Top 10 Best Pets in Among Us

By Erika Lentz

If you haven’t played Among Us yet, where have you been? This game has actually been out for about two years but has skyrocketed in popularity in the past few months. It is available for free on mobile (Apple and Android) and on Steam (PC) for $4.99. You can play in public lobbies but many people, included numerous well known streamers, enjoy playing with friends as well.

In this game, you play as either a crewmate or an imposter. As a crewmate, your job is to finish your tasks before the imposter can kill everyone on board. As the imposter, you need to off everyone before they can finish their tasks or figure out your true identity. Whenever someone reports a body or calls an emergency meeting, you will get the chance to vote off the potential imposter. Here’s where you get to really put your acting and sleuthing skills to the test. Make sure you pay attention to who’s doing what task and out someone immediately if you see them go into a vent.

So, now that you know how to play, you also want to know how to look great doing it, right? Among Us is a simple game but it does give you several ways to customize your character’s appearance. Without any additional upgrades, you can change your character’s color. But Among Us takes it one step further with hats, skins, and pets. To be clear, these are purely cosmetic and do not change gameplay. But they do give you a great way to flex on your friends. There are 93 hats, 15 skins, and 10 pets available. We’ve already looked at the best hats and skins, so let’s go ahead and rank the pets in order.

10. Henry

Top 10 Best Pets in Among Us - Henry
Among Us (© InnerSloth)

Henry Stickmin is a cute little character that lets the Among Us designers pay homage to their previous series, the Henry Stickmin series. Henry started out his career as a lowly thief but managed to make a name for himself over the years. There are several different ways that Henry’s life could’ve played out but all of them are buried deep in crime and corruption.

As you can imagine, it may be a benefit to have this little guy following you around the ship. Use him as your own personal security guard to protect you against the killers that have stowed away on The Skeld. Or, team up and take inspiration from his dark past to plow through the crewmates and take over the ship.

9. Ellie

Top 10 Best Pets in Among Us - Ellie
Among Us (© InnerSloth)

Ellie Rose also comes to us from the Henry Stickmin series. She is the only female character with a starring role. We meet her as a fellow prisoner in The Wall, a prison complex in the series. At this point, Henry can either help her escape or leave her to her fate. Taking her along, Ellie becomes quite an epic partner for Henry in his life of infamy.

Just like with Henry, it would be super helpful to have Ellie following you around the ship. This fiery little redhead can have your back while you try for the tenth time to swipe your admin card. She can also be your number one partner in crime and help you take out the crew. You can get both Henry and Ellie as part of the Stickmin Pet Bundle. All pet bundles have the same cost; $1.99 on PC and $2.99 on mobile.

8. Robot

Among Us (© InnerSloth)

This little Wall-E lookalike is super cute and makes a great pet to follow you around. Though pets are mostly stationary, the Robot does have an animation that lets it tilt its head up and down. Who wouldn’t want a pet robot? Sure, they’re taking over the world but they’re probably a great accessory for getting tasks done quickly. Robots can probably execute some pretty awesome kills too.

7. Mini Crewmate

Top 10 Best Pets in Among Us - Mini Crewmate
Among Us (© InnerSloth)

The Mini Crewmate is just that; a miniature version of your character. Though labeled as a pet, this actually looks more like a bring your kid to work day situation. The Mini Crewmate perfectly matches the appearance of your character, just a bit smaller. It’ll be the same color as your character.

So, it’s like you have a little crewmate in training. You’re either teaching it how to be an awesome scientist or a future mass murderer. Either way, it makes for great fun. You can get both the Robot and Mini Crewmate in the Mini Crewmate Bundle.

6. Dog

Top 10 Best Pets in Among Us - Dog
Among Us (© InnerSloth)

Dogs are a classic in every series involving pets and Among Us is no different. As a faithful companion, this Dog will support you in everything you do, always looking like it is absolutely head over heels in love. Dogs are great. No matter what you do, they always think you’re the greatest thing to ever happen to them. Though a little different looking than your average dog, this little one is still very cute and the perfect teammate.

5. Hamster

Among Us (© InnerSloth)

The most normal looking of all available pets, the Hamster is your basic little cutie that follows you around in their hamster ball. It can’t help you much with the bigger tasks and even the smaller tasks, like wires, probably aren’t the best idea for small animals with sharp teeth. That said, they would make for a great lookout. Maybe you could send them through the vent first to see if there’s anyone around that would catch you up to no good.

If you are looking for a more typical pet to keep with you, you can get both the Dog and Hamster in the Hamster Pet Bundle.

4. UFO

Among Us (© InnerSloth)

The UFO pet is pretty fitting considering your dealing with a space mystery. This UFO will float next to your character, bobbing up and down while the lights flash. Whoever’s inside is certainly having quite the party in there.

Although we aren’t entirely sure what the crewmates are, we can say that the imposters are very alien-esque, with razor sharp teeth and long tongues that can pierce the skull. So it is a perfect way to blend in and not get yourself killed, right? Well not really but it still looks pretty cool having a mini spaceship following you around.

3. Brainslug

Among Us (© InnerSloth)

The Brainslug pet is also available as a hat (Brain Slug), just in case you were thinking you wanted all sorts of space parasites floating around you. This is an Easter egg reference to the brain slug characters from Futurama. Also, very reminiscent of the facehugger xenomorph from the Alien series, this is a classic bit of sci-fi culture.

The Brainslug pet has a bit of a jiggle to it. It’s actually quite adorable when you don’t think about what it really is. Just be careful that it doesn’t try to implant in your head. You can obtain the Brainslug and UFO in the Brainslug Pet Bundle.

2. Squig

Among Us (© InnerSloth)

Squig is another other worldly creature that you can get as a pet in Among Us. No one is really sure exactly what this thing is but, like the Brainslug, it is still very cute. It has tentacles so maybe it could be a useful companion in getting those tasks finished or taking out the crew. Like the Brainslug, Squig has a bit of movement and like to bob from side to side.

1. Bedcrab

Among Us (© InnerSloth)

Our favorite pet is the Bedcrab. This pet also takes inspiration from another sci-fi series, Half Life. In this series, the headcrabs, which Bedcrab is based on, are a parasitic alien species that will consume anything that crosses their path. There are several subspecies of headcrab and all are quite dangerous if not tamed. Likewise, you can take this otherwise deadly creature and make it a companion in Among Us.

The Bedcrab likes to bob up and down as it supports you on your endeavors. You can get both Squig and the Bedcrab in the Bedcrab Pet Bundle.


Among Us is a fun game to play and it’s even better with your friends. You can use so many different combinations of cosmetics (hats, skins, pets) to let your personality shine. Whether you play in The Skeld, Polus, or MIRA HQ, you want to look good. No one likes showing up for working looking like a mess and the crewmates of Among Us are no different. So, pick out your outfit, choose your favorite pet, and get to work.

Again, this game can be played on both PC and mobile, though PC definitely seems to be the most popular choice among many gamers. As with any game, you need to make sure you have the right equipment if you want a good gaming experience. You probably aren’t going to want to buy a new laptop just for Among Us. But you also probably aren’t playing only Among Us and nothing else. If you want some good gear to take your PC gaming to the next level, check out our list of the top 10 best laptops to play Among Us under $1,000.