Top 10 Best RPD Blueprints in Warzone

By Everett Zarnick

The RPD is a light machine gun that is pretty under represented in the loadouts across Warzone currently. The iconic LMG lacks the mobility, damage, and is generally just slow in both skirmishes and time to kill.

Ignoring popular opinion, one might find that the RPD is actually, despite its weaknesses, one of the most underrated weapons in the game. Its rate of fire combined with a high magazine bullet count and sustained accuracy at medium to long distances means that this LMG, while not the SMG most players want to opt for, can be absolutely deadly in the hands of a player with proper positioning who likes to fight from afar in the early to mid-game.

To celebrate this non-meta weapon, we’ll be going over its top ten blueprints in Warzone. All of these blueprints are going to be ranked purely off their aesthetic value, so if you’re looking for a list to help you acquire some flair, this top ten is your best friend.

10. Carbon Composite

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

There’s never anything wrong with trying to keep it simple, and the Carbon Composite blueprint functions well as the straightforward “I want to look like a special operative” weapon. With a 16.5” barrel, GRU suppressor, and KGB Skeletal stock, the Carbon Composite blueprint retains the long, heavy look of the RPD while applying a black finish to make it far more modern and deadly.

It’s simple, straightforward, and accomplishes exactly what it wants to do. What’s not to like?

9. Dawn Breaker

Top 10 Best RPD Blueprints in Warzone - Dawn Breaker
Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

The Dawn Breaker is a pretty straightforward blueprint that gives players the option of having an RPD that’s a bit more polished. The wooden stock and barrel are still present, but with a polish that makes them glean a bit more. Additionally, the normally black body is now decorated with a blueish and reddish design that looks a bit random, but is a warm flavour to a modest blueprint all the same.

Players will find that the axial optic and 7.62 muzzle give the weapon enough girth to really make itself look beefy on top of the sleeker look Dawn Breaker applies. This blueprint can be obtained through the blood lust bundle.

8. Wave Lord

Top 10 Best RPD Blueprints in Warzone - Wave Lord
Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

If you’ve ever wanted to roleplay as the King of the Beach with Waves playing loudly in the background, this blueprint is for you. Wave Lord takes the RPD, makes it skinner, sticks a fat suppressor on the end for more length, and applies some orange/violet tones on the entire gun to give off incredibly relaxing late-night beach vibes.

The Wave Lord features a Sillix Holoscout optic and foregrip to minimize the height of the weapon, and is one of the more ‘personalized’ blueprints available for the RPD. One can purchase it in the Killer Surf Bundle.

7. Rapid Projectile Destroyer

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

The Rapid Projectile Destroyer RPD, or RPD RPD for ‘short’, is the outcome of Infinity Ward giving creative rights to a contractor who was bored on the job and needed a break to express himself (or herself) artistically.

A construction-site yellowish orange is painted over all of the traditionally wooden aspects of the weapon, while the body and muzzle are painted over with a very dark hue of blue that has a sharp glean off of it.

Honestly, the RPD RPD looks more like a nail gun, or something that drills into the ground, than an actual weapon. Hell, even the 75 round speed magazine looks more like a tape measure than an actual mag.

The RPD RPD can be picked up in the Jackhammer bundle, go figure

6. Bush Snapper

Top 10 Best RPD Blueprints in Warzone - Bush Snapper
Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

The Bush Snapper is the blueprint on the list that goes for the complete soviet look (there’s usually at least one, right?) Woodland camo dances on the stock and muzzle, while a tin-silver makes up the body of the gun.

With a spetsnaz compensator, KGB target designator, and soviet star design, IW leave little to interpretation when it comes to identifying this weapon’s country of origin. It’s not the prettiest blueprint, but it does have a lot of realism in a very old-fashioned way, and that warrants the sixth position on this list.

The Bush Snapper was only available to those who reached rank 51 in season 2’s battlepass. 

5. Dead Bit

Top 10 Best RPD Blueprints in Warzone - Dead Bit
Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

If you’re looking to use the RPD, but with a more modern flair to it, the Dead Bit blueprint might be what you’re looking for.

