal a car and drive it back to their warehouse. This must be done carefully since damages will result in repair costs, lowering your profit. You cannot have more than one type of car in your warehouse, so it is recommended to collect ten standard range and ten mid range vehicles with no duplicates. At that point, every source mission will give you a top range vehicle until you get all twelve of those. Only export your most expensive cars, thus maximizing your profit. You can only deliver one car at a time, so bringing friends can also boost your income. Players can make $300,000 per hour when doing this method correctly.

1. Heists

Grand Theft Auto: Online – Credit: Rockstar Games

The most profitable activity, by far, are Heists. In order to complete, players will participate in a series of setup missions that lead up to a high-profit crime. In order to begin, players must reach Rank 12 and own a high-end apartment with a heist planning room. Lester Crest will contact the player to set up the tutorial heist called The Fleeca Job. Lester acts as the heist leader in this mission, but players will be able to lead their own heists after completing the tutorial heist. These activities require 2-4 players, so working together with others will make you successful. Below are the prerequisites of each heist as well as potential payout depending on difficult chosen (Easy, Normal, or Hard).

  • Fleeca Job: 2 players, Lester provides the setup cost, $57,500 – $143,750 payout.
  • Prison Break: 4 players, $40,000 setup cost, $200,000 – $500,000 payout.
  • Humane Labs Raid: 4 players, $54,000 setup cost, $270,000 – $675,000 payout.
  • Series A Funding: 4 players, $40,400 setup cost, $202,000 – $505,000 payout.
  • Pacific Standard: 4 players, $100,000 setup cost, $500,000 – $1,250,000 payout.
  • Data Breaches: 2-4 players, $65,000 setup cost, $650,000 – $812,500 payout.
  • Bogdan Problem: 2-4 players, $95,000 setup cost, $950,000 – $1,187,000 payout.
  • Doomsday Scenario: This heist can only be played while being in a CEO/VIP organization or Motorcycle club which own a Facility. 2-4 players, $120,000 setup cost, $1,200,000 – $1,500,00 payout. 
  • Diamond Casino: This heist can only be played while being in a CEO/VIP organization or Motorcycle club which owns an Arcade. 2-4 players, $100,000 setup, $2,115,000 payout.


Like the real world, GTA Online runs on money, so hopefully these methods will help you make the most of living in Los Santos and Blaine County. While making money can lead to more awesome experiences, enjoying the game should be every player’s priority. If grinding for money in Grand Theft Auto Online starts feeling more like a job, then maybe it’s not worth the effort. When following these methods, remember to have fun while you’re doing it.

If you would like to read more about the best ways to make money in GTA Online check out “The GTA Online Mega Guide” on the GTA Online subreddit!

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The 10 Best Weapons for Warrior Class in World of Warcraft: Classic



Which are the best weapons for warrior class in World of Warcraft: Classic?

The Warrior class is a nostalgic, standard class in World of Warcraft Classic, one that embodies some of the earliest and most quintessential qualities of the long-running and beloved MMORPG. As the preferred tank class, warriors are melee fighters who rely on strength and speed to make attacks. They deal large amounts of damage freely, while simultaneously holding their own against enemy advances. Given their physical capabilities, they are often found at the front of the lines, leading teams and parties into battle.

In addition to their possession of shear strength, they also are clad in protective armor and carry mighty weapons to execute their deadly attacks. Warriors can equip nearly every type of weapon in WoW, with the exception of wands. 

With such an important role to play, it’s important for Warriors to properly level up. The preferable level for Warriors is high, so ensuring they are properly equipped with strong armor and weapons is key. However, it’s not an easy grind. Compared to other classes, Warriors have a long and hard grind from levels 1-60 due to their gear dependency.  

With so many different weapons to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which weapon is best to equip. Especially with such a grueling and time-consuming level grind, not having the right weapon could be disastrous and a huge waste of time. 


The Best Weapons for Warrior Class in World of Warcraft: Classic

In general, it’s a good rule of thumb to use 2H (two-handed) weapons with high DPS (damage-per-second) stats. Adhering to these guidelines is a good way to figure out which weapons are worthwhile while grinding.

However, if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the possible weaponry options and storage outlets, this list is a great place to start. Here’s a list of the top 10 best weapons for the Warrior class in World of Warcraft Classic.


