Top 10 Easiest Characters to Learn in Overwatch

By Emily Barnes

One of the many qualities of the competitive game Overwatch, that has more than likely attracted the majority of its player base, is it’s large and diverse character roster. Unlike other games, all of the characters are playable from the very beginning of the game and nothing is required to unlock them for play. These characters all have different abilities, powers, classifications, and a unique backstory usually revolving around a country somewhere in the world. The characters are just as visually unique as they are mechanically, so many people will enjoy trying out every character in Competitive or Quick Play game modes.

When you navigate your way from the Overwatch main menu to the Hero Gallery you may notice the heroes have a star difficulty rating. Some consider these ratings to only be semi-accurate, but some character’s abilities and play styles are definitely more difficult to learn and use effectively than others. This list is going to focus on characters with easy to understand kits that even beginner players of Overwatch can use to maximize their gameplay. Keep reading for our list of the top ten easiest characters to learn in Overwatch!

10. Reinhardt

Top Ten Easiest Characters to Learn in Overwatch - Reinhardt
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Reinhardt is one of the most played and important characters in the character roster, and he truly has a place in any Overwatch team composition on any map. He is versatile, his kit is easy to understand, and he is just as powerful as any other tank. Reinhardt’s kit includes his Rocket Hammer melee weapon and one of the strongest Barrier Fields in the game that allows him to shield his teammates from considerable amounts of damage. Reinhardt has a Charge ability that allows him to pin his enemies, a Fire Strike that sends out a projectile, and his ultimate ability Earth Shatter knocks his enemies into the ground. His kit may be easy to understand but it can be easy to accidentally kill yourself by charging into your enemy team or putting your shield down at the wrong moment.

9. Reaper

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Reaper is a damage hero that is notable for his very high damage output, evasive abilities, and an explosive ultimate ability. Reaper’s shotguns do very high amounts of damage and require little to no accuracy to hit shots on your enemies, especially tanks with larger hitboxes. Reaper has an ability called Wraith Form that allows him to take no damage and pass-through his enemies for a short time period. Reaper also has Shadow Step which teleports him to a marked location. Most notably is Reaper’s ultimate ability Death Blossom where he empties his shotguns at fast speeds dealing massive damage. Death Blossom can be stunned by enemy crowd control abilities such as Brigitte’s shield bash, so be careful about your positioning and enemy ability usage when setting up to use Death Blossom. Reaper is extremely good against tanks especially Winston.

8. DVA

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DVA is one of the most adored and memorable characters in Overwatch. She is a cute gamer herself who operates a giant Mech equipped with Fusion Cannons that deal high damage without needing to be reloaded. DVA’s mech has Boosters that launch her into the air, Micro Missiles, and also a Defense Matrix that can eat enemy projectiles and projectile ultimate abilities such as Mei’s freeze. DVA’s mech can be destroyed when her health reaches zero, but she quickly pops out of the Mech with her Light Gun to do damage until her Mech has recharged. Many players love this feature because DVA basically has two lives. DVA’s ultimate ability is called Self-Destruct and she exits her Mech and shoots it into the sky as it explodes, dealing huge amounts of damage to the enemies in its range.

7. Mercy

Top Ten Easiest Characters to Learn in Overwatch - Mercy
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Mercy is one of the most popular characters in Overwatch with a high pick rate across every competitive rank. Mercy’s gameplay is very movement-based as her ability Guardian Angel, which allows her to fly to any visible enemy in range, is only on a two-second cooldown. Her primary fire heals her teammates and her secondary fire boosts the damage they deal. Mercy does a decent amount of healing, but her damage boost can definitely secure kills. Mercy’s Resurrection ability can bring back her teammates from the dead. However, Resurrection is on a 30-second cooldown, and Mercy is very vulnerable for several seconds when using this ability. Mercy’s ultimate allows her to fly freely in the sky while her beam connects to all of her visible teammates simultaneously allowing for group healing and damage boosting.

