Top 10 Best Weapon Skins in Apex Legends Season 10

By Everett Zarnick

Apex Legends’ Season 10 is upon us, ladies and gents. To commemorate its release (and Seer’s eventual nerf, praise the lord), we’ll be going over the ten best weapon skins in Apex Legends Season 10’s battlepass.

As always, these rankings have absolutely nothing to do with their respective weapon’s effectiveness in-game. It’s all a matter of looks here, people. And with that as a preamble, let’s get started.

10. Hive Circuit – Peacekeeper

Apex Legends (© Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment)

For your honey addicts, Hive Circuit acts as the perfect skin to unleash a flurry of stings upon your enemies. Its honeycomb design works in tandem with the blue smokish coloring on its barrel.

The perfect weapon for this kind of flavor, the Peacekeeper is a levy-action shotgun that unleashes 11 individual pellets, almost like a swarm. In short, he or she who uses this skin is a peacekeeper and a beekeeper.

9. Snap Decision – Spitfire

Apex Legends (© Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment)

Where Hive Circuit succeeds in flavor, Snap Decision succeeds purely in looking smooth. Various hues of blue and dark purple are painted, somewhat sporadically, over the body of the Spitfire. It’s a look that keeps the weapon looking good without announcing itself too much. Perfect for the classy players who prefer a less obnoxious look to match their classic gameplay.

8. Flutter - Rampage

Apex Legends (© Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment)

On the opposite end of that spectrum, we have Flutter for the new LMG, Rampage. The Rampage was already a pretty pronounced weapon, with a high fire rate (especially when charged with a thermite grenade), a strong long-range capability, and large magazine. The Flutter skin takes these loud and ‘look at me’ strengths and multiplies them two times over.

Flutter features pineapple yellow pronounced all along the outskirts of the weapon, with wavy blues thrown in the middle, and a purple hue painted inside the middle of all that. It’s pronounced, pretty to look at, and hard to miss. Perfect for the loud shoot ‘em up players who like the attention to be on themselves.

7. Eyes and Ears – R-301

Apex Legends (© Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment)

The R-301 was already a smaller weapon to begin with, so the fact that Eyes and Ears is so intricately designed means that the painted pattern is already impressive. Dark orange and yellow don’t often mix well in creating something pretty, but thanks to the expertly crafted designs, it’s hard to not to be impressed with Eyes and Ears’ looks.

Especially when you notice that the designs don’t stop at the body of the weapon, but extend onto the barrel and optics themselves.

6. Cell Wall – EVA-8 Auto

Apex Legends (© Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment)

If you were planning on going HAM with the EVA-8 Auto, then you’ll be pleased to know that Cell Wall is going to give you something pretty to look at while doing it. In a lot of ways, Cell Wall has a lot of the same strengths as Eyes and Ears, and a lot of the same aesthetic, too.

The difference here, aside from the weapon Cell Wall is painted on, is the sheer amount of flavor this skin has. With this skin, you’ll be passing bullets through your opponents like its osmosis (sorry, no more puns, I promise.)

Dark brown and yellow coloring make up the cell-like pictures plastered all over the weapon. With a uniform structure, all in a straight line, this skin is for people who have winning in their DNA.

5. Temporal Scale – Flatline

Top 10 Best Weapon Skins in Apex Legends Season 10 - Temporal Scale – Flatline
Apex Legends (© Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment)

For reptile lovers, Temporal Scale offers one of the prettiest skins in season 10. Purple hues are all mixed up with a reptilian scale pattern that dances along the Flatline in a wavy pattern. Unless you’re talking about the relationship between growth stages and lifespan, its clear Temporal Scale is for those lizard enthusiasts who enjoy running and gunning their way to victory.

4. Fatal Injection - Volt

Apex Legends (© Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment)

The fact that we couldn’t put Fatal Injection at number 1 on this list just goes to show how strong the skins are this season.

Fatal Injection is a skin that takes the Volt and applies golden yellow and bright red across the body. Like always with the Volt, the edges are all curved to a point, and the dragon-like nose and syringe-like barrel all work to make this beast of a skin look deadly.

Essentially, those who use Fatal Injection are celebrating Chinese New Year, all year long. Cheers!

3. Symbiotic Relationship - Volt

Top 10 Best Weapon Skins in Apex Legends Season 10 - Symbiotic Relationship - Volt
Apex Legends (© Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment)

Symbiotic Relationship is Fatal Injection’s sister skin. This skin takes Fatal Injection and applies directly opposing hues to the Volt. Dark blueish and green make up the colors of this canvas, and what comes with it is a nice bit of flavor, which, if you couldn’t tell, makes a big difference in these lists.

A symbiotic relationship is defined as a relationship between two species. Who benefits from this relationship is irrelevant to the definition. As such, we can safely assume whoever uses this shark-like skin is the predator who shares a symbiotic relationship with the guppies they feast on. Happy seal clubbing!

2. Winged Sun - 30-30 Repeater

Top 10 Best Weapon Skins in Apex Legends Season 10 - Winged Sun - 30-30 Repeater
Apex Legends (© Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment)

If you’re a marksman who likes striking his enemies from afar, Winged Sun might just be the skin for you. The 30-30 repeater is already a versatile weapon that can hit enemies at distance for good damage, but with the Winged Sun skin, your enemies will swear they are being tagged by an angel above.

Golden hues across the entirety of the weapon gives this 30-30 skin a divine look, while the light blue coloring adds a level of futuristic-ness any Apex player can appreciate. It’s as straightforward as it is pretty.

1. Mimicry Complex - Hemlok

Top 10 Best Weapon Skins in Apex Legends Season 10 - Mimicry Complex - Hemlok
Apex Legends (© Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment)

A Mimicry Complex is a special defense mechanism observed by certain species in which they take the appearance of another species for the sake of deterring predators. This epic grade skin does exactly that by taking the appearance of fire, at the core of the weapon, and ashe at the end.

Sure, your opponents won’t be put off by this in any meaningful way, but your eyes will certainly be pleased with what you offer them up as candy. Additionally, this weapon skin represents the ultimate tool in Apex across the board: learning from your opponents and taking on their styles. If that doesn’t make this skin the best in the season, we don’t know what will.


Apex Legend’s season 10 brought a lot of new changes to the game, not least of which is the gorgeous skins their art team hit out of the park. If you’re looking for something to help define your style, this list is definitely your guide for a fresh coat of paint.

Happy competing, and as always, GLHF.