10. Edge of the People’s Militia

Top 10 Best Weapons For Warrior Class in World of Warcraft ClassicEdge of the People’s Militia

To kick things off at number ten is the Edge of the People’s Militia, one of the first weapons you’ll gain through quests.

This 2H, Level 17 sword is a solid early weapon. With anywhere between 26-39 damage and a speed score of 2.90, this sword deals an average of 11.21 damage per second. It has a durability of 60 / 60 and requires a level of at least 9 to utilize. The sword will also add five extra stamina points when used.

This weapon can be gained by completing “The People’s Militia” quest in Westfall. After carrying out Gryan Stoutmantle’s orders to kill 15 Defias Highwaymen, 5 Defias Pathstalkers, and 5 Defias Knuckledusters, you will be offered several different rewards.

Choose the Edge of the People’s Militia here. 


9. Zhovur Axe

Top 10 Best Weapons For Warrior Class in World of Warcraft ClassicZhovur Axe

Next up at number nine, is the Zhovur Axe, another quest reward weapon.

This 2H, Level 20 axe is a great weapon to equip as your warrior starts moving up the ranks.

With anywhere between 32-49 damage and a speed score of 3.10, this axe deals an average of 10.96 damage per second. It has a durability of 65 / 65 and requires a level of at least 12 to utilize. The axe will also add six extra stamina points when used. This weapon can be gained by completing the “Serena Bloodfeather” quest in The Barrens.

After slaying Serena Bloodfeather and bringing her head to Darsok Swiftdagger at the Crossroads, you will be offered several different rewards. Choose the Zhovur Axe here. 


8. Staff of Westfall

Top 10 Best Weapons For Warrior Class in World of Warcraft ClassicStaff of Westfall

Coming in at number eight is the Staff of Westfall, another quest reward.

This 2H, Level 24 staff is another great weapon to use. With anywhere between 49-74 damage and a speed score of 3.00, this staff deals an average of 20.50 damage per second. It has a durability of 90 / 90 and requires a level of at least 14 to utilize. The staff will also add five extra intellect and eleven extra spirit points when used.

This weapon can be gained by completing “The Defias Brotherhood” quest in Westfall and The Deadmines.

After killing Edwin Van Cleef and bringing his head to Gryan Stoutmantle, you will be offered several rewards. Choose the Staff of Westfall here. 


7. Strike of the Hydra

Top 10 Best Weapons For Warrior Class in World of Warcraft ClassicStrike of the Hydra

Now, at number seven, is the Strike of the Hydra.

This 25, Level 31 sword is another powerful weapon to use when grinding.

With anywhere between 67-102 damage and a speed score of 3.30, this sword deals an average of 25.61 damage per second. It has a durability of 100 / 100 and requires a level of at least 26 to utilize. This sword comes with a unique chance retaliation hit, with corrosive acid that deals 7 Nature damage every 3 seconds and lowers target’s armor by 50 for 30 seconds.

This weapon can be gained by defeating the final boss in Blackfathom Depths, Aku’mai.


6. Whirlwind Axe

Top 10 Best Weapons For Warrior Class in World of Warcraft ClassicWhirlwind Axe

Following the last boss reward, here’s another quest reward at number six: the Whirlwind Axe.

This 2H, Level 40 axe is a strong choice for the busily grinding warrior. With anywhere between 102-154 damage and a speed score of 3.60, this axe deals an average of 35.56 damage per second. It has a durability of 100 / 100 and requires a level of at least 30 to utilize.

The axe will also add fifteen extra strength and fourteen extra stamina points when used. This weapon can be gained by completing the “Whirlwind Weapon” quest in Alterac Mountains. Upon completion of this quest, you will be offered several rewards.

Choose the Whirlwind Axe here. 


5. Ravager

Located halfway down the list at number five is the Ravager.

This 2H, Level 42 axe is an excellent weapon while working through the grind. With anywhere between 104-157 damage and a speed score of 3.50, this axe deals an average of 37.29 damage per second. It has a durability of 100 / 100 and requires at least a level of 37 to utilize.

