Top 10 Best Studio Grade Headphones for Gaming

By Erika Lentz

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As any audiophile would know, sound quality is one of the most crucial aspects of gaming. Even offline, you need to be able to hear all of the sounds that the game has to offer in order to really enjoy the experience. In addition, being able to hear the even the slightest background sounds can drastically improve your responses. It’s also nice to have good sound quality if you want to hear your teammates well in any sort of multiplayer game. Beyond that, headsets need to have excellent comfort and durability so you can get hours of gaming without worry.

There are a ton of accessories available for gamers to complete their gaming setup, including various audio options. Certain next gen headsets and amplifiers, such as the Sound Blaster G6, can really make or break a game. Even mobile gamers know the importance of a good set of earbuds.

So, kick back in your gaming office chair and choose the best studio grade headphones to truly maximize your audio experience. Here is a list of the top 10 studio grade headphones for gaming.

These headphones from Samson Technologies are available at a decent price, making them a great choice for any level of gamer. They feature a 50 mm audio driver and rare magnets to deliver an extended frequency response (10-30,000 Hz) and dynamic range, with excellent highs and lows. These lightweight headphones have an over-ear design to block out the noise and velour cushions to keep your ears comfortable for hours. The headband is self-adjusting to provide optimal fit. There is a gold-plated connection for extra durability and an 8.25’ cable to allow you to use these comfortably at a distance.

One of the most common issues we had with these headphones is the sound quality. It is decent, but not the best out there. These headphones are also not a good choice for listening to music. We also found the velour cushions on these headphones to be a bit scratchy or rough on the ears as well.

These headphones from GRADO are a part of their Prestige series of studio grade headphones. These headphones have an open back design to improve clarity. They have pretty standard specs, such as a 20-20,000 Hz frequency response and a 40 mm audio driver, but these are absolutely sufficient for gaming and great sound quality. These headphones have a lightweight design and can fit comfortably on various head sizes. The velour ear pads are designed for your comfort during long gaming sessions. The cable is 6 feet long so, once again, you can use these at a comfortable distance.

These headphones are a bit on the pricy end, especially given that they have fairly standard specs. So, these may not be the best choice for gamers on a budget. That being said, they are the cheapest in the series if you are really interested in this style. One issue that we had with these headphones is distortion over time in certain frequencies. For instance, we experienced the treble or bass being too loud or too soft.

These headphones from Philips Audio are around the same price as the headphones from GRADO. So, again, these may not be the best choice for casual gamers. Unlike GRADO’s headphones, though, these headphones have better than average specs. This includes an extended frequency response range of 12-35,000 Hz (20,000 is standard) and a 50 mm audio driver (40 mm is standard). They have a double-layered headband for comfort and durability as well as breathable mesh ear pads. These headphones have a 4.9 foot cable, which is slightly shorter than some of the others on this list, but still great for playing at a distance. Additionally, they also have a gold-plated connection.

One of the main complaints we had with these headphones is the bass. We noticed that it is almost non-existent in some cases. So, those of you seeking bass-heavy audio should check out a different option on this list. The audio quality may sound grainy, especially after long term use of them.

These headphones from HIFIMAN are definitely an option that will make audiophiles very happy. They feature incredible sound quality thanks to a large diagram that allows for high signal input and tone control flexibility. There is very low distortion, meaning a clean, crisp audio throughout your game. These headphones have an extended frequency response range of 20-30,000 Hz. They use a new type of audio driver for superior soundstage and spatial imaging. They are 30% lighter than comparable headphones. They have ABS polymer over-ear pads with a pressure pattern that are great for both comfort and durability. Not only that, but they also have a gloss charcoal finish, so they look quite modern as well. The cable is 4.9 feet long.

These headphones are very pricy compared to some of the others on this list. While the quality definitely lives up to the price, less serious gamers may not feel the same benefit from these as more serious gamers would. The main issue we had with these headphones is that they can feel hot on your head or ears.

These headphones from AKG Pro Audio have one of the largest frequency response ranges you will find in gaming headphones. Thanks to a patented Varimotion two-layer diaphragm, they have a frequency response range of 10-39,8000 Hz. This open technology gives you a spacious, airy sound. They have a slightly larger audio driver than usual at 45 mm and a unique flat-wire coil for improved treble response. These headphones have an over-ear design with foam pads for maximized comfort. They also have a self-adjusting leather headband. The cable is about 9.8 feet.

These headphones are very expensive, which makes sense given the incredible features. However, casual gamers may want to look at some of the cheaper options mentioned on this list. Although we haven’t experienced this, several users who purchased this product noticed sound cutting out of right earcup after several months of use. Just something to consider before purchasing this headset.

