Top 10 Father’s Day Gifts for Gamer Dads 2020

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By George Wood Jr.

This turgid year of 2020 has been an unrelenting storm of meh, causing many to write it off six months in.  As businesses resume operations, dads all over the country may have trouble shaking off the dust of a half years’ lethargy.  Perhaps now, more than ever, is the time for daughters and sons to answer the call of Father’s Day by giving a truly awesome gift, one that counterbalances all of the woes of months past.

For those of us with gamer Dads who’ve been stuck quarantining with lame-grade equipment, below are some of our recommendations on which gifts will commemorate the holiday in a way that leaves him speechless.

Wowie Zowie! Sounding off on first is the BenQ Zowie Xl2411P, a long-necked window into whatever gaming universe your father feels most at home in. Our team has shown this hot little piece of machinery ten different admissions of love in the past, which you can read through in case you need some convincing.

In brief though, this gaming monitor represents top tier value at an entry level price. The specs are competitive in performance versus pricier options, while still retaining an ease of use for changing visual settings. Physically, it’s infinitely adjustable, so you can be sure that this monitor will fit perfectly into even the most oblong, cluttered command center.

Count on ASUS to deliver crystal sweet visuals affordable to those with any sort of saving willpower. The ROG Swift claims dominance as our number one pick for mightiest monitor on the market.

There is plenty to geek out about regarding this gaming monitor. The 165 Hz refresh rate paints a visually striking picture in whatever virtual world being trekked across. Additionally, the NVIDIA G SYNC Processor boost helps the views go down smooth, reducing the queasiness of motion blur.

We could not give a higher recommendation on this beast of a machine. If you want to see how it stacks up to the competition, check out our list here.

Oftentimes, the frugal gaming dad will soldier through their PC gaming endeavors with sub-par equipment, holding onto the notion that there is no need to replace what still works. Only YOU can prevent unnecessarily hamstrung gaming experiences.

The centerpiece of the Corsair Pro Wired Gaming Bundle includes a K55 Keyboard that brims with neon coloration, one of those rare instances where ergonomic comfort isn’t sacrificed by stylistic flair. Additionally, this bundle includes a Harpoon RGB Pro Mouse, by a heather smooth MM100 mouse pad and a Void PRO Stereo Headset.

This PC gaming bundle sounds like a chest full of titans, because that’s exactly what this is.. If the goal of gaming gear is to seamlessly immerse the player into the game, then this bundle is the closest thing to cybernetic enhancements, helping effortlessly meld man and computer. All told, this bundle includes the Razer Cynosa Pro keyboard, the Deathadder gaming mouse, the Kraken headset and Goliathus mousepad.

Customizability is key to immersion, and the ease of access to keyboard and mouse button mapping here makes personalized configuration attainable to even the most unsavvy layman.

The keyboard also holds a unique responsiveness synchronized with dozens of games, at a level that adds to the ride without distracting from the action.

This gaming bundle goes hard, for more reasons than those listed above. For more information on it, check out our list on the best bundles and see why we consider this one to be king.

On the subject of customizability, the SCUF Vantage 2 is the premiere choice for PlayStation console gamers. Out of the box, this controller feels right, grippy texture on the sides and back with a medium weight that conveys a sense of power. Power to crush enemies, beat the buzzer, win the game.

The gamer dad that enjoys tinkering can get happily lost configuring and reconfiguring the controller. 60+ magnetic faceplates and interchangeable parts mean a controller that is unique and entirely theirs.

Don’t let the idea that 90% of eSports professionals use this controller deter you from purchasing it. The SCUF Vantage 2 is appreciated for its endless customizability but loved for its comfort and responsiveness for casuals and hardcore gamers alike.

Make no mistake, this is the Tesla Model X of console controllers. It should be listed among the 7 wonders of the gaming world.

To be real, most fathers could probably care less about owning a controller that the pros use, until they actually try it out. From there, the taste of anything inferior suddenly becomes unpalatable. Adjustable joysticks, triggers, interchangeable D-pad and back paddle options: This controller has it all.

These are only the physical transformations that are possible. Pair it up with the Xbox Accessories App for even more personalization. Due to the availability of up to three different customization profiles, ol’ pops can change instantaneously between different types of games.

I could gush about the merits of this controller all day, just know it’s well worth the money. Dig deeper into the specs right here.

For those diehard poppas who want the best of the best sound for complete virtual immersion, there is no better option for headsets than the SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDAC. Luxurious as a fountain of molten gold flowing in your ear holes, the high-resolution sound quality is double that of most headsets on the market.

Another unique quality of the Steelseries Arctis Pro is its high-fidelity Digital to Analog Converter, which essentially polishes and balances all of the incoming sounds for a more refined, vibrant gaming experience.

The bidirectional microphone on this one is top of the line: No command will ever go unheard.

While the $250 price point may be a tough hurdle for some, the true audiophile knows the best sound doesn’t come cheap.

Your dad has probably been using that taped up, bargain bin gaming headset for too long now. This Father’s Day, make a difference in his life that he will hear for years to come.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha was top dog in our list of the best gaming headsets for Call of Duty Warzone for a multitude of glorious reasons. Chief among them, is of course the premium sound output. The Alpha headset features dual camber drivers that cut down on distortion, creating a sound clarity that may make you flinch at bullets whizzing by, or zero in on a camouflaged enemy.

Comfort is another massive driver here. The expansive headset cups contain the ear in a sweet embrace, while also cancelling out IRL noise.

To cap it all off, this headset is wicked affordable. No need to break the bank for a gift that’s music to his ears

The Homall Gaming chair has the quality of a king’s throne at the price of a barstool, more or less. The ergonomically placed cushions will save your back during multiple marathon gaming sessions. Design wise, think of a Formula 1 bucket seat imbued with the sharp, colorful lines of some spacecraft used for star surfing.

This is a conversation seat, a full-bore dedication to the gaming lifestyle at a more than agreeable price. Undoubtedly, it will score higher than whatever ratty furniture your old man is currently sinking into during long stretches of gaming.

Nothing says “I’ve got your back” more than a Homall Gaming Chair. Check out how it stacked up to the competition here.

The Homall Gaming chair, by the looks of it, is immediately recognizable as a “gamer” chair. The Herman Miller Classic, however, is unmistakably an Executive level seat, for those who frequent Presidential suites and fly exclusively first class.

Minimalist in form, this chair embodies the philosophy of Dieter Rams, head of design at Braun: “Good design is as little design as possible.” There is no wasted bulk here, no superfluous elaborations. This chair is beautiful because it is extraordinarily functional. Breathable fabric, every bulge and curve meticulously measured to provide maximum, long lasting comfort. Adjustable in all the ways it needs to be.

Don’t believe us? Take the recommendation of most of our top COD Warzone streamers on which chair is best: Herman Miller is the gold standard.


In the list above, our intention was to provide supreme gift ideas for Father’s Day for the deal shoppers and luxury splurgers alike. A lil somethin’ for everybody. Make him feel like Dad of the Year with the reigning Gear of the Year.

FYI, we also have some radical picks for gaming laptops if that’s what papa ordered

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