Top 10 Best Surround Sound Gaming Headsets 2020

By George Wood Jr.

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The battlefield is a symphony of colorful sounds: the piercing whistle of an incoming airborne missile, the staccato zip of a close call bullet, the bloodcurdling yodel of a soldier being blown to bits by the bombastic bass of C4 explosive. To become the conductor for this violent orchestra of war, a gamer must notice every sound, from the minute twang of the tripwire to the faroff shockwave of an enemy airstrike.

This audio edge cannot be attained with anything less than the best of gaming headsets. The best headsets should deliver defined surround sound, as well as clear microphone pickup and comfortable fit for marathon gaming sessions.

I scoured online for various reviews of the Redragon Zeus headset, and I could not find a single user who reported being able to cast lightning bolts to smite their enemies upon purchase of this product. So big tease using the Greek god of lightning in your title, Redragon.

That said, the 7.1 surround sound featured in this pair of headphones will undoubtedly help you pick up those subtle environmental noises that indicate a foe is near and ripe for the smiting with gunfire or a good sword swing, whatever your preference is. The brushed steel finish on the sides with the signature Redragon logo make these headphones look clean, one of those select few gaming headsets I may actually wear in public. Of course, in this case I would ditch the microphone because it looks a bit low grade.

My only beef with the headphones is actually more related to the company itself. If they’re going to be “Red Dragon,” I take issue with the company’s lack of an extra “D,” in the title (Redragon). Otherwise, it just looks like “Re” Dragon, which to me looks like a repeat of the last dragon but neither dragon has a color.

The headphones though? Solid. Great price, too!

On the other side of the spectrum, you have the Razer Kraken THX’s, which scream “gamer headphones,” from the radiation green color to the retractable microphone dongle. That said, I would never bring them outside of my den because the public just isn’t ready for this level of commitment to the game.

Like the Zeus above, the Razer Kraken set boasts 7.1 surround sound. Where the beast of the sea triumphs over the god of lightning is by offering THX Spatial Audio, which contributes to a more atmospheric gameplay experience perfect for total immersion. This is an optional feature that can be toggled with the DAC remote attached to the wire connection.

Also, the gel infused ear cups and head pad were more comfortable than a cozy cuddle sesh on a nippy winter morning. Comfort and quality are two things the Kraken brings to the table, which is quite surprising for a headset named after a thrashing monster of the deep.

The Cooler Master sounds more like what some corny dad would call himself as he brings his newly purchased Yeti ice box out of the back of his Subaru Impreza on the camping trip. Ooook Daaaaaad.

Despite my initial shudder at the word association here, I really dig this headset. The surround sound specs are comparable to others on the list, but what really sets this tech apart is the quality of the adjustable, omni-directional boom mic. Clear sound picks up here, plus it looks like a top-tier mic by the smooth brushed metal exterior.

Cooler Master’s simple, rounded hexagonal logo is low-key on the side panels, which is just another point toward the overall statement of this headset, which is understated and comfortable. Mega comfortable actually, the plush cushions on the earcups looking as soft as one of those heavily used black pleather couches, you’ll see outside someone’s home with the hope that someone will pick it up. Unlike that couch though, you’ll definitely want to snuggle right into these Cooler Masters.

What really sets any headset apart is a company’s ability to brainstorm a batch of marketable, whizbang names for every individual feature that makes it sound even more hardcore on Amazon and the company website.

For example, the Turtle Beach Pro doesn’t feature adjustable tension controls for the headset fit, it features “ComforTec Fit System.” The TBP doesn’t have clear sound pickup on the microphone, it has “TruSpeak Technology.” When TBP crafts ear cup cushions with gel-cooled memory foam wrapped in spandex, you better believe that name is going to be a nifty sandwich of two different words, in this case “Aerofit.”

From the bold cyber-steez look to the superior offerings this headset is a TopRate™, QualiTech™, PowerFit™ choice among other top-shelf headsets.

