Top 10 Best Weapons For Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2

By Emily Barnes

The Trials of Osiris are an in-game Crucible event in Destiny 2 that introduces a wide variety of new and powerful weapons and new missions to complete.The Trials of Osiris became available again to Destiny players with the beginning of Season 10, Season of the Worthy. Three maps will be available in the Trials of Osiris: The Anomaly, Exodus Blue, and The Cauldron.

With each victory in these trials, Guardians have the opportunity to access many different prizes that are only available through the Trials of Osiris, and some of these armor sets and weapons are originally from the first Destiny game. This list will break down my top ten weapons for the Trials of Osiris and why I consider them to be the best. Keep reading if you want to learn more about some very powerful weapons suitable for any Guardian!

10. The Last Word

Top 10 Best Weapons For Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2 - Last Word
Destiny 2 – Credit: Bungie

The Last Word is a Hand cannon weapon that falls under the Exotic rarity class. Providing Kinetic damage firing at 225 rates per minute, this weapon surely packs a powerful punch with a high fire rate despite its small appearance. You can obtain this weapon by completing a quest titled “The Draw”. This weapon also excels in impact statistics. This weapon is a “fixed roll” weapon, meaning this weapon will always have the same perks no matter what. The Last Word’s active perks are Fan Fire and Hip-Fire Grip. Fan Fire means the weapon fires full auto and is the most useful in hip-fire. Hip-Fire Grip is an ergonomic grip that improves stability and accuracy when using hip-fire.

9. Thorn

Top 10 Best Weapons For Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2 - Thorn
Destiny 2 – Credit: Bungie

The Thorn is a returning weapon that is even more strong the second time around, and you can get this weapon by completing the Thorn Exotic quest. Very similar to the previous weapon on this list, the Thorn is also a Kinetic and a Head cannon weapon. The Thorn is one of the weapons from the Weapons of Sorrow, meaning it was created by the Hive. This weapon has both strong impact and handling statistics. The main selling point of this weapon is the “Mark of the Devourer” Perk. This perk makes it so when a player is shot with this weapon, they will be damaged over time. This weapon is also a fixed roll weapon and it comes with the following perks: Mark of the Devourer, Accurized Rounds, Textured Grip, Soul Devourer, and Corkscrew Rifling.

8. Monte Carlo

Top 10 Best Weapons For Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2 - monte carlo
Destiny 2 – Credit: Bungie

The eighth weapon on my list is the Monte Carlo. Unfortunately for us, there is no guaranteed way to obtain this weapon. You will have to rely on random loot sources such as crucible events, public events, strikes, and raids. Once you get the Monte Carlo, you will have a kinetic auto rifle weapon with a very speedy reload time and strong stats in recoil direction, handling, and stability. This weapon is another fixed roll weapon, and the perks are the Monte Carlo Method and the Markov Chain. The Monte Carlo Method perk allows your melee cooldown to decrease while dealing damage and also gives the chance of completely charging your melee ability when you get a kill. The Markov Chain gives extra damage from melee kills and kills from the Monte Carlo, and melee kills give guardians more ammo.

7. Horror’s Least

Top 10 Best Weapons For Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2 - Horrors Least
Destiny 2 – Credit: Bungie

The seventh weapon on this list is called the Horror’s Least. The Horror’s Least is a legendary weapon and energy weapon that falls under the pulse rifle category. Firing at 540 rounds per minute with a very high aim assistance stat, this is a great weapon to consider. You can get this weapon through random drops, meaning you might have to do some farming and grinding to finally find it.This weapon comes with random perks everytime it drops, so the best perk combo to grind for with is: Rapid-fire Frame, Hammer Forged Rifling, Flared Magwell, Range Finder, and Kill Clip.

6. Spare Rations

Top 10 Best Weapons For Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2 - spare rations
Destiny 2 – Credit: Bungie

The Spare Rations is a legendary weapon that is also kinetic and a Head cannon. This weapon has strong statistics in the following: handling, impact, aim assistance, and recoil. This weapon will make you move faster when you have it equipped, and you can obtain this weapon through The Reckoning. The perk roll is random so you want to look for the following perks: Lightweight Frame, Full bore, Armor Piercing rounds, rapid hit, and rangefinder.

