Top 10 Best Weapons in Rust

By Erika Lentz

Rust is a survival game which gives you the chance to hunt wildlife in order to make it through the harsh environment. You need a good way of protecting yourself in order to make it in this world. In order to protect yourself from the wild beasts and from the other players that will try to kill you and take your stuff, you must select the best weapon available. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best weapons that Rust has to offer. We’ll also tell you about the best mods in the game so you can really beef up your weapons beyond its base capabilities

10. SAR

Top 10 Best Weapons in Rust - SAR
Rust (©Facepunch Studios)

The Semi-Automatic Rifle, also simply called “SAR” or “Semi”, is a great ranged weapon (150 meters) that deals a good amount of damage. It is one of two semi-automatic rifles available in the game, but it is more accessible than your other option since it is craftable. To craft this weapon, you must be at Workbench Level 2. For the SAR, you’ll need 1 semi-automatic body, 450 metal fragments, 1 metal spring, and 4 high quality metals. It takes 60 seconds to craft.

The highest stat for this weapon is, of course, the head damage at 80. It also has a chest damage of 40, arms damage of 40, and legs damage of 30. It has a medium amount of recoil, so the control is decent, but not the best. The SAR has a bullet capacity of 16.

You have a total of 3 mod slots with the SAR, but some of them are not compatible with each other. For this gun, your best options are the Weapon Lasersight, 16x Zoom Scope, and Silencer. The Lasersight is going to help your accuracy with hip-firing, which is usually done in close combat, while the 16x Zoom Scope is going to help you for distance shooting. The Silencer helps you hide from enemies by eliminating your muzzle flash and decreasing the noise volume of the SAR.

9. MP5A4

Top 10 Best Weapons in Rust - MP5A4
Rust (©Facepunch Studios)

The MP5A4 is a great choice of sub-machine gun (SMG) for those of you who prefer a more calculated approach to your kills. This gun can be crafted at Workbench Level 3 using 15 high quality metals, 1 SMG body, and 2 metal springs. It takes 60 seconds to craft.

This SMG is more focused on accuracy than damage output, but it still has a decently high damage level. The MP5A4 has a head damage of 70, chest damage of 35, arms damage of 35, and legs damage of 29. It has a medium recoil, but it does still have great accuracy even at long ranges. It also makes up for the lower damage with a higher bullet capacity (30), so you can rack up the damage pretty quickly on your opponents.

This weapon also has 3 mod slots available. For the MP5A4, recommended mods are the Muzzle Brake, Weapon Lasersight, and Holosight. The Muzzle Brake helps to reduce recoil and, while it does decrease accuracy, this is less of an issue with the MP5A4 since the accuracy is pretty high as is. The Holosight creates a hologram that locks onto your target, which is very helpful for distance shooting.

8. Bolt Action Rifle

Top 10 Best Weapons in Rust - Bolt Action
Rust (©Facepunch Studios)

The Bolt Action Rifle is very difficult to find and to craft, but there’s a good reason for that. This rifle is an incredibly effective ranged weapon (350-500 meters). It should be noted that this is definitely not a gun you want to use for close combat. To craft the Bolt Action Rifle, you’ll need to be at Workbench Level 3. Crafting components include 20 high quality metals, 1 rifle body, 3 metal pipes, and 1 metal spring.

This gun has a ridiculously high damage output, though it does only have a bullet capacity of 4, so you’ll need to reload pretty often. That said, as long as you get a good shot, you won’t need to worry about landing multiple hits on the same enemy. The Bolt Action Rifle has a head damage of 150, chest damage of 75, arms damage of 50, and legs damage of 45. You also get 30 bleeding damage for the head and 15 bleeding damage for the chest. Bleeding causes damage over time. So, even if you don’t kill your enemy right away, there’s still a chance that they could die from your hit.

This weapon has 3 mod slots available. Two of the best attachments you can get for it are the Silencer and 16x Zoom Scope. You could technically also add another attachment to improve close range combat and recoil, but they don’t really make that much of a difference for the play style you’ll be using.

7. Spas-12

Rust (©Facepunch Studios)

The Spas-12 is a shotgun available for those of you that like to run directly into the fire. It can’t be crafted, so you’ll either need to find it as loot or buy it off of an NPC. It has a general damage output of 135, though you will get more on headshots. So, aim for the head, but you’re pretty much guaranteed to hit your target somewhere and inflict damage. The Spas-12 has a bullet capacity of 6.

For the Spas-12, you’ll want attachments that focus on close range combat. The Muzzle Boost will increase your rate of fire, though it does decrease damage output slightly. The Weapon Lasersight is also a good choice for the Spas-12.

6. M39

Rust (©Facepunch Studios)

The M39 is another non-craftable weapon (semi-automatic rifle) that you’ll need to loot in the game. It has a damage output of 50 and has a higher magazine capacity (20) than its craftable counterpart. It is also a very accurate weapon, making it a good choice for medium and long-range combat.