The axe comes with a unique chance retaliation hit, where you can attack all nearby enemies for 9 seconds causing weapon damage plus an additional 5 every 3 seconds.

This weapon can be gained by defeating the sole boss in the Armory of Scarlet Monastery, Herod


4. Diabolic Skiver

Now, at number four, is the Diabolic Skiver. This 2H, Level 49 polearm is a deadly weapon when equipped.

With anywhere between 99-149 damage and a speed score of 2.90, this polearm deals an average of 42.76 damage per second. It has a durability of 100 / 100 and requires at least a level of 44 to utilize. The polearm comes with a unique chance retaliation hit that delivers a fatal wound for 160 to 180 damage.

This weapon can be gained from the Shadowpriest Sezz’ziz boss found in Zul’Farrak


3. Gatorbite Axe

Almost there! At the number three spot sits the Gatorbite Axe.

This 2H, Level 53 axe has the potential to cause bloody and gruesome damage to your enemies. With anywhere between 117-176 damage and a speed score of 3.20, this axe deals an average of 45.78 damage per second. It has a durability of 100 / 100 and requires at least a level of 48 to utilize.

The axe comes with a unique chance retaliation hit that wounds the target by causing them to bleed for 230 damage over 30 seconds.

This weapon can be gained by defeating the third boss in the Earth Song Falls area of Maraudon, Rotgrip


2. Princess Theradras’ Scepter

For the second to last weapon, check out Princess Theradras’ Scepter.

This 2H, Level 54 mace is a deadly and disarming weapon. With anywhere between 126-190 damage and a speed score of 3.40, this mace deals an average of 46.47 damage per second. It has a durability of 100 / 100 and requires at least a level of 49 to utilize.

This mace comes with a unique chance retaliation hit that wounds your target for 160 damage and lowers their armor by 100.

This weapon can be gained by defeating the final boss in the Earth Song Falls area of Maraudon, Princess Theradras


1. Dreadforge Retaliator

Finally, coming in at the number one spot is the Dreadforge Retaliator.

This 2H, Level 59 axe is a mighty and powerful weapon. With anywhere between 149-225 damage and a speed score of 3.70, this axe deals an average of 50.54 damage per second. It has a durability of 100 / 100 and requires a level of at least 54 to utilize.

When equipped, it will increase your chances to parry an attack by 1%, improve your chances to get a critical strike by 1%, and will add +30 attack power.

This weapon can be gained by defeating the final boss in the Blackrock Depths, Emperor Dagran Thaurissan



With such brute strength, front-line confidence, and high DPS numbers, Warriors are a prized class.

However, this prestige does not come without proper and adequate training, and level grinding is key to becoming a great Warrior unit.

Weaponry is a crucial component of any Warrior’s grind; and while every player has their own unique style and leveling journey, this list of weapons is a great place to start. 

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Top 10 Best Weapons in Rust



Top 10 Best Weapons in Rust - MP5A4

By Erika Lentz

Rust is a survival game which gives you the chance to hunt wildlife in order to make it through the harsh environment. You need a good way of protecting yourself in order to make it in this world. In order to protect yourself from the wild beasts and from the other players that will try to kill you and take your stuff, you must select the best weapon available. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best weapons that Rust has to offer. We’ll also tell you about the best mods in the game so you can really beef up your weapons beyond its base capabilities

10. SAR

Top 10 Best Weapons in Rust - SAR
Rust (©Facepunch Studios)

The Semi-Automatic Rifle, also simply called “SAR” or “Semi”, is a great ranged weapon (150 meters) that deals a good amount of damage. It is one of two semi-automatic rifles available in the game, but it is more accessible than your other option since it is craftable. To craft this weapon, you must be at Workbench Level 2. For the SAR, you’ll need 1 semi-automatic body, 450 metal fragments, 1 metal spring, and 4 high quality metals. It takes 60 seconds to craft.

The highest stat for this weapon is, of course, the head damage at 80. It also has a chest damage of 40, arms damage of 40, and legs damage of 30. It has a medium amount of recoil, so the control is decent, but not the best. The SAR has a bullet capacity of 16.