5. Mindbender's Ambition

Destiny 2 – Credit: Bungie

The fifth weapon on this list is the Mindbender’s Ambition, another legendary weapon on this list that uses energy ammo. The Mindbender’s Ambition is the first shotgun on this list, a great addition for those who prefer weapons who hit hard, and this weapon surely does that and more. With a high impact rate, hitting shots with the Mindbender’s Ambition will definitely be deadly and effective at slaying any of your enemies. You can obtain this beast of a shotgun by participating in the Hollowed Lair Nightfall Strike. When grinding for this shotgun keep an eye out for the following perks: Aggressive Frame, Full Choke, Accurized Rounds, Snapshot, and Quickdraw.

4. Beloved

Destiny 2 – Credit: Bungie

The Beloved is a sniper rifle class weapon, another first of its kind on this particular list, making the Beloved a great choice for those who prefer to hit shots from distances. The Beloved falls in the legendary rarity class and utilizes energy ammo. This is a very popular weapon used by Guardians all over the world, and once you glance over the statistics, it’s easy to figure out why it’s so highly regarded. With impressive statistics in impact, range, recoil direction, and aim assistance, the Beloved is definitely a weapon that is not to be overlooked or forgotten about. You can get the Beloved relatively easily from the Menagerie with the chalice combinations found here! Since the beloved comes with a random roll perks to loo for are Fluted Barrel, Accurized Rounds, No Distractions, and Box Breathing.

3. Revoker

Destiny 2 – Credit: Bungie

The third weapon on this list is the Revoker. Very similar to the Beloved, this is another sniper rifle class weapon that falls under the legendary rarity class. However, the Revoker is a kinetic type weapon. The Revoker truly excels in the range category, and any Guardian who does well with sniper classes in any FPS game will adore this weapon. Also providing strong impact and recoil direction, the strong Revoker can be obtained by completing a quest named “In Your Sights” where the player has a simple guideline: get 300 sniper rifle kills and 50 sniper rifle precision kills. The Revoker is a fixed roll weapon, and it’s active perks are Aggressive Frame, Snapshot Sights, and Reversal of Fortune. Each of these perks is extremely useful and important for a weapon of the sniper rifle class.

2. Suros Regime

Destiny 2 – Credit: Bungie

Making our way to the top of this list at the second slot is the Suros Regime. The Suros Regime is an auto rifle weapon that falls into the exotic rarity class and utilizes kinetic power. This weapon can be obtained in multiple ways including from exotic engrams, a rare drop obtained when defeating enemies and completing missions, and finally can be found in powerful engrams that guardians get for completing weekly objectives. The Suros Regime provides a quick reload speed firing at 600 rounds per minute and strong stability, range, and handling statistics as well. The Suros Regime is a fixed roll weapon with these current active perks: SUROS Legacy and Spinning Up. The SUROS Legacy perk allows for half mag bonus damage and regenerating health, and the Spinning Up perk increases your rate of fire when holding down the trigger.

1. Hard Light

Destiny 2 – Credit: Bungie

The weapon taking the first spot on this list of the top ten best weapons in the Trials of Osiris is none other than the Hard Light. The Hard Light is going to allow you to tear through your enemies in the crucible, and it is one of the most highly regarded weapons in the game currently. Unfortunately, obtaining such a powerful weapon does not come easily, as there is no specific quest to obtain it. You can obtain the Hard Light through random drops. Once you’ve found the Hard Light, you’ll have access to a weapon that falls under the exotic rarity class and is an automatic rifle.  The Hard Light provides insane recoil direction, aim assistance, stability, handling, and honestly great statistics across the board. The Hard Light is a fixed roll weapon and currently has these active perks: Volatile Light and The Fundamentals. Volatile Light provides over penetrating and ricocheting rounds that do massive damage when bouncing. The Fundamentals perk means holding the weapon will change this weapon’s damage type. There is a reason this weapon has become so massively popular in the game, and I encourage you to test it yourself to see what the hype’s about.


The world of Destiny provides a beautiful and colorful galaxy filled with exciting opportunities for adventures, duels, and plentiful loot to discover and utilize. Navigating such an overwhelming and huge open-world can be intimidating for any player, and our lists can help provide you with shortcuts to the best in-game loot and their locations, so you don’t have to waste your time searching aimlessly. I hope this list made it easier for you to decide which weapons will work best for you during your Trials of Osiris runs in Destiny 2. Remember to always have fun and good luck testing your skills in the Crucible! If you need more pointers for the crucible check out our Top 10 Best Shotguns in Destiny 2 guide!