Like with other range weapons, the best mods are those that can improve your accuracy at a distance. For the M39, the best mods are the Holosight and the Silencer. The Silencer does negatively affect your damage output, but it is still very useful for keeping you hidden. This weapon is also good at counteracting that with a decent magazine size. You’ll need more hits to kill an enemy, but you’ll also have additional shots at your disposal.

5. LR-300

Rust (©Facepunch Studios)

The LR-300 is a fully automatic assault rifle that can be looted, but not crafted. It is the complete opposite of the Assault Rifle in terms of recoil and spread. This weapon has a low recoil and high spread, which means that you’ll get great control over it while you blaze through groups of enemies.

The LR-300 has a decent range (188 meters), but its quick rate of firing and good magazine size (30) means that it could also be a good choice for close combat. This weapon has a head damage of 80, chest damage of 40, arms damage of 40, and legs damage of 30.

There are 3 mod slots available on the LR-300. For this weapon, recommended mods are the Silencer, Holosight, and 16x Zoom Scope. This will give you a good basis of control and damage regardless of the combat distance.

4. Assault Rifle

Rust (©Facepunch Studios)

The Assault Rifle is reminiscent of the AK-47, which is a classic in many games. However, it is actually based on the AK-101, a similar real-life weapon. This weapon can be crafted, which takes 180 seconds. To do this, you’ll need 50 high quality metals, 200 woods, 1 rifle body, and 4 metal springs.

The Assault Rifle is a favorite among gamers who play many different FPS games, and it’s easy to see why. It is a great choice at close and medium range, again very satisfying to those who like to dive right into the action. It has a damage of 50 and bullet capacity of 30. It also has a very high rate of fire, meaning you’ll be able to spray your enemies relentlessly.

For close range weapons, you want mods that are going to improve your hip fire accuracy and your firing rate. You’re not going to have time to plan your shots, so you need to be able to act quickly. For the Assault Rifle, this means that the best attachments are the Muzzle Boost and Weapon Lasersight.

3. L96

Rust (©Facepunch Studios)

The L96 is a very rare weapon with only about an 8% chance of looting it. It is a high powered, military grade sniper rifle that makes you super deadly without having to step foot anywhere near your enemies. It has a magazine capacity of 5 and deals a damage of 80. It also has a very high base accuracy, though many sniper-style players still use a scope on it.

For the L96, the best mods are those that improve your accuracy at a distance. This is not a gun intended for fast-paced action, so you don’t need to worry about that as much. Good mods to use for this weapon are the 16x Zoom Scope, Holosight, and Silencer.

2. GL

Rust (©Facepunch Studios)

The Grenade Launcher, or GL for short, cannot be crafted or looted. Instead, it has a 5% chance of spawning on a Heavy Scientist. Some people may see a grenade launcher as being a little excessive, but these things are incredibly fun. They’re useful at a distance and sometimes you need to inflict a ton of damage in a very little amount of time. There are a few different types of ammo you can use as well, though many of them can also be found as a spawn item on Heavy Scientists. One type of ammo that you can buy, though, is the 40mm Shotgun Round.

It should probably go without saying, but this is a long-range weapon. Its best use is for destroying enemy buildings and turrets and dealing damage to large groups of enemies. You can also deploy smoke grenades to provide visual cover for yourself. Overall, the GL deals 90 damage and has a magazine capacity of 6.

The 16x Zoom Scope and Holosight are going to be your best mod options for the GL. This helps increase your accuracy at a distance, which is where you’ll be playing from a majority of your time with this weapon.

1. M249

Rust (©Facepunch Studios)

The top pick on our list, the M249, is an absolutely brutal light machine gun (LMG). It spawns inside of Helicopter Crates and Bradley Crates.

This weapon carries the most bullets of any gun in the game thanks to a magazine capacity of 100. It is also incredibly accurate and has a very high fire rate. The only downside is that it has some pretty severe recoil, so don’t expect to have a whole lot of control over this thing. That said, it’s a great weapon for spraying down groups of enemies so recoil isn’t going to be a major concern. This weapon deals head damage of 130, chest damage of 65, arms damage of 55, and legs damage of 37.

The best mods for the M249 are the Holosight, Muzzle Brake, and Weapon Lasersight. The Holosight and Weapon Lasersight are great for increasing accuracy at both long and short distances. The Muzzle Brake is useful for reducing recoil, which this weapon definitely struggles with.


As you can see, Rust has a ton of choices for weapons. No matter what your typical play style is, there is a gun that’ll work for you. So, check out our choices, but be sure to look at the rest of the weapons available in Rust as well. In addition, experiment with the different mods available for the weapons. These can seriously impact your stats and take your gameplay to the next level.

Beyond your character’s weapons and equipment, though, you need to get yourself a good gaming setup as well. The best accessories can really make or break your gaming experience. These accessories can appeal to different senses as well. For example, audiophiles will appreciate a good pair of headphones while some people need more tactile sensation that you could get from certain mechanical keyboards. Some accessories can also make gaming much easier, such as a good lightweight honeycomb gaming mouse.