Top 10 Best Two-Handed Swords in World of Warcraft: Classic

By Emily Barnes

You don’t necessarily have to be a frequent or serious gamer to recognize the name World of Warcraft. Originally announced by Blizzard in 2001 – almost two entire decades ago – World of Warcraft was officially released for players in November 2004. Blizzard has released eight expansion packs including entirely new features since 2004 as well. World of Warcraft’s franchise has amassed billions of dollars in revenue over these many years and became one of the most well known and influential massively multiplayer online role-playing games of all time.

Many players longed for the nostalgia of World of Warcraft before all of the different expansion packs, and to their delight Blizzard announced World of Warcraft Classic in 2017 and eventually released the game in 2019. The release of World of Warcraft Classic caused a resurge in popularity and interest in the game, and this list a great guide to some of the strongest two-handed swords. Keep reading to learn more about why these weapons made the list, and what you can do to find them yourself.

10. Typhoon

Top 10 Best Two-Handed Swords in World of Warcraft: Classic - Typhoon
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The tenth two-handed sword on this list is called the Typhoon at level 68. The Typhoon can be looted from Azuregos, located at Azshara. Typhoon has some significant power to be considered dealing 150 – 225 damage at a speed of 2.90, allowing for 67.7 damage per second. Equipping this sword will increase the player’s strength by 14, agility by 20, and overall stamina by ten. In order to wield this weapon, the player must have at least reached level 60. The Typhoon has 120/120 durability, and when you have the weapon equipped your chance to parry an attack will be increased by 1%.

9. Obsidian Edged Blade

Top 10 Best Two-Handed Swords in World of Warcraft: Classic - Obsidian Edged Blade
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Continuing down the list, the ninth weapon included is named the Obsidian Edged Blade at level 68. The Obsidian Edged Blade may be easier to find considering it can be dropped by the following enemies: Golemagg the Incinerator, Magmadar, Garr, and Baron Geddon. The Obsidian Edged Blade is slightly different stats-wise from the previous weapon on this list, dealing from 176 to 264 potential damage at 3.40 speed, allowing for 64.7 damage per second. When you have this weapon equipped your strength will increase by 42 and your overall two-handed swords power by 8. The Obsidian Edged Blade has a durability of 120/120 and you have to have reached level 60 to use it.

8. The Untamed Blade

Top 10 Best Two-Handed Swords in World of Warcraft Classic - The Untamed Blade
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The eighth two-handed sword featured on this list is The Untamed Blade at level 73. The Untamed Blade is dropped by the boss named Razorgore the Untamed located at the Blackwing Lair. The Untamed Blade has a crimson red appearance to it and packs hefty damage at a range of 192 – 289 at a speed of 3.40, dealing 70.7 damage per second. Equipping the Untamed will increase agility by 22, stamina by 16, and a chance on hit can increase your strength by 300 for eight seconds. The durability of the Untamed is 120/120 and the player must be level 60 to wield this two-bladed sword.

7. Bonereaver’s Edge

Top 10 Best Two-Handed Swords in World of Warcraft Classic - Bonereaver's Edge
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The Bonereaver’s Edge is a two-handed sword at level 77 that has some impressive stats. The Ragnaros, located at the Molten Core, have a chance of dropping the Bonereaver’s Edge of 3.92%. This weapon has the chance of dealing damage from a range of 206 to 310 at the speed of 3.40 for a possibility of 75.88 damage per second. When this weapon is equipped the player gets multiple benefits. At a chance on hit your attacks ignore 700 of your enemies’ armor for ten seconds, stackable up to three times. Your overall stamina will increase by 16 and your chance to hit a critical hit will increase by one percent. You have to be level 60 to use this sword and the Bonereaver’s Edge has a durability of 120/120.

6. High Warlord’s Greatsword

Top 10 Best Two-Handed Swords in World of Warcraft Classic - High Warlord’s Greatsword
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The High Warlord’s Greatsword is the sixth two-handed sword included on this list at level 78. The player is required to have High Warlord, Grand Marshal, and have reached level 60 to obtain this sword. When you have this sword equipped your chance of landing a critical strike on your enemies increases by one percent. Your character’s stamina will increase by 41 and your strength by 26. Finally, the High Warlord’s Greatsword deals damage from 235 up to 353, the highest damage thus far on this list. The sword speed is at 3.60 and can deal up to 77.37 damage per second. Sergeant Thunderhorn, a Weapons Quartermaster located at the Alterac Valley in Warsong Gulch, has the High Warlord’s Greatsword.

