Top 10 Best Valorant Weapon Skin Collections

By Erika Lentz

Valorant is a popular FPS game released in the summer of 2020. Since its release, it has quickly taken the gaming world by storm, being free to play and incredibly fun at that. In each round, you will be placed on a team of five. Your team will either be the Attackers, with the goal of planting a Spike and getting it to detonate, or the Defenders, with the goal of defusing the Spike. Stop the other team from getting it your way by killing everyone in your path.

Valorant has become a frontrunner in the streaming world as well, with many streamers now playing it professionally and dropping other games to play. Watching streamers can be great fun but it is also the perfect way to get helpful advice on ranking in the game. The higher you rank, the more competitive you get to be. So, for seasoned Valorant veterans or even those of you just starting out, any advice you can get is going to be invaluable.

But being a great player isn’t always just about the skills you bring to the table. In the real world, you need to be comfortable while you’re playing. Having the best headphones, keyboard, and other equipment is essential. And, in the game, you need to make sure you get a hold of the best weapons you possibly can.

Not only are the skills necessary but it helps if you can look great doing it as well. We have a list here of the top 10 best Valorant weapon skin collections so that you can really show off while you’re taking down your enemies. The great thing about getting a skin collection, versus individual skins, is that they are diverse. So, no matter what kind of player you are, you can find a skin to match your preferred weapon styles in any of these collections.

10. Nebula Collection

Top 10 Best Valorant Weapon Skin Collections - Nebula Collection
(© Riot Games)

The Valorant Nebula Collection brings you five weapon skins; Knife (melee), Sheriff (sidearm), Ares (heavy), Guardian (DMR), and Phantom (assault rifle). These weapons boast a slick purple, red, and green cosmic style to make your gameplay feel truly out of this world. This is great for players who really want to set themselves apart from the rest and let their personality shine. You will be a challenge that they never saw coming. Considering the supernatural and sci-fi feel that much of the game offers, this collection is very fitting. You can get this collection for 7,100 Valorant points, which can be purchased through the Store tab in the game.

9. Smite Collection

Top 10 Best Valorant Weapon Skin Collections - Smite Collection
(© Riot Games)

The Smite Collection also comes with five weapon skins; Classic (sidearm), Judge (shotgun), Phantom, Odin (heavy), and Knife. With a cool blue gradient and lightning pattern, you can really let your firepower rain down on your enemies with this collection. Think of it as an ode to Zeus, the God of thunder and lightning, and let it take your gameplay to new heights. Zeus is also known to be the leader of all other Gods, so you will truly be number one with this collection. Strike the fear of you into them as you plow through to reach your objective. This collection is also cheaper than some of the other options. You can get it for just 4,375 Valorant points.

8. Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Collection

Top 10 Best Valorant Weapon Skin Collections - Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Collection
(© Riot Games)

The Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Collection has a much more cartoonish style about it but it still looks pretty cool. This collection has five weapon skins; Baton (melee), Classic, Bucky (shotgun), Spectre (SMG), and Operator (Sniper). With a green hue and bright atomic symbol, this collection can really take you back to the classics. There are also chrome, classic (black and yellow), and red, white, and blue color variants. Another collection with a major space feel to it, this is perfect for any gamer looking for a unique style. This collection is available for 7,100 Valorant points.

7. Glitchpop Collection

Top 10 Best Valorant Weapon Skin Collections - Glitchpop Collection
(© Riot Games)

The Glitchpop Collection offers a very retro feel to your gameplay with bright colors and a metallic look. With Glitchpop, you get five weapon skins; Dagger (melee), Frenzy (sidearm), Bulldog (assault rifle), Judge, and Odin. This collection is designed in hot pink, cyan, and gold, meaning you will absolutely be the star of the show with this one. There are also blue, red, and gold color variants. Get in there with this old school feel and show these newbs how it’s really done. The only downside is that this is one of the pricier collections. You can obtain it for 8,700 Valorant points.

