Top 10 Best Strategy Games on BlueStacks

By Jim Jones

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The saturation of the strategy gaming market has made differentiating the really good games from the average ones hard. And for gamers that have found their gaming time limited to just mobile gaming because the gaming app didn’t make it to Windows or Mac, BlueStacks has you covered.

BlueStacks focuses on just one thing; providing the best gaming experience. Through its App player, you can run Android apps on your PC with advanced features like the keyboard or mouse mapping with much improved performance and quality graphics.

After putting a lot of factors into consideration, the following are the 10 best strategy games on BlueStacks to keep your mind in check.

Top 10 Best Strategy Games on BlueStacks - State of Survival: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse
State of Survival: The Walking Dead Collaboration (©KingsGroup Holdings)

Zombie-themed games have been around since forever with lots of options to select from. So, the question is, what makes SOS different from the rest that will make you want to kill blood-sucking zombies in other to make the world a better place.

SOS puts you to work right away by placing you in command of a small base. As the chief of your base, you’re tasked with managing research, upgrading facilities, and training troops.

There are unlockables to figure out, heroes to control, and a subtle soundtrack that brings out the post-apocalyptic chills in every fight scene. Advanced research options, higher-level buildings, and more resources are other things that can be accessed as you move up across levels. SOS has a lot to offer in terms of content, you’ll surely enjoy it.

Guns of Glory: The Iron Mask (©Century Games Limited)

Guns of Glory is strategy warfare at its finest, and if you are big on MMOs, you’ll find building an empire very much enjoyable. This game features an immersive chat translation that makes strategy MMORPG spring to life with beautiful landscapes and gorgeously rendered HD graphics.

Imagine being a supreme ruler of a kingdom thrown into war and saddled with the great responsibility of keeping your empire safe from rivals whose only aim is to take over your territory.

You get to train your own army, manage the resources your city generates, and like every great ruler, form a coalition with friends and strangers to conquer common enemies. GOG presents you an opportunity to develop a personal game strategy and customize your buildings, equipment, Estate, Airship, and troops.

Top 10 Best Strategy Games on BlueStacks - Infinity Kingdom
Infinity Kingdom (©YOUZU(SINGAPORE)PTE.LTD.)

The land of Norheim needs your help to battle against the evil gnomes that have shattered its northern line of defense and made thousands of cities fall. Now, the fate of humankind hangs in the balance.

Infinity Kingdom is a 3D-styled cartoon strategy MMO with wonderful animation, VFX, voice acting, and graphics style. Players are summoned to Norheim to rebuild the city with the help of immortals from history to help repel the invaders.

You get rewarded for a host of actions and can build a team of immortals to help you with the action. Lancelot, Cleopatra, Helen of Troy, Julius Caesar, Merlin, and a host of others are the immortals featured in the game.

However, be prepared for battle from the early stages as players that are equipped with a stronger troop can attack other players on the map. All in all, you’ll find Infinity Kingdom definitely worth your time.

Top 10 Best Strategy Games on BlueStacks - Reign of Empires - Nation Domination & Eternal War
Reign of Empires - Nation Domination & Eternal War (©Tilting Point)

By now, you must be familiar with pretty much how most strategy games work. They are strategy games for a reason. You have to be able to think 3 to 4 steps ahead and be prepared for unexpected circumstances.

If you want a setting that will let you wage war and carry out combats with gore and screams dramatically portrayed. Reign of Empires provides the perfect opportunity to do just that.

To build an empire, you have 8 civilizations to choose from. It all ends at the Renaissance and starts from the Bronze Age through the Middle Ages. Each level has its own unique features. Launch a war of domination by building your civilization quicker than others.

Top 10 Best Strategy Games on BlueStacks - Star Trek™ Fleet Command
Star Trek™ Fleet Command (©Scopely)

We all know the Star Trek franchise to always deliver on the biggest stages and this strategy MMO isn’t left out. With its Iconic characters, ships, and mind-blowing tech you have the perfect tool to spend several hours of your time.

Set in the Kevin timeline, you are a unique character with your own starship and station for the most part of the game. The ultimate aim is to make a name for yourself in a galaxy on the brink of war and you’re not alone.

