Top 10 Best Perks to Use in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer (Ranked)

By Jim Jones

In the newest COD, devs added a few new perks, meaning you may have to change your usual COD loadout. Most of these perks have appeared before in other games in the series. There are still three groups you can select a perk from to create your loadout, however.

We are excited to see the class setups that people make, especially in multiplayer fights. The new wildcard system allows you to pick one of four perks on top of your existing three. Plus, combining perks with specific equipment and weapons will enable you to design a class catered to your personal playstyle.

Want to play aggressively? You can find a perk for that. Prefer to play stealthy or build hidden traps to slow down the enemy? There are perks for that too. We are confident you can find the best perk for you on this list.

So, are you looking for the top perks to use in COD Black Ops Cold War? We have the top 10 here for you, so be sure to stick around.

10. Gung-Ho

Top 10 Best Perks to Use in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer (Ranked) - Gung Ho
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (©Activision)

If you like to stay moving, then this perk would be great to have on hand. We recommend this for fast players who love the thrill of jumping right into a shoot-out.

This ability allows you to shoot your weapon and even use other equipment while at a full sprint, which you usually cannot do. If you have to reload, you do not have to stop running- which would be useful in an intense situation.

The perk also lets you switch out your weapons faster, shoot more accurately when sliding, and take less fall damage. So, if you are always on the move in COD, you will want this perk. It makes a world of difference once you have it equipped.

9. Forward Intel

Top 10 Best Perks to Use in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer (Ranked) - Forward Intel
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (©Activision)

This perk has a lot of potential since it increases the range of what you can see on your minimap. Plus, Forward Intel gives you the location of enemy reinforcement spawn points. We think this perk works best players who want to support their team.

You use the perk to gather information on the enemy, then let your team know where they are coming from. It is perfect if you prefer to think out a strategy and take a specific course of action to win.

Overall, you really only need one person using this perk at a time since they can tell you where you need to go. That way, everyone else can have more useful perks equipped.

8. Assassin

Top 10 Best Perks to Use in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer (Ranked) - Assassin
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (©Activision)

This perk will not make playing the game any easier, but it makes it more fun if you love being competitive. When active, you get an indicator on your minimap that shows enemies who are on a killstreak.

If you kill them, you get extra points- which is great if you want to earn a higher score but will not do much else for your gameplay experience. That is all the perk does, but if you think ruining killstreaks is a good time, you will enjoy having it.

7. Quartermaster

Top 10 Best Perks to Use in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer (Ranked) - Quartermaster
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (©Activision)

If your play style is pretty aggressive, then we are confident that you will love this perk! It allows you to recharge your equipment 25 seconds faster- which is a lot, especially if you are waiting to unload another hand grenade.

Using this perk in the right way with specific equipment could allow you to become a walking bomb. If you want to play offensively and spend all your time blasting enemies, this is definitely the way to go. Choosing your loadout weapons carefully when you have this perk active is going to help you succeed.

6. Scavenger

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (©Activision)

We think this perk works best for players who are survivors. With it active, you can pick up ammo from slain players, even if they are on your team. This ability is great if you want to last a long time on the battlefield since you do not have to worry about running out of ammunition.

It would probably not be worth having equipped if you die all the time since your ammo would just be replenished anyway. But, it would work correctly for those players who never seem to die.

You might need this perk if you have any gaming accessories designed to help you win in COD.

5. Tactical Mask

Top 10 Best Perks to Use in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer (Ranked) - Tactical Mask
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (©Activision)

This perk makes you immune to gas, stun, and flash grenades. You can compare it to the Battle Hardened perk from Warzone. Overall, it is an excellent defense in particular situations. It may be worth having equipped if another player is spamming flash grenades without any signs of letting up.

We also think it would be great if you tend not to notice grenades coming your way until it is too late. You can use it to pad out your weaknesses- making this a decent perk if you want to boost your defenses.

4. Spycraft

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (©Activision)

This is an exciting perk. It allows you to access enemy field upgrades while making you immune to some other perks, including Jammer, Tracker, Paranoia, and Counter Spy Plane.

You will also never trigger traps with this perk on- proximity mines, gas mines, and other booby traps will be ineffective if you accidentally set one off. This feature is great to have, especially if you tend to die to sneaky enemy tactics.

The Spycraft perk can do wonders at improving your mobility as well. You can easily pass through enemy lines if you play aggressively since you will not have to worry about stepping on any mines.

Being able to hack enemy field upgrades comes with its advantages. If you use the perk right, you can convert traps into your own and slow down the enemy’s movement.

3. Ninja

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (©Activision)

This perk is helpful to players who love to move quickly. Having it active allows you to sprint at full speed more quietly and makes you immune to Field Mic when running. Your character will also only talk when necessary, making it harder for enemies to locate you. This stops your Operator from making comments randomly.

If you play by running and gunning down enemies, this is for you. The perk means you no longer have to try to be stealthy, and you can sprint without the worry of being heard. Plus, if you want to get some melee kills in, you can get super close to other players and take them out.

Because of this, the Ninja perk is best used with other melee-focused abilities. It is also helpful if you are trying to complete some melee objectives.

2. Flak Jacket

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (©Activision)

The Flak Jacket perk gives you more staying power since it prevents damage from flames or explosives. It even works against flames from Lethals, so you have a lot less to worry about on the battlefield.

If you want to last longer, then be sure to have this perk equipped. It is the perfect defense against enemies that toss grenades or Molotovs, keeping your momentum up as you move through the stage

1. Ghost

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (©Activision)

The Ghost perk makes you invisible to the enemy Spy Planes and stops them from picking you up on their radar. This effect becomes active when dealing with bombs, on the move, or controlling a Scorestreak.

This perk is best for VIP Escort mode since the VIP always starts with a Spy Plane Scorestreak active. If you are not on their side, the Ghost perk stops them from getting an advantage over you right out of the gate.

Overall, suppose you want to move without alerting enemies and catch other players with a deadly surprise attack. In that case, you will want to invest in this perk. It is by far the best option for a stealth loadout, in our opinion. Using it with other stealth equipment will make it impossible for enemies to know where you are.

This perk has been present in other COD games- and it is almost always one of the top options to have on hand. It is not nearly as broken in the Cold War as previous titles. However, it can still give you a considerable advantage over enemy players. This reasoning makes it our top pick for the best perk!


Those were the top 10 best perks to use in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. No matter how you like to play, we are confident that you will find something to boost your abilities on this list.

If you use the right equipment on top of your perks, you should create an impressive loadout. Perks can make or break a class, so make sure you spend some time thinking about how you plan on playing on the battlefield.

We have plenty more lists that can help you prepare for COD games- be sure to check them out if you want to be the best! There is info on everything you can imagine on our site, and we are always adding more.