Top 10 Best Weapons in WoW TBC Classic

By Everett Zarnick

Happy TBC release, everyone. To celebrate the historic moment in WoW’s history when The Burning Crusade was released to the public on its own server, we’ll be going over the top ten weapons available in expansion. Note that these weapons will be limited to TBC’s update, and weapons that are classic exclusive won’t be mentioned.

These weapons are listed based on a somewhat arbitrary calculation of their usefulness and power in-game. What might be your favorite weapon for a certain situation may be ranked lower than what you wanted, but what can’t be denied is that these ten weapons, collectively, make up the ultimate armory available in TBC. Let’s get stuck in.

10. Hammer of Naaru

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Should the Shaman or the Paladin get it? An age-old question. What’s not up for discussion is the borderline op healing and dps power The Hammer of Naaru gives to its wearer. With the introduction of the socket system in TBC (which grants bonuses to weapons much in the same way you can get from enchanting), this two-handed mace comes with some serious benefits.

Firstly, 120 dps is nothing to scoff at. But of course, the +44, +41, and +37 bonuses to your character’s strength, stamina, and intellect, respectively, is the main meat of this weapon’s attraction, with additional benefits coming after you’ve geared out its sockets.

With TBC’s buffs to the Paladin’s ability to function as a proper tank, it’s worth considering giving this to your best Pally guild buddy so he can dish out solid AOE party heals and revives to protect from wipes. But for you hyper-efficient raiders, the buffs given out by shamans with this weapon are absolutely wild, and should be considered for their meta-defining party benefits.

All of this is assuming you don’t just want it to have a gorgeous purple hammer to walk around with. Good luck grinding High King Maulger for this beauty.

9. Golden Bow of Quel’Thalas

Top 10 Best Weapons in WoW TBC Classic
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“Hunter wep.”

So, we’re finally moving away from classic bows and towards TBC’s offerings.

The Golden Bow of Quel’Thalas is a 97 DPS weapon with +18 agility bonus and the following equip bonuses:

  • 1. Your attacks ignore 175 of your opponent’s armor.
  • 2. Increases attack power by 34
  • 3. This is actually a hunter wep.

As the totally real third equip bonus states, this is actually a hunter only weapon, and one of our favorite looking bows in the entire game. The lore-privy of you would have noticed that this bow is originally from Quel’Thalas, the Horde-sided Blood Elves’ homeland, and serves as an important piece of lore content, especially for The Burning Crusade, in particular.

You can grind this iconic slinger out at Sunwell Plateau by slaying Grand Warlock Alythess and Lady Sacrolash. But, seriously, give this to a hunter, please.

8. Gladiator’s War Staff

Top 10 Best Weapons in WoW TBC Classic - Gladiator Staff
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What’s up, druids?

Considering the sad fact that we don’t know when we’ll be able to buy items from arena vendors, this incredible item isn’t necessarily going to be available to act as BiS pre-raid gear for the healies. All the same, it’s worth taking a look at, if for no other reason than to water the mouths of all those who want to be the top healer in any given raid.

Gladiator’s War Staff is a two handed… well, staff, that applies 68.5 damage-per-second and comes with some pretty insane equip effects. But first, the passive buffs; +48 stamina, +35 intellect. There are no sockets available on the War Staff (sorry).

The equip effects are as follows;

  • 1. Improves spell hit rating by 21 (1.66% @ L70).
  • 2. Improves spell critical strike rating by 36 (1.63% @ L70).
  • 3. Improves your resilience rating by 25 (0.00% @ L70).
  • 4. Increases damage and healing done by magical spells and effects by up to 199.

To be quite honest, this weapon is absolutely insane. And given the news about not needing an arena rating to get rewards from previous seasons, it’s likely most players who want this item are going to be able to get it without much fuss, if a ‘little’ grinding.

It’s insane healies to escape your feelies, after tax, of course. The cost of the War Staff will be 3750 Arena Points.

7. Apolyon, The Soul-Render

Top 10 Best Weapons in WoW TBC Classic - Apolyon, the Soul-Render
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148 points of pure DPS with a 3.4 speed that causes some issues with certain classes and builds, but honestly shouldn’t be dismissed by almost anyone.

If you can swing this weapon, you’re going to benefit from having it, end of story. Something to look at is definitely the Tauren +5% passive stam increase, as this two hander gives out a +75 stamina bonus before having its three red sockets filled, which give +6 stamina each.

The equip effects are as follows;

  • 1. Improves critical strike rating by 42 (1.90% @ L70).
  • 2. Improves haste rating by 32 (2.03% @ L70).
  • 3. Increases attack power by 126.

So, you’ll notice some things immediately. First, this weapon is simply one of the best two handers in TBC, but also leaves a lot to be desired, somehow. The attack power increase is objectively nuts, yet would be slicker if replaced with some str. Instead.

I know, I know, I can’t have everything, right? This thing absolutely destroys anything classic could try to compare with it, as you’d expect.

Just thought it was worth mentioning that you’ll be feeling a bit down being so powerful without much room for itemization given the some-what bottleneck nature this weapon possesses.

You can snag it from the murder of Kil’jaeden in Sunwell Plateau. Obviously, a late game weapon that most of you won’t ever have. Sorry. Still, a pretty thing to look at as it wildly swings rapidly at everything in sight.

6. Staff of Immaculate Recovery

Top 10 Best Weapons in WoW TBC Classic -
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“It’s like wielding a priest on a stick” -Some guy, definitely.

Staff of Immaculate Recovery is the optimal healer’s dream. The dps is around 70, so whatever, right? The passive stat increases are; +73 Stamina, +51 Intellect, and +35 Spirit. Already, we’re working with some insane buffs. To compliment this to the Nth degree, we have the equip bonuses;

  • 1. Increases healing done by up to 443 and damage done by up to 148 for all magical spells and effects.
  • 2. Restores 14 mana per 5 sec.

