Top 10 Best PS5 Accessories to Own

By Jim Jones

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If you’ve just purchased a brand new Playstation 5, then you’re probably wondering what accessories you should snag alongside it.

While we could recommend dozens of cool toys to help you get the most out of your new console, we’ve decided to narrow down the list and suggest on a select few accessories that every PS5 owner should have.

Of course, this list assumes that you’ve already purchased one of the best gaming monitors on the market, so we won’t be covering that here.

Are you ready to discover what will take your gaming to the next level? Let’s dive in.

This top-rated fast charging will help you get back in the game faster. It comes in a variety of lengths and colors, so you don’t have to break your gaming lounge color scheme. You can also charge your controllers from further away than a traditional dock, which has several benefits of its own.

The JSAUX charging cable is composed of intensely strong fibers, making it one of the strongest charging cables on the market. There’s no need to worry about it getting twisted up and broken. Plus, they even list the PS5 as one of the fast charging compatible devices, so you know you’re all set!

We chose this brand of fast charging cable because they put the emphasis on quality and durability during the creation process. While other brands try to be the cheapest option available, JSAUX tries to be the best option. Of course, they happen to be quite reasonably priced as well. 

If you’re an audiophile looking for the absolute best gaming headphones for your money, then look no further. The Astro A20s are the best gaming headphones in their price bracket. While they will cost a decent amount of money, they absolutely deliver when it comes to quality.

These headphones are specifically tuned for gaming, delivering the right frequency ranges when they’re needed most. The swappable boom microphone cuts out background noise and focuses specifically on your voice. For those with a preference, the book mic can be placed on either side of the headset.

The long hours involved with being a serious gamer means that even the slightest discomfort can absolutely ruin a product. That’s why the A20s have a pressure-free fit that won’t overheat your ears, and the cloth cushions (backed by leather) are designed to deliver maximum comfort with great acoustics.

Remember when games came on discs? Okay, they still do, but most of us prefer digital purchases and delivery these days. Even if you still prefer discs, DLC and updates can quickly fill up a hard drive.

That’s why we recommend the Seagate 2TB hard drive. It has a USB 3.0 port for fast data transfer and it’s designed to work with any system, including a PS5.

This massive hard drive will allow you to download games and updates as much as you like. While it might fill up one day, you won’t have to worry about that day for quite some time.

We chose Seagate specifically because they have an amazing reputation for producing quality hard drives. They back up their reputation with a one-year manufacturer warranty as well.

While we do love the A20s we talked about above, they are wired. These Arctis 7P headphones are wireless, which many gamers prefer. Not having a cord in the way can make a big difference in heated moments.

These headphones are designed for gaming, too. They specifically were crafted to work well with the PS5, making them one of the best gaming headsets for next gen consoles.

They boast a 24-hour battery life, which will challenge you to have a gaming session that will leave them drained!

Of course, they have an excellent gaming-focused microphone that focuses in on your voice and cuts out the clutter.

It’s worth mentioning that they’re white, just like your PS5, which is a nice touch.

Buying a PS5 is largely done for the gaming, but there’s also the perks of using streaming platforms and playing BluRay movies on it as well. While you can certainly control the media controls with your standard control, having a media control just makes life easier.

You can easily see what each button does, allowing you to quickly navigate through all the needed controls that you’re after. You also program it for your TV, meaning it can control volume, too. You can control almost your entire setup with one controller.

A media remote is not strictly necessary; however, we think it’s well worth it.

Are you a streamer, or do you plan on becoming one? If so, streaming your gameplay is only part of the equation. These days, people want to see you, too! They want to put a face to the voice, they want to see your setup, and they want to get to know you.

Simply put, having a camera on you while you stream is necessary.

With the launch of the PS5 came the launch of a new HD camera designed specifically for streamers. It captures in 1080p with a dual wide-angle lens setup.

Not to be outdone by PC gamers, this camera also features background removal tools. You can be the only focal point captured by the cameras, allowing you to add yourself to the gameplay in picture-in-picture mode.

Not satisfied with the 2TB option we highlighted above? Why not double it with this Western Digital 4TB option?

Western Digital is considered by some to be the absolutely best hard drive manufacturer in the world. While this is definitely debatable, most enthusiasts will agree that they’re in the top five, at least.

All WD hard drives will have a simple plug-n-play setup that gets you gaming faster. You’ll be ready to download every game you’ve ever wanted, along with all of their updates.

What’s even better is their limited 3-year manufacturer warranty that will keep you protected in the rare instance of a defect.  You’ll never be stuck with a bad hard drive.

A charging station levels up your gaming by quite a bit. You can charge two controllers at the same time, but the real benefit is that they don’t have to use any USB ports on the PS5 to charge them. You simply put them on the charging station and forget about them until you need them. Freeing up a USB charging port for any other uses, even if that’s charging more controllers.

They sleek click-in design also enables you to easily dock your controllers and know that they’re going to charge. Some other charging docks leave you wondering if your remotes are even charging!

While this purchase may not expand your storage or enhance your audio, it should be considered necessary for all PS5 owners.

The most popular headset for PS4 is back for PS5, completely redesigned and ready to take you into your gaming world. They’re built for both comfort and performance, meaning you can game until you fall asleep.

They also feature a hidden noise-cancelling microphone, making them ideal for anyone who doesn’t like having a boom in their view. Microphone and audio controls are also designed to be quick and easy to access.

As for the sound quality itself, some have called these some of the best bass heavy gaming headphones you can get. While that can be debated, without a doubt they deliver a solid audio experience that will keep you immersed in your digital world.

Either way you slice it, the Pulse headset is one of the best options out there. You’ll be treated to a comfortable headset that’s wireless, and has tremendous audio quality. You can’t go wrong!

If you plan on having a friend over, you’re going to need another controller. Avoid the urge to go for cheaper third-party alternatives, stick with the official DualSense controller.

One of the calling cards of the DualSense controller is the haptic feedback. You’ll physically feel the rumbles, shakes and movements of what’s happening in game. The dynamic vibrations really immerse you into what’s happening in the game.

You’ll also experience varying levels of force and tension as you interact with your in-game gear with the triggers. Whether you’re pulling back an arrow on a bow or slamming on the brakes on a car, your triggers will respond with variable tension.

Amplify Your Gaming

Each of the accessories here was chosen because they will take your gaming to the next level. You’ll experience richer audio, greater control and have more storage for your gaming needs. Most gamers want the very best for their console, and we kept that in mind when selecting the items for this list.

Enjoy getting the most of your new console with these amazing accessories. We know we will!