Another great choice from Philips Audio, these headphones have an acoustic, open back design and a 50 mm audio driver. The driver is tilted at 15 degrees to fit your ear’s natural shape. The frequency response range on these is absolutely huge: 5-40,000 Hz. Comfort features include double-layered, memory foam ear cups, self-adjusting 3D mesh hammock, and overall lightweight design. In addition, these headphones have a genuine leather outer headband that is guaranteed to last. They have a 9.8 foot cable.

These headphones are not the most expensive option on this list, but they are a bit pricy compared to some other options. These are more so designed for serious gamers. The biggest complaint we have is that these headphones have a lower quality build than others in this price range. We can see these headphones getting worn down with time.

These headphones from Audio-Technica feature a 53 mm audio driver to provide clear treble and midrange sounds. It has a frequency response range of 20-20,000 Hz. These headphones have an over ear, open air design to alleviate pressure on your ears and provide a natural sensation. They also have a self-adjusting 3D wing support to optimize comfort. The lightweight aluminum honeycomb design ensures that you will not experience head or neck strain while wearing these headphones. The cable is 9.8 feet and has an elastic TPE sheath in order to prevent tangles. The connection is gold-plated for increased durability.

These headphones are among our pricier options, but they are not the most expensive headphones on this list. One of the biggest issues with these headphones is the wing design. We noticed that they are not as supportive as advertised and they are not adjustable. So, this may not work for certain head sizes. Additionally, the bass on these headphones sounds pretty weak compared to some others.

These headphones from Sennheiser have an over ear, open back design with sound quality that would appeal to audiophiles. They have a frequency response range of 12-38,500 Hz. These headphones include a padded headband and velour ear pads to provide hours of comfort. Aluminum voice coils provide high audio efficiency, wonderful dynamics, and very low distortion. They come with two cable options, one being 9.8 feet and the other being 3.9 feet. So, you can adjust which cable length you use based on how far back from your system you sit. Additionally, these headphones have a unique look compared to most other headphones, which are usually black and silver/grey. They have a matte finish over an ivory color, brown headband and ear pads, and matte metallic details.

These headphones are comparable in price to our last few entries. They are designed for more serious gamers. Our main con is that the headband on these headphones is not very comfortable. It is stiff and also does not fit very well compared to some other options.

These headphones are another wonderful choice from Audio-Technica. Interestingly, they are the only headphones on this list that come in both wireless and corded options. The headphones featured on this list, specifically, are wireless. However, a similar model, with the only difference being the cord and a lower price, is the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x. The ATH-M50x comes with detachable 3.9 foot and 9.8 foot cables. These headphones come in three different colors as well: black, gun metal, and purple. They have a 45 mm audio driver and a 15-28,000 Hz frequency response range. There are easy to use mic and button controls on the ear cups, which are also very comfortable. These are lightweight and come with a 1 foot USB charging cable and carrying pouch. The battery takes about 7 hours to charge and will last about 40 hours on a full charge.

These headphones are pretty expensive, so they are probably best for more professional or serious gamers. The main issue we had with these headphones is the Bluetooth quality. We had some difficulty pairing it with devices and also the connection sometimes cuts out. In addition, the sound may come through a bit crackly.

These headphones from Beyerdynamic are by far the best studio grade headphones for gaming. They have great sound quality and they are super comfortable, so you can easily use them for your extended gaming sessions. You can get them with either grey ear pads or limited edition black. They have an open, over ear design with soft and adjustable velour ear pads. The spring steel headband ensures a good fit and long-term durability. These headphones are light weight, so you won’t have to worry about muscle strain or headaches while you play. The 45 mm audio driver allows for a frequency response range of 5-35,000 Hz. These headphones have a good bass and treble balance and spatial sound. The cable is 9.8 feet long.

These headphones are also sort of pricy, so they are not the best choice for casual gamers. Both the gun metal grey and limited edition black are the same price. The volume control was our biggest issue with these headphones. The starting volume is quite low and, at higher volumes, you are likely to hear a popping or rattling sound. So, these are definitely not the best choice for people that have experienced any hearing loss.


You can see that you have a ton of studio grade headphone options, no matter what type of budget you’re on. These headphones offer incredible sound quality, comfort, and durability to give you many hours of easy gaming. They let you hear sounds you’ve never experience and get unmatched comfort that you’ll truly appreciate. Check out our options for the best studio grade headphones for gaming and take your gameplay to the next level.