You have a total of 3 mod slots with the SAR, but some of them are not compatible with each other. For this gun, your best options are the Weapon Lasersight, 16x Zoom Scope, and Silencer. The Lasersight is going to help your accuracy with hip-firing, which is usually done in close combat, while the 16x Zoom Scope is going to help you for distance shooting. The Silencer helps you hide from enemies by eliminating your muzzle flash and decreasing the noise volume of the SAR.

9. MP5A4

Top 10 Best Weapons in Rust - MP5A4
Rust (©Facepunch Studios)

The MP5A4 is a great choice of sub-machine gun (SMG) for those of you who prefer a more calculated approach to your kills. This gun can be crafted at Workbench Level 3 using 15 high quality metals, 1 SMG body, and 2 metal springs. It takes 60 seconds to craft.

This SMG is more focused on accuracy than damage output, but it still has a decently high damage level. The MP5A4 has a head damage of 70, chest damage of 35, arms damage of 35, and legs damage of 29. It has a medium recoil, but it does still have great accuracy even at long ranges. It also makes up for the lower damage with a higher bullet capacity (30), so you can rack up the damage pretty quickly on your opponents.

This weapon also has 3 mod slots available. For the MP5A4, recommended mods are the Muzzle Brake, Weapon Lasersight, and Holosight. The Muzzle Brake helps to reduce recoil and, while it does decrease accuracy, this is less of an issue with the MP5A4 since the accuracy is pretty high as is. The Holosight creates a hologram that locks onto your target, which is very helpful for distance shooting.

8. Bolt Action Rifle

Top 10 Best Weapons in Rust - Bolt Action
Rust (©Facepunch Studios)

The Bolt Action Rifle is very difficult to find and to craft, but there’s a good reason for that. This rifle is an incredibly effective ranged weapon (350-500 meters). It should be noted that this is definitely not a gun you want to use for close combat. To craft the Bolt Action Rifle, you’ll need to be at Workbench Level 3. Crafting components include 20 high quality metals, 1 rifle body, 3 metal pipes, and 1 metal spring.

This gun has a ridiculously high damage output, though it does only have a bullet capacity of 4, so you’ll need to reload pretty often. That said, as long as you get a good shot, you won’t need to worry about landing multiple hits on the same enemy. The Bolt Action Rifle has a head damage of 150, chest damage of 75, arms damage of 50, and legs damage of 45. You also get 30 bleeding damage for the head and 15 bleeding damage for the chest. Bleeding causes damage over time. So, even if you don’t kill your enemy right away, there’s still a chance that they could die from your hit.

This weapon has 3 mod slots available. Two of the best attachments you can get for it are the Silencer and 16x Zoom Scope. You could technically also add another attachment to improve close range combat and recoil, but they don’t really make that much of a difference for the play style you’ll be using.

7. Spas-12

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The Spas-12 is a shotgun available for those of you that like to run directly into the fire. It can’t be crafted, so you’ll either need to find it as loot or buy it off of an NPC. It has a general damage output of 135, though you will get more on headshots. So, aim for the head, but you’re pretty much guaranteed to hit your target somewhere and inflict damage. The Spas-12 has a bullet capacity of 6.

For the Spas-12, you’ll want attachments that focus on close range combat. The Muzzle Boost will increase your rate of fire, though it does decrease damage output slightly. The Weapon Lasersight is also a good choice for the Spas-12.

6. M39

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The M39 is another non-craftable weapon (semi-automatic rifle) that you’ll need to loot in the game. It has a damage output of 50 and has a higher magazine capacity (20) than its craftable counterpart. It is also a very accurate weapon, making it a good choice for medium and long-range combat.

Like with other range weapons, the best mods are those that can improve your accuracy at a distance. For the M39, the best mods are the Holosight and the Silencer. The Silencer does negatively affect your damage output, but it is still very useful for keeping you hidden. This weapon is also good at counteracting that with a decent magazine size. You’ll need more hits to kill an enemy, but you’ll also have additional shots at your disposal.

5. LR-300

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The LR-300 is a fully automatic assault rifle that can be looted, but not crafted. It is the complete opposite of the Assault Rifle in terms of recoil and spread. This weapon has a low recoil and high spread, which means that you’ll get great control over it while you blaze through groups of enemies.