If the objective with your headset purchase is to look less like a pro gamer and more like the navigation officer of a galaxy-hopping space cruiser, look no further than the Corsair VOID RGB Elite.

The trapezoidal ear cups, which fit cozy with breathable, microfiber cushioning, are a welcome divergence from the industry standard circle design. I prefer adjustable microphones, so to me the VOID mic design is a bit rigid, but the sound pickup is omni-directional and high-quality.

What leaves me most starry-eyed is the phenomenal price point here. The VOID prices out less than the Turtle Beach Pro while offering wireless connectivity and a vibey RGB pulsing light on the side panels. The stormtrooper coloration here is remarkably clean, plus the aluminum build means this is an investment that’s going to last.

With the frame of this headset consisting of gunmetal smokin’ steel and aluminum alloy, this thing may improve your real-life defenses nearly as much as your in-game survivability. The RGB lights on this headset are the smoothest incorporation on this list; groovy borders of light around the side panels instead of the shameless, self-promoting illuminated company logo most headsets have.

The sound quality is diamond-clear here, offering high-resolution quality that delivers 40,000 Hz of audio power, twice that of many available headsets. Also, props to SteelSeries for nailing the mic design, easily my favorite on this list. Not only is it retractable, but it also features bi-directional pickup, which is preferable for extraneous noise cancellation so the team only picks up your voice and not all that other IRL BS.

The Sennheiser PC373D claims the title for 2nd priciest headset on this list. That said, for those with some cash to burn the Sennheiser boasts a wealth of features that are sure to light your fire.

Sennheiser Transducer Technology coupled with the 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound make for some of the best spatial audio experience provided by the headsets on this list. What really boosts this sound quality is the noise-cancelling abilities of the Sennheiser ear cups which isolate the sounds you hear in-game, but on top of that, are really comfortable to wear.

I also like the simply maneuverable yet very effective noise-cancelling boom microphone on this headset. The swing action of the mic lever makes for easy muting.

We’ve gushed about Sennheiser before on previous lists, as they are a brand that believably strives for the perfect sound.

Dual chamber drivers on the Hyper X Cloud Alpha do a phenomenal job of separating the high and mid-level sounds from the bass booms which separates these headsets from most of the others on the list. This is particularly important for any audiophile who cares enough to ever toggle the EQ on their audio settings.

Another separation to mention here is how the microphone arm can be detached from the setup, which is something I really appreciate because I don’t always like to have the mic dangling when I’m playing solo.

Overall, the environmental noises picked up by this headset should be considered a perk in themselves, which is why we consider this headset to be the best option for jumping into Call of Duty Warzone.

With any Logitech product, it’s safe to assume the audio quality is liquid gold in the form of studio-tier music, movie theater-level movie sound tracking, and most importantly ear-drum caressing video game sound effects.

On top of this, the G Pro X has triumphed over every other headset on this list with Blue Vo!ce microphone technology, which is the clearest audio pickup we can recommend here. The brushed metal finish glows with a menacing sheen, juxtaposed by absolutely cuddlebug plush ear cups.

Our only disclaimer with the Astro A50 is to be wary of the friendships you could possibly lose by utterly wrecking them with superhero level audio pick up.

The Astro is a tough piece of machinery and looks the part. A built-in audio mixer helps pinpoint exactly how bass-y or high the levels need to be for maximum field domination. Impeccable levels of audio superiority here.

Like the Sennheiser, this set also has a flip to mute microphone, which it should be stated is a perfect way to quickly switch from team command communication to quiet killer mode when the game gets spicy.

The battery life on this headset is also the longest of the bunch, though the charging dock design is favorable toward remembering to charge after every use.

All in all, 10/10 on this headset. Well worth the investment.


Surround sound is an important distinguishing characteristic for versatile headsets that can serve whatever purpose you have for the day. Whatever your choice is from the list, there is a lot to be gained from the purchase. A whole new world of sound awaits your reality, upgrade to a new beat and reap the rewards!

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