Top 10 Best Racing Style Gaming Chairs

By Erika Lentz

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Being the greatest player in the world is a good start but, to really have a good game, you need the right equipment. Items such as audiophile headphones and RGB keyboards can help take your gameplay to the next level. You also want to think about your comfort and the setup you’re working with. Perhaps you have a small gaming room and need a desk to match or you want a nice, high quality leather gaming chair.

Your gaming chair is one of the most important parts of this. You need to be comfortable while you play if you want to be successful. Racing style gaming chairs are becoming popular among all types of gamers thanks to the incredible comfort level they provide. And let’s face it; they also look really cool. Every racing style gaming chair has its own unique style and personality. You just need to know what you’re looking for.

This leather gaming chair from KaiMeng proves that you don’t need to spend top dollar for good quality. It comes in at a great price and is a solid choice for all levels of gamers. You have your choice of red, black, grey, and white, with red being the cheapest option. This gaming chair has a high back, padded armrests, and a nice ergonomic design. You can adjust the height between 13.5 and 16.5 inches and swivel the chair a full 360 degrees. It also reclines and has a lever for reclining and locking in place. This gaming chair also has a maximum capacity of 280 pounds and has holes on the back for better air flow.

The main complaint that users have with this gaming chair is that it is not wide enough for larger people. Though it has a max capacity of 280, people with a large size may feel uncomfortable in this chair. Some users also say that this gaming chair is not as durable as some others.

This gaming chair from Furmax is the most budget-friendly on this list and a great choice for any gamer. It comes in black and white, though the white is a little bit extra. This gaming chair has a high back with padded arm rests, a height adjustable between 15.2 and 18.3 inches, and good lumbar support. It has 360 degree swiveling wheels and also reclines using a lever. There are holes in the back for air permeability and a max capacity of 280 pounds.

There are reports that the material on this gaming chair can start peel, sometimes within a few weeks. Users have also noted that the gas cylinder used for changing the chair height can malfunction.

Another fairly priced option, this gaming chair from Polar Aurora is very comfortable. It comes in blue and red, with blue being the cheaper option. It has 360 degree swiveling wheels with nylon casters to ensure silent movement. It is very easy to put together and has an adjustable height from 18 to 22 inches. You can also adjust the tilt of the cushion. This gaming chair has holes in the back for air flow and a slightly bent backrest to provide extra comfort. It has a max capacity of 280 pounds.

Though this gaming chair is just as sturdy as the others, some users have reported that it tends to wobble where the base connects. People also note that the cushion may break down.

This gaming chair from Homall has a similar price to the previous entry. It has a thick backrest and flip up padded armrests. These, along with the extra wide seat design, provide more room for larger individuals. This gaming chair also has wheels that swivel 360 degree and a height that adjusts between 17 and 20.75 inches. It has a rocking mode as well. It has a load capacity of 280 pounds.

One thing that stands out about this gaming chair is that it only has one hole on the back for air permeability. Though this provides decent air flow, it isn’t the best compared to some others. There are also reports of the foam filling being a cheaper material with lower durability.

This gaming chair from OFM has a good, solid build and is very comfortable. It has an integrated lumbar cushion for extra support. The segmented padding also provides additional comfort. The Softhead leather material used on this gaming chair is very breathable. This gaming chair swivels 360 degrees and has a high back, which is great for taller users.

This gaming chair has a slightly lower capacity than others on this list (250 pounds). It is quite expensive compared to the others so this may be better suited for people who really need a lot of extra support. The main issue with this gaming chair is that the armrests may dig into the sides of larger users.

This gaming chair from BestOffice is another very comfortable option. It has a built in massager at the lower back as well as an adjustable headrest. It also has flip up armrests. This gaming chair has good lumbar support and it does recline slightly. The height is adjustable between 17 and 20.8 inches. This gaming chair also has 360 degree swiveling wheels and nylon casters.

This gaming chair also has a slightly lower capacity at 250 pounds. It is a little on the pricier side as well so it is better for players who need a good amount of support. Users complain that this gaming chair can feel stiff. Another issue is that, although the massager feels great, it can be quite noisy.

This gaming chair from Devoko comes in three different colors; red, white, and grey. Red is the cheapest and grey is the most expensive out of the three. This gaming chair has 360 degree swivel movement, an adjustable height between 16.1 and 20 inches, and the ability to recline. It has a curved back with a removable headrest. The armrests can also be removed. This gaming chair has wheels designed for silent movement. It has a high max capacity of 300 pounds.

This gaming chair is on the pricier end compared to others listed here so users who don’t need as much support may want to look at other options. The main issue that users have with this gaming chair is that the armrests are pretty low.

The FL-BB3H-XL from Ewin Racing’s Flash XL offers up some of the best comfort to performance ratio in the gaming chair market. The FL-BB3H-XL is designed to be a heavy duty gaming chair usable by anyone under 550Lbs. With PU leather crafted into an extra cushiony design that resembles something close to a living room chair, the FL-BB3H-XL succeeds in delivering on the most comfort possible with extra lumbar and headrest support working in tandem with its high-back design so people of all frames can game comfortably in it for hours. 

When you’re trying to get the best money can buy, Ewin Racing is one of the tallest standing manufacturers in the gaming chair business, and a safe bet.

The CPG gaming chair is a marvel of efficiency meeting simplistic design. This particular chair stays away from the common faux / PU leather materials and instead opts for a soft, premium fabric construction that keeps the chair cool on hotter days, even during extended periods of use.

The CPG reduces the cost of itself below what a standard gaming chair of this quality would normally bolster itself for, while also staying fairly unique in materials and neutral in style, making it a versatile chair for any climate or setting that may be professional.

Yet another Ewin Racing product, the KT-BK2C-400 out of Ewin’s Knight series is the picturesque perfection of what the average gamer imagines when he or she imagines a gaming chair, but with a budget-friendly price. It might be a bit repetitive to see, but Ewin Racing seems to be walking a fine line between creating high quality chairs and reducing costs in a manner that’s testing their peers in a bitter war of efficiency.

If you came here looking for a contemporary, high quality, coloring gaming chair that keeps itself flashy while staying in the background of a build setup, the KT-BK2C-400, is absolutely an option that’s hard to pass up. Especially when compared to some of the other gaming chairs on the market with similar high quality, but significantly higher price. With Black Friday around the corner, EWin is running Black Friday sales which makes these chairs a steal!


Your gaming chair is an important part of your setup. Sure, you could grab any old office chair but what’s the fun in that? The best racing style gaming chairs offer amazing support and look really good, so they spruce up the look and feel of your gaming space. Browse through this selection and find the best racing style gaming chair for you. Get comfortable and start climbing the ranks.