5. Grand Marshal’s Claymore

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The fifth weapon on this top ten list is called the Grand Marshal’s Claymore at level 78. You can get this weapon from a Weapon’s Quartermaster named Captian O’Neal. Captian O’ Neal is located at Alterac Valley in Warsong Gulch as well. You may recognize the stats of this weapon as they are pretty much the same as the previous weapon on this list, the High Warlord’s Greatsword. The Grand Marshal’s Claymore does damage from 235 – 353 at a speed of 3.80, dealing up to 77.37 damage per second. Your overall strength will be increased by 26 and your stamina by 41. Also, when equipped your chance of hitting a critical strike will go up by one percent. This weapon requires the player to be level 60, High Warlord, Grand Marshal, and the weapon has a durability of 120/120.

4. Claymore of Unholy Might

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The Claymore of Unholy Might is the highest level weapon so far on the list at level 81. It deals a decent amount of damage at 235 to 354 at a speed of 3.60, at an impressive 81.81 damage per second. The most impressive aspect of this weapon is having it equipped will increase your character’s attack power by 98. Your stamina will also be increased by 20. This weapon definitely packs a powerful punch and of course requires level 60 and has a durability of 120/120. You can find the Claymore of Unholy Might by looting a boss named Gluth who can be found at Naxxramas.

3. Ashkandi Greatsword of the Brotherhood

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Quickly making our way to the best two-handed swords in WoW Classic, the third sword on this list is the Ashkandi Greatsword of the Brotherhood at level 81. The Ashkandi Greatsword of the Brotherhood can be found by looting the boss named Nefarian located in Blackwing Lair. This sword has rightfully earned its spot higher up on this list due to packing some impressive damage at 229 to 344 Damage at a speed of 3.50, meaning it does up to 81.86 damage per second. The player’s attack power will increase by 86, their stamina by 33, and the player must be level 60 to equip this sword. This weapon has a durability of 120/120.

2. Kalimdor’s Revenge

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The runner up for the best two-handed sword in WoW Classic is the Kalimdor’s Revenge. The Kalimdor’s Revenge is a level 81 item that is dropped by a boss named Emporer Vek’nilash who you can find in Ahn’Qiraj. The second-best weapon on this list packs damage ranging from 209 to 315 at the speed of 3.20, dealing up to 81.88 damage per second to your enemies. Much similar to the fellow two-handed swords, the Kalimdor’s Revenge increases the player’s strength by 24, stamina by 18, the durability of 120/120 and you are required to be level 60 at least to use this sword. When using this sword, you will have a chance on hit of attacking your enemies with lightning shocks that deal from 239 to 277 nature damage.

1. Corrupted Ashbringer

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At last, the number one best weapon on this list of powerful and useful two-handed swords is none other than the Corrupted Ashbringer. This sword is a great addition to any player’s inventory and has impressive stats that have granted it the number one spot. The Corrupted Ash bringer deals 259 – 389 damage at a speed of 3.60. This allows this sword to do up to 90 damage per second, the highest on this list. However, your stamina will be affected by 25. When equipped, the Corrupted Ashbringer provides several benefits: inflicts the will of Ashbringer upon the player, your chance of hitting a critical strike increases by two percent, your chance of hitting your enemies at all increases by one percent, and you have a chance on hit of stealing 185-215 life from your enemies. This weapon also has a durability of 120/120 and requires players to be at least level 60 to wield it.


Such an iconic game is bound to provide its massive player base from all over the world with an experience that is immersive and unforgettable. By providing variety and increasing power in weapons and other items in-game, players always have something to motivate them to play. World of Warcraft is no stranger to this and trying to decide what weapon is best for you can be overwhelming. We hope this list assisted you with your search in the perfect two-handed sword, and make sure to check out the rest of our WoW Classic lists including the top 10 bows in WoW Classic!