You can build dominant ships like the Romulan Warbird, the Enterprise, and Klingon Bird of Prey and load it up with iconic Star Trek favorites like Spock, James T. Kirk, and Nero. Buildings can be constructed in a lesser time when you sign up for an alliance.

Rather than looking to splash your cash on better battleships and materials, taking your time to strengthen your defenses will make the whole gaming experience more exciting.

Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade (©LilithGames)

Originally released in 2018 as Rise of Civilizations by popular Chinese developer Lilith Games. Rebranding the game into Rise of Kingdoms brought about several additional features that further enhanced the strategy MMO thrill that a lot of games lack.

Rise of kingdoms is for winners; leaders, people that want nothing more than to grab victory by the scruff of its neck and walk away from the ruins of their destruction with head held up high.

Plus, a totally immersive musical score by the famous Christopher Tin to get you hooked and forever demanding for more bloodshed. There’s no screenplay to limit you from writing your story. The visual representation is unsurprisingly high with appealing and colorful graphics.

Rise of kingdoms can be played for free but you might encounter difficulties with paying players who can recruit stronger and better heroes and raise their structures quicker in the latter stages of the game.

King of Avalon: Dominion (©Century Games Limited)

Dragons, magic, swords, and medieval England are a few of the enthralling things about King of Avalon. This game features a highly interesting narrative about the kingdom of Camelot.

King Arthur’s body lies next to his powerful sword, Excalibur in a fortress on the sacred Isle of Avalon, after falling victim to his nephew Mordred’s betrayal. The entire kingdom is in chaos, as everyone wants Excalibur for themselves, but there can only be one king on a throne.

You get to train your dragon, build an army, form alliances with players around the globe, and wage war on your enemies to lift Excalibur and become king.

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire (©Epic Action LLC)

Heroes are made, not born, and with Final Fantasy XV, you could be the hero of your fantasy. Developed by AppLovin under the name Epic Action LLC with the features, characters, and soundtrack of the 2016 action role-playing game Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy XV allows you to journey through kingdoms, discover powerful magic to fight a fire, build an army to defeat your adversaries, and dominate the realm.

The game utilizes a guild system as its social element. Players can accumulate Loyalty upon joining a guild which can be used for a variety of things like the purchase of special items and rendering help to each other to upgrade structures faster.

Age of Z Origins (©Camel Games Limited)

In the age of Z origins, the struggle is to survive, to simply live another day amidst the horror all around. This isn’t your everyday zombie apocalypse narrative; this is the real deal.

From the moment you start up the game on your Windows or Mac, you’re transfixed into a world where nothing is recognizable. The land is littered with dead bodies that have risen after a monstrous plague, all ready to feast upon the flesh of any unfortunate living being.

The salvation of humanity rests on your shoulder as you go from building-to-building seeking refugees to join your team and form an alliance against a common enemy.

You should be wary of who you trust though because it’s not only the zombies that are out to get you. They may be a threat to your survival, but it’s the treacherous humans that are the real danger. In the age of Z origin, everyone wants something.

Infinite Galaxy (©Camel Games Limited)

Our number one pick is set in space, in the Galaxy Year 4649. Camel Games Limited delivers once again a deep, complex strategy game with remarkable visuals. Infinite Galaxy takes complete advantage of available hardware by giving life to details rendered meticulously in 3-D.

For a game set in an inhospitable region, Infinite Galaxy makes it all appear stunning. Ships are very detailed, as light reflects off the hulls as one maneuver against another. Engines produce jets as they move and the stars for real.

The narrative is about the Old Federation has sadly been defeated after a long war and to top it off, the Empire’s brutal reign is also on the verge of collapse. Borders have already been broken, with space pirates and Private merchants shuttling back and forth in the universe. There has been a rise of Countless rebel groups that want to fight from the Empire’s outer rim.

In a Galaxy filled with so much conflict, you must build your flagship, thwart space pirates, form partnerships with like-minded Commanders, and explore the Galaxy. Overall, the game is fun and easy on the wallet. What more could you ask for.


Strategy games take gaming to a whole nother level. They are tools to sharpen our minds, pass long nights, bond with strangers over the internet, and test our brainpower.

A player’s decision on analytics and skills is very important because strategy games task you on all battle aspects. Every game on the list is there because they offer something different than you’re used to. Take your time to try them out and settle for the one that you find the most exciting.