Staying true to its name, isn’t it? This staff is the ultimate weapon not just for dishing out heals and restoring other people’s health, but also restoring your own resources. The passive 14 mana per 5 seconds and +35 spirit mean that this weapon not only boosts heals to disgusting degrees, but also helps to keep you (or your healer) throwing out their spells often with little to no downtime. Priests and druids rejoice!

This weapon is the unofficial ‘bonus’ piece to the priest tier 5 set, and is dropped by Gurtogg Bloodboil in the Black Temple raid. Good luck!

5. Stormherald

Top 10 Best Weapons in WoW TBC Classic - Stormherald
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Take our Apolyon friend above and make him worse in PvE but slightly better in PvP, and you get Stormherald. This thing requires the master blacksmith title to create AND wield (you can’t abandon the profession after creating the Stormherald), meaning it’s far more expensive to wield than just having its required reagents (Deep thunder + 5 nether vortex, btw, very expensive when factoring in all the reagents for the weapons that come before it.)

The cost goes beyond just 300 gold, in short. Holding that profession continuously just for one weapon might present an annoyance some players might not want to put up with. All the same, if the only thing this weapon hurts you on is gold, we can help you out.

Aside from its incredible +42 Strength, +42 Agility, +61 Stamina bonuses, It also comes with a passive chance to stun any target it smacks for 4 seconds. Perfect for those clutch PvP moments. And, honestly, it doesn’t look bad on someone who likes to roleplay as a big ol’ *bonk* warrior. Seeing someone get clapped with this thing is hilarious when you see that’s its the size of a character model.

Happy smackin’.

4. Sunflare

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A dagger fit for mages, Sunflare embodies that classic look of top tier WoW weaponry with its intricate design being completely engulfed by a messy orange flame. The passive stat benefits are as follows; +17 stamina, +20 intellect, with no room for socket reinforcement.

The equip bonuses are;

  • 1. Improves spell critical strike rating by 30(1.36% @ L70).
  • 2. Improves spell haste rating by 23 (1.46% @ L70).

Basically, you want to use this weapon when pairing it with another item of significant value, such as the Heart of the Pit to gain something from the fact that its one handed.

If you can’t do that, you’re more likely going to want to use something like Staff of torrents, which doesn’t require a pairing object and gains all of its use as soon as you socket it out.

If you’ve got the off hand items to group with it, which you probably do at this point of your accounts journey, then you’ll want to go and murder Kil’jaeden in Sunwell Plateau. You’ll likely be spending a lot of your TBC journey here, so get comfy!

3. Thori’dal, the Stars’ Fury

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“Hunter wep.” the sequel.

162 DPS and 59 armor of pure power creep right here, lads. Thoridal, the Stars’ Fury is undeniably something that puts this list of weapons to shame. And not just because you can smack an enemy from range with it. This special bow is identifiable from a mile away with its murky mysterious design, and features a modest +17 agility buff to its wearer.

The true meat is in the equip bonuses;

  • 1. Improves critical strike rating by 16 (0.72% @ L70).
  • 2. Increases attack power by 34.
  • 3. Your attacks ignore 112 of your opponent’s armor.
  • 4. Increases ranged attack speed by 15%. Does not stack with quiver or ammo pouch haste effects.
  • 5. Thori’dal generates magical arrows when the bow string is drawn. Does not use ammo.

Now, look, I’m not going to pretend that not needing to use ammo is that big of a deal for someone at this stage of the game, but also, it’s a pretty big deal and is probably the most satisfying thing for any hunter to obtain on their character. It’s the first time in WoW’s history (for the second time, now) that a ranged weapon can be used without the need for a quiver or bags of bullets. Wowie zowie.

Bag space and peace of mind, that’s what Thori’dal offers. (Also, It’s the most powerful bow in TBC’s era, but whatever.) Guess where you can farm this beast: Sunwell! Have fun!

2. Dragonmaw

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The second of the ‘upgradable’ weapons on this list, Dragonmaw serves as a weapon you can build your account with while keeping your main hand weapon in mind as a goal. Farming the mats early on is your only real challenge.

After obtaining the vortex mats and mastersmith rank required to obtain dragonmaw? You get a 90 DPS weapon with a +9 stamina bonus. Additionally, this weapon has an on-hit chance to increase your haste rating by 212 for 10 seconds, which is absolutely god-like for warriors who want to spam those fury spells (which are affected by weapon speed.)

In the right hands, this is one of the best main handed weapons a warrior can wield, and comes with the added bonus of being absolutely iconic in the WoW series.

1. Warglaive of Azzinoth

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“Rogue wep.”

Sure, the single sword variant of this weapon is neat. But the real reason Warglaive is #1 on our list is simply because of its set bonus with the off hand Glaive; your attacks have an on-hit chance to trigger a 450 haste rating for 10 seconds, and you gain a 200 attack bonus when fighting demons.

That’s on top of the fact that these items are clearly strong even without the set bonus. Memories will fill your mind of being instantly deleted after finding (really, being found.) a rogue in a BG with this item set. There’s really not much you can do if that happens and you don’t have a solid team and therapist there to save you.

If you’d like to take the 5% chance of obtaining one of these two set pieces, you can do so by defeating Illidan Stormrage at the Black Temple. And the drop rate is 5%. Good luck!


That’s it for this Top Ten List. Agree with our rankings? Think we missed something? Let us know. In the meantime, we’re sure you’ll be grinding away with TBC classic’s recent release. Be sure to refer to this list if you’re in need of some goal to accomplish, as obtaining any of these items is a feat in itself.

Good luck, have fun, and happy grinding.