Top 10 Best RGB Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboards 2020

By Erika Lentz

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There are so many options for gaming keyboards out there that it might be hard to choose from. Many gamers prefer tenkeyless and mechanical keyboards because of the ergonomic and tactile benefits you get from them. The best RGB tenkeyless mechanical keyboards are great for saving space on your desk and allowing for more comfortable positioning of your wrist. Many PC gamers also love the tactile feedback of that mechanical keyboards offer. They’re also really helpful when you need buttons to register quickly in games. Anti-ghosting and multimedia keys are also featured on all of the best RGB tenkeyless mechanical keyboards.

You could have the best gaming mouse and headphones there are but any great gamer will tell you that those just aren’t enough. Your gaming mouse is nothing with a great keyboards to go along with it. The best mouse and keyboard combos are enough to make or break a game. Below is a list of the best RGB tenkeyless mechanical keyboards to ensure that you have the best gaming experience possible.

This keyboard from Redragon comes at a low price and is a great choice for gamers of all skill levels. Visually, it provides quite a show with 19 different lighting effects and several different brightness levels and breathing speeds. This keyboard also has an ergonomic design and is durable, with metal ABS construction, splash-proof design, and plate-mounted keys. It also has a gold-plated, corrosion-free USB connector.

Some people have noted that this keyboard is quite heavy so it may not be as portable as other keyboards. For those of you with hand and/or wrist issues, you may want to look at a keyboard that you could handle more easily. In addition, others have experienced key chatter or keys sticking which could affect how well you play the game.

This keyboard from Fnatic features full GB backlighting with over 16.8 million color options. This keyboard is also very user friendly. It is comfortable and comes with a detachable wrist rest. In addition, it is very slim (28 mm) and portable. Overall, this is a great choice for gamers that experience pain, hand cramping, and other physical discomfort when they play. This is a USB wired keyboard with a great connection.

Some users have stated that this keyboard may have issues with keys failing after a few months. The numbers lock and caps lock lights can also be quite difficult to see. This keyboard is on the pricier end so it may not be the best choice for more casual gamers.

This keyboard from HUO JI is a great choice for gamers of all levels. It comes at a very low price but this does not mean it lacks in quality. It features a splash proof and durable design to ensure that you can game for many hours. It has 3 drainage holes to prevent moisture damage which is a great feature because, no matter how careful you are, accidents do happen. It is a USB wired keyboard with good connection quality. It is also advertised as being very quiet.

This keyboard does feature backlighting like the others on this list but some users have said that the options are limited.  If you want a more customizable option, this may not be the best keyboard for you. Despite advertisements saying it is a very quiet keyboard, some gamers have noted that this keyboard can actually be quite noisy. Other users have also had issues with lagging and poor latency.

This keyboard from Razer provides a smooth gaming experience with some users noting that it feels already “broken in”. This is a USB C wired keyboard with a variety of backlighting options. You can also customize these options based on your current task through the available Synapse Software. It has 4 preset buttons and a dial for media playback but you can also remap these buttons.

This is an expensive gaming keyboard compared to some of the others so it is not the best choice for casual gamers on a budget. There are several special features available but these require an internet connection and log in to the Razer app to use. Some users have also reported that some of the keys can stick.

This keyboard from Logitech is a fantastic choice for serious gamers. It has customizable backlighting options so that you can have the exact gaming experience you want. This keyboard has a 3 pronged micro USB port to ensure a secure connection. In addition, it is of a portable weight but it is also very solid and sturdy.

This is an expensive keyboard so casual gamers should check out some of the cheaper options on this list. This keyboard is a mechanical keyboard that has a clicky tactile sensation on the keys. Some users have said that these keys can be quite loud. So, if you are distracted easily by noise, you should check out some other options on this list.

This keyboard from Corsair is very high quality and user friendly. It features customizable backlighting and a detachable wrist rest to ensure maximum comfort. This USB wired keyboard also has dedicated media playback buttons to enhance your experience with gaming and other PC activities.

Like several others on this list, this keyboard is a bit pricier than others so it is great for serious gamers but not so much for more casual gamers. The main complaint seen with this keyboard is that the keycaps are not very sturdy and may detach at times.

This keyboard from SteelSeries is another great choice for serious gamers. It has an ergonomic design and it is incredibly quiet. This USB wired keyboard has full LED backlighting, real time discord lighting notifications, and the ability to have light reactions to in-game events.

This keyboard is expensive and is not the best choice for casual gamers. The in-game event light reaction feature helps this keyboard stand out but users have said that the selection of games that work with this is very limited. In addition, there have been some reports of the keys being very fragile.

This keyboard from Cooler Master features easily customizable RGB backlighting with a total of 16.7 million possible color combinations. It is very responsive and easy to use. Though this keyboard does cost a little more than some others on this list, it is a very decent price. So, this is a great choice for gamers of all skill levels.

One of the main issues that users seem to have with this keyboard is that these keys require slightly more effort than usual to register. If you are someone with carpal tunnel or other hand/wrist issues, this may not be the best choice for you. In addition, people have also noted that the keys are very loud.

This keyboard from Glorious PC Gaming Race features a minimalistic design which is appealing to some users as it cuts down on distractions. Even still, it does come with RGB lighting effects to the tune of 16.8 million colors. Unlike many gaming keyboards, this keyboard also has easily replaceable mechanical key switches.

This keyboard is on the lower end of pricing for more expensive keyboards but it may still be outside the budget of casual gamers. The main issue that people have had with this keyboard is connectivity. The wired USB cable connection is not the greatest and may come unplugged easily.

At the top of our list of the best RGB tenkeyless mechanical keyboards, this keyboard from HyperX is the perfect choice for gamers of all levels. It is incredibly cheap for the quality that you are getting. This keyboard features red backlighting with various color effects. It has a detachable USB braided cable designed for durability and a sturdy connection. It also has very high key sensitivity compared to other gaming keyboards so you won’t have to put much effort at all into lightning fast gameplay.

Though this keyboard is of a high quality build, users have noted that the keycaps are not very sturdy. This could lead to them breaking or popping off on occasion.


Many PC gamers seek out mechanical keyboards with RGB backlighting. Not only does this provide a cool visual effect but it also helps you to see the keys better. Gamers also love mechanical keyboards because of the tactile feedback they offer. There are many features to look out for in the best RGB tenkeyless mechanical keyboards. Key sensitivity, durability, color options, and other special features are all characteristics to evaluate.

Whether you are a serious or more casual gamer, your goal is to have fun and be comfortable when you play. The above list of keyboards shows you great choices of keyboards that provide comfort, durability, and a great overall gaming experience. Take a look through the list and find the best keyboard for you. Once you have one picked out, get it set up and take your gaming to a whole new level.