The LR-300 has a decent range (188 meters), but its quick rate of firing and good magazine size (30) means that it could also be a good choice for close combat. This weapon has a head damage of 80, chest damage of 40, arms damage of 40, and legs damage of 30.

There are 3 mod slots available on the LR-300. For this weapon, recommended mods are the Silencer, Holosight, and 16x Zoom Scope. This will give you a good basis of control and damage regardless of the combat distance.

4. Assault Rifle

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The Assault Rifle is reminiscent of the AK-47, which is a classic in many games. However, it is actually based on the AK-101, a similar real-life weapon. This weapon can be crafted, which takes 180 seconds. To do this, you’ll need 50 high quality metals, 200 woods, 1 rifle body, and 4 metal springs.

The Assault Rifle is a favorite among gamers who play many different FPS games, and it’s easy to see why. It is a great choice at close and medium range, again very satisfying to those who like to dive right into the action. It has a damage of 50 and bullet capacity of 30. It also has a very high rate of fire, meaning you’ll be able to spray your enemies relentlessly.

For close range weapons, you want mods that are going to improve your hip fire accuracy and your firing rate. You’re not going to have time to plan your shots, so you need to be able to act quickly. For the Assault Rifle, this means that the best attachments are the Muzzle Boost and Weapon Lasersight.

3. L96

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The L96 is a very rare weapon with only about an 8% chance of looting it. It is a high powered, military grade sniper rifle that makes you super deadly without having to step foot anywhere near your enemies. It has a magazine capacity of 5 and deals a damage of 80. It also has a very high base accuracy, though many sniper-style players still use a scope on it.

For the L96, the best mods are those that improve your accuracy at a distance. This is not a gun intended for fast-paced action, so you don’t need to worry about that as much. Good mods to use for this weapon are the 16x Zoom Scope, Holosight, and Silencer.

2. GL

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The Grenade Launcher, or GL for short, cannot be crafted or looted. Instead, it has a 5% chance of spawning on a Heavy Scientist. Some people may see a grenade launcher as being a little excessive, but these things are incredibly fun. They’re useful at a distance and sometimes you need to inflict a ton of damage in a very little amount of time. There are a few different types of ammo you can use as well, though many of them can also be found as a spawn item on Heavy Scientists. One type of ammo that you can buy, though, is the 40mm Shotgun Round.

It should probably go without saying, but this is a long-range weapon. Its best use is for destroying enemy buildings and turrets and dealing damage to large groups of enemies. You can also deploy smoke grenades to provide visual cover for yourself. Overall, the GL deals 90 damage and has a magazine capacity of 6.

The 16x Zoom Scope and Holosight are going to be your best mod options for the GL. This helps increase your accuracy at a distance, which is where you’ll be playing from a majority of your time with this weapon.

1. M249

Rust (©Facepunch Studios)

The top pick on our list, the M249, is an absolutely brutal light machine gun (LMG). It spawns inside of Helicopter Crates and Bradley Crates.

This weapon carries the most bullets of any gun in the game thanks to a magazine capacity of 100. It is also incredibly accurate and has a very high fire rate. The only downside is that it has some pretty severe recoil, so don’t expect to have a whole lot of control over this thing. That said, it’s a great weapon for spraying down groups of enemies so recoil isn’t going to be a major concern. This weapon deals head damage of 130, chest damage of 65, arms damage of 55, and legs damage of 37.

The best mods for the M249 are the Holosight, Muzzle Brake, and Weapon Lasersight. The Holosight and Weapon Lasersight are great for increasing accuracy at both long and short distances. The Muzzle Brake is useful for reducing recoil, which this weapon definitely struggles with.


As you can see, Rust has a ton of choices for weapons. No matter what your typical play style is, there is a gun that’ll work for you. So, check out our choices, but be sure to look at the rest of the weapons available in Rust as well. In addition, experiment with the different mods available for the weapons. These can seriously impact your stats and take your gameplay to the next level.

Beyond your character’s weapons and equipment, though, you need to get yourself a good gaming setup as well. The best accessories can really make or break your gaming experience. These accessories can appeal to different senses as well. For example, audiophiles will appreciate a good pair of headphones while some people need more tactile sensation that you could get from certain mechanical keyboards. Some accessories can also make gaming much easier, such as a good lightweight honeycomb gaming mouse.

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