6. Junkrat

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Junkrat’s kit consists of bombs, frags, traps, and mines and is a very frustrating character to deal with! Although Junkrat is considered off-meta at the moment, he has a potential to deal insane amounts of damage and has a game-changing ultimate ability called Rip-Tire. When charged and activated Rip-Tire sends out a motorized tire bomb that the player can control where it goes and where it denotes. Junkrat has the potential to get entire team kills with his Rip-Tire, but it can be destroyed by enemies if a Junkrat player is not careful with where they steer and denote the tire. Junkrat has multiple Concussion Mines that can send enemies flying while dealing damage to them, and his primary fire is a Frag Launcher that shoots bounceable grenades at his enemies.

5. Bastion

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Bastion falls under the damage hero category, and he has one of the largest damage per second in the game. Bastion is a robot that can move slowly and also set himself into Configuration: Sentry mode which makes him stationary with a Gatling gun that shoots multiple bullets at once. Bastion’s Self Repair ability allows him to restore his own health, and his ultimate ability called Configuration: Tank sends him into a tank mode where he can move faster while shooting from a cannon. Bastion’s abilities all successfully deal damage, but Bastion is very easy to focus and target as he moves slowly, and often your entire team has to base their character choices on protecting their Bastion. Bastion can be a good pick in certain defense scenarios, but overall, he is a weaker pick due to how easy he is to counter.

4. Soldier 76

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Soldier 76 provides a great transition into Overwatch from traditional first-person shooter games such as Call of Duty. His abilities and kit are simple and straight to the point: sprint ability, rifle weapon, rockets, and Soldier 76 even can cast a healing circle that heals himself and his allies. Soldier 76 is easy to understand and learn, and his ultimate ability, Tactical Visor, is very powerful. Tactical Visor allows Soldier 76 to shoot any visible ability without aiming as his Visor automatically locks on his enemies. Soldier 76 is a very good pick against heroes who play out in the open such as Pharah and Echo, and any gamer who has previously been decent at any shooter game will be able to utilize his kit.

3. Lucio

Top Ten Easiest Characters to Learn in Overwatch - Lucio
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Lucio’s kit is pretty simple but his skill ceiling is quite high. There is a huge difference in a Diamond Lucio and a Top 500 Lucio, but understanding his abilities is not difficult making him an easier character to learn and play. Lucio’s Sonic Amplifier can shoot his enemies with projectiles or boop them backwards, even knocking them off of maps on certain points. Lucio can switch between healing and speed boosting his allies at any time and speed boost is very effective in initiating team fights. Lucio’s most important ability in my opinion is his ultimate Sound Barrier. Sound Barrier provides him and his teammates with sudden increased health and protection, and this is very useful against enemy ultimates such as Genji’s Dragon Blade and Zarya’s Graviton Surge. Learning how to ride walls as Lucio will really separate you from the decent Lucio’s, as his wall ride is a very useful ability at surprise attacks and avoiding damage.

2. Brigitte

Top Ten Easiest Characters to Learn in Overwatch - Brigitte
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Brigitte is the second hero on this list and she is definitely one of the most controversial heroes to be added by Blizzard to Overwatch. People consider Brigitte to be almost TOO easy with too high value and reward. Brigitte can stun enemies out of their ultimates such as Reaper’s Death Blossom and she can stun a Tracer who is invading her back line. Brigitte does passive healing automatically as she deals damage to the enemy team and she provides armor packs to her teammates as well. In brawl compositions Brigitte has the potential to put out high healing output but if your teammates are diving or playing further apart from each other she is much less useful

1. Moira

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Moira deserves the number one spot on this list. Moira is known to be extremely easy to understand and use as her kit is limited to either healing or damaging. Moira has a fade ability that is literally a “get out of jail free card,” and many players are frustrated with her as a result. Moira can throw damage or healing orbs, heal with her primary fire, and damage with her secondary fire.  Moira has the potential to put out massive amounts of healing and her damage orbs can kill low health enemies if they get caught with one in an enclosed space. Moira’s ultimate Coalescence also charges very fast and heals or damages whomever is in her path. Considering all the above, she is regarded as a meta pick in the current Overwatch season by many players alike!


Even though these heroes are considered to be the easier characters to learn and use in Overwatch that does not mean they are not just as useful in game as their counterparts. Every hero can be useful depending on the situation, map, and your enemy and ally team compositions. Understanding every hero’s abilities and their cooldowns will improve your performance with any of the characters. I strongly suggest trying to remember character’s cooldowns on their abilities and keep track of when they use them mid-fight so you can be hyper aware.