6. Spline Collection

(© Riot Games)

With a twisted black and blue design that makes your weapon look like it has a life of its own, the Spline Collection is incredibly fierce and is sure to have your enemies running for the hills. This collection includes five weapon skins; Dagger, Classic, Phantom, Spectre, and Operator. In addition to the basic black and blue design, you can also select from green, red, and blue color variants. The Spline Collection costs 7,100 Valorant points.

5. Sovereign Collection

(© Riot Games)

The Sovereign Collection is definitely one of the more bougie entries on this list but in the best way possible. Perfect for those gaming divas who want to show people who the real boss is, the Sovereign Collection gives you five weapon skins; Sword (melee), Ghost (sidearm), Stinger (SMG), Guardian, and Marshal (sniper). The classic design features white and gold with a hint of blue but you can also get gold, silver, and purple color variants. The Sovereign Collection can be purchased for 7,100 Valorant points.

4. Elderflame Collection

(© Riot Games)

The Elderflame Collection lets you bring out your inner beast with a vicious dragon look. Scales and horns aplenty, the Elderflame Collection offers five weapon skins; Dagger, Frenzy, Judge, Vandal (assault rifle), and Operator. What’s really cool about this collection is that not only does it make your weapons look like dragons, it turns them into dragons as well. This collection offers a unique design as well as a new animation that lets you shoot literal fire from your hands. In addition to the classic black and orange design, you can get red, blue, and dark (mostly black) color variations. If you ever wanted to be a mythical creature, now is your chance. You can get the Elderflame Collection for 9,900 Valorant points, which is the most expensive on this list but so worth the investment.

3. Prime Collection

(© Riot Games)

The Prime Collection is another retro looking skin collection that brings a total comic book feel to the game. This collection includes five weapon skins; Classic, Spectre, Guardian, Vandal, and Axe (melee). Interestingly, the Axe is actually just a skin for the basic Knife melee weapon, meaning you can still look cool without having that overly clunky feel that many similar weapons have in other games. The basic set of the Prime Collection is colored in purple, white, and yellow but there are also orange, blue, and yellow (with grey) color variations available. The Prime Collection can be obtained for 7,100 Valorant points.

2. Reaver Collection

(© Riot Games)

The Reaver Collection brings a very Mortal Kombat essence to Valorant with its silver and purple colors and fierce design. This collection has five weapon skins; Knife, Sheriff, Guardian, Vandal, and Operator. Another collection to bring back the classics, the Reaver Collection is sure to get your enemies shaking in absolute fear. Though you may not be pulling any of the classic fatalities with Reaver, you’ll certainly leave a trail of death wherever you pass. This collection also has white, red, and black color variations and can be obtained for 7,100 Valorant points.

1. Singularity Collection

(© Riot Games)

The Singularity Collection is the ultimate in futuristic doomsday style. This collection has five weapon skins; Sheriff, Spectre, Phantom, Ares, and Knife. The singularity is an absolutely terrifying concept; the hypothetical moment in time when technology becomes so advanced that it develops a life of its own and can no longer be controlled by humans. Scary to think about but the perfect inspiration for some epic weapons in a shooter game.

Taking from this true definition of the singularity, you can think of this as your chance to become the uncontrollable force that your enemies simply cannot contend with. They won’t know what hit them as you shoot and slice your way to reaching your objectives. Singularity is designed in black and purple but you can also get blue, purple (less black), and red color variations as well. This collection is a bit pricy compared to other options but it is so worth it. You can get the Singularity Collection for 8,700 Valorant points.


Valorant is quickly becoming one of the most popular FPS games out there with its unique playstyle and fantastically fun artwork. Beyond tearing your way through your opponents on just skill alone, you can also get many different weapon customizations to show off your true personality. Make them remember you with one of these top 10 best weapon skin collections. Check out our list here and be sure to look into other options available in the game as well to complete your perfect look.