To start, zombie green and blue colors are splattered almost at random throughout the weapon. If you’ve ever wondered what an RPD might look like in a zombie-infested post-apocalyptic scenario, this is pretty damn close to what you’d expect.

The Dead Bit RPD has been compacted with a 16.5” barrel, flash guard, and bruiser grip, which helps it resemble something more akin to an M249 SAW than a traditional RPD. It’s got the look of something that’s still heavy, but can be ran around with, which is certainly the headspace you’ll want to be in when playing Warzone matches.

You can grab the Dead Bit blueprint in the Dead Ops Arcade Reactive Bundle.

4. Bunker Beetle

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

If there was such a thing as a P2W RPD skin, the Bunker Beetle would probably be it. This blueprint is an RPD as originally designed, but with a dark greyish beatle color applied across the whole weapon, with some small bits of a gross olive applied to the mag and barrel. Yeah, they’re sticking close to the name on this one.

With a skeletal stock and 20.3” barrel on the ends of it, the Bunker Beetle looks more like a heavy rifle than an actual LMG, and thanks to its colors, it can blend in about as well as any weapon can be expected to during matches. As the ‘rook’ skin for Roze should have taught us, any dark skin in the game can give players a significant advantage. No promises, but maybe you’ll manage to lose an enemy or two in the shadows thanks to this blueprint.

This blueprint was available in season 1’s tier 65 of the battlepass.

3. Big Comrade

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

It’s that time again, where we talk about the anime weapon on the list. Big Comrade features a GRU suppressor and dropshot wrap to accompany its iron sights for as slim a look as the RPD can offer, save for removing the mag entirely.

The real star of the show (or nightmare of the show, however you want to look at it), is the body paint job. A dark hue of purple is thrown all over this weapon, with a bright pink finishing it off near the muzzle. Of course, there’s a pink soviet star on the stock, and anime-esque characters painted on the body of the RPD.

It’s either the worst of best blueprint for the RPD, depending on what kind of person is looking at it, but its unique enough to earn #3 regardless.

You can grab this blueprint in the Violet Anime pack, and get violet tracer rounds for your troubles as a bonus.

2. Death’s Protest

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

Death’s Protest is the result of taking three different weapons and strapping random pieces together. With an RPK barrel, PKM stock, and RPD base, this blueprint is an amalgamation of destruction that’s painted over with a deadly grey that makes for perfect roleplaying as death itself.

With a vandal speedloader and foregrip, you’ll be racking up customers in no time. You can acquire this blueprint through the Death’s Veil Maxis bundle.

1. The Cleaver

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

Ever wanted to know what an LMG turned bullpup assault rifle would look like? Ever wanted to play with the RPD as though it were a Bullfrog?

The Cleaver’s got you covered. An RPD that was cut down to the bare minimums makes what The Cleaver aims to be. With NO stock, a patrol grip, and a 7.62 muzzle break on a 14.7” barrel, The Cleaver is basically the shortest RPD you can possibly get. More to the point, it actually looks as though IW forgot to finish this blueprint and then released by accident.

Given the lack of… well, gun on this gun. A player would lose some of that stability the RPD is known for, but get a chance to cleave through their enemies with a greatly increased speed. With jungle camo, and the same fat magazine the gun usually has, you’re not trying to look stealthy or clean with this blueprint. The only look you can achieve is the one given to you, and The Cleaver looks wild, to say the very least.

You can buy it through the Zenya Operator Bundle and get the dismemberment effect for your troubles.


The RPD is an underrepresented and underrated weapon. It’s entire shtick is that it functions very well at medium to long ranges as a machine gun with little to no recoil, and doesn’t do much else very well. It’s one simple strength that’s often solved through the use of a bolt action sniper. That glaring weakness and underrepresentation also presents a unique opportunity for the weapon to lend itself well to rare blueprints in-game.

If you want to stand out from the meta-slaves and throw your own signature take on the game with a unique weapon and a unique blueprint, look no further than the RPD.

As always, Good luck, and have fun.