Top 10 Best Office Chairs for Gaming

By Erika Lentz

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You want to be comfortable when you’re gaming. It’s hard to be at your best your back is killing you, so getting the right chair is essential in gaming. Some sessions get pretty intense, so you want something with mobility and padding that’ll keep you comfortable for hours. There are a ton of options out there, with many gamers choosing to seek specific materials or design