Top 10 Best Weapons in Splitgate (Ranked)

By Everett Zarnick

For a number of months, Splitgate has been growing in popularity as the only competitor to “Halo” multiplayer. That’s high praise, even for a game that’s competing against a title that’s been more or less disappointing for the past 5 years. Halo might be struggling to find its identity in modern gaming, but if you want to call your game its ‘rival’, you have to bring something incredible to the table. Splitgate is doing just that.

We’ll be doing a lot of content on the game, so stay tuned. For this article, we’ll be going over its 10 best weapons. Happy portaling.

10. Plasma Rifle

Top 10 Best Weapons in Splitgate (Ranked) - Plasma Rifle
Splitgate (©1047 Games)

Unlike most weapons in this game, which fire instant-impact bullets, the plasma rifle fires off… well, plasma. These projectiles have a travel speed which, despite being relatively quick, do require some leading with your shots.

It’s entirely up for debate at how effective this weapon truly is, but with a 17.5 damage spread for both body AND headshots, the plasma rifle is certainly the “steady eddy” weapon for players with decent leading accuracy and a reliable understanding of map positioning and enemy behavior.

Best used in corridors and other tight spaces where the enemy has little opportunity to dodge your shots, this weapon isn’t necessarily niche, but certainly isn’t an all-purpose performer that some of the better weapons in the game act as.

9. Carbine

Top 10 Best Weapons in Splitgate (Ranked) - Carbine
Splitgate (©1047 Games)

The Carbine is one of the two starting weapons for the majority of game modes, and is one of the most important weapons for a player to master. With a roughly 3 rounds per second fire rate, hitscan style projectiles, and a 1.6x zoom, this weapons utility immediately becomes apparent as a marksman’s dream rifle.

The Carbine features a body hit damage of 30, and a headshot damage rating of 40, meaning its TTK (time to kill) is roughly one second, when being fired by an accurate user. That kind of performance, with that kind of range, makes this weapon a skill cannon. Either you’re the best in the game with it and you’ll likely win the match, or you’re not, and you’ll have to rely on your weapon management and portal positioning to pull you though.

8. Assault Rifle

Top 10 Best Weapons in Splitgate (Ranked) - Assault Rifle
Splitgate (©1047 Games)

Where the Carbine shines in mid to long-ranged battles, the Assault Rifle takes over in short to mid-ranged battles. With a 10 hitscan rounds per second fire rate, relatively small bullet spread, scope, and deals 11 damage per body shot and 16 damage per headshot.

With 10 rounds per second and 11 damage per body shot, all that’s needed to kill someone with the Assault Rifle is one second of consistent hits and maybe some headshots to boot. With the high fire rate and 35 round magazine, there’s a lot of room for error with this weapon, and thus it finds itself as the generalist’s weapon.

The Assault Rifle is one of the two starting weapons in almost all game modes, aside from SWAT, making its mastery one of the more rewarding skills to acquire.

7. SMG

Top 10 Best Weapons in Splitgate (Ranked) - SMG
Splitgate (©1047 Games)

The SMG is another hitscan weapon, but is most certainly not suitable for most situations. The SMG has the highest spread in the game out of all weapons, a huge dropoff at distance, and features a 90 second respawn time.

The strengths the SMG possess make up for these weaknesses in close quarters battles. The weapon puts out roughly 17 rounds per second while dealing 10 damage for a body shot and 12.5 for a headshot.

In short, this weapon deletes people up close, and is next to useless and medium to long distances.

6. Battle Rifle

Top 10 Best Weapons in Splitgate (Ranked) - Battle Rifle
Splitgate (©1047 Games)

It’s hard to believe that anyone playing this game due to its relationship with Halo wouldn’t know what kind of weapon this would be given the BR’s legendary status in video games, but alas, here’s a description.

The Battle Rifle is a three-round burst bullpup rifle that dishes out 15 damage to the body and 25 to the head. The three-round burst itself features a .05 second fire rate, which means this weapon can deal 75% of a player’s health in .15 seconds when fired by an accurate user.

The Battle Rifle is a powerful weapon that trades the consistent fire rate of the Carbine for a more burst-oriented style that decreases the margin for error, but increases value for accurate players.

5. Sniper Rifle

Splitgate (©1047 Games)

Much like the BR, the Sniper Rifle in Splitgate borrows many of its attributes from the original Halo games. A body shot will weaken an enemy by 65 points, while a headshot will one tap anyone for 150 damage.

Of course, this strength is met with the fact that you’ve got to have area control over its spawn point. Additionally, this weapon doesn’t boast any valuable assets such as good fire rate or high ammo count. It’s shots and speed are limited, but when they land home, your opponents don’t stand much of a chance.

4. BFB

Top 10 Best Weapons in Splitgate (Ranked) - BFB
Splitgate (©1047 Games)

Are you a Scout main? Are you Babe Ruth? If so, the BFB is probably your best friend in Splitgate. This bat-like weapon swings once every .85 seconds and smacks for 150 damage when it lands anywhere on an enemy.

A fun fact about the melee mechanics of this weapon, you are actually able to close the distance on an enemy by aiming at them off center. That is it say, don’t aim at your enemy and your lung range will increase as your crosshair snaps to them while you swing.

It sounds unintuitive, and it is, but for now, the strategy works, so try it out (when the servers let you play).

3. Shotgun

Splitgate (©1047 Games)

The Shotgun is exactly what you think it would be, but with a little more. It dishes out 25 and 30 damage to bodies and heads, respectively, and has a huge dropoff penalty. That said, The weapon actually performs decently well at medium ranges, and can be used to poke down enemies relatively quickly, so long as you’re accurate and aiming for effective spread.

Up close, the Shotgun shines as an ‘all in’ weapon. You either hit your target and win the duel, or miss and they SMG you down in a second. 

2. Rail Gun

Splitgate (©1047 Games)

The Rail Gun takes the accuracy test the Sniper Rifle supplies and replaces it with a game intuition test. Yes, you still need to aim, but as long as you hit your enemy at all with the rail gun, your enemy is taking 150 damage.

The real difficulty with using this weapon is the one second charge time it comes with before firing. In ‘energy weapon’ fashion, you have to hold the fire button to get the ‘lazar beams’ cooking. If you can predict where your enemies will be before turning a corner, you’re unbeatable. If you can’t, you’re basically useless.

The Rail Gun, then, is the most skill testing and risky weapon in the game, but also the one your opponents are the most helpless too.

1. Rocket Launcher

Splitgate (©1047 Games)

In a game were opening up deadly angles on your opponent is as simple as popping a portal down on their corners, the Rocket Launched functions primarily as a weakening weapon that melts enemy’s HP without needing a direct line of sight.

Of course, the travel time of its projectile is fairly slow, so leading shots and having an altitude advantage (for hitting the ground near opponent’s feet) is ideal. But when those ideal situations present themselves, the Rocket Launcher is one of the easiest, consistent, and most rewarding weapons in the game.


Splitgate might be a game that’s been in development for what seems like ages, but its meta is still in its infancy, and seeing how it ages is something we look forward to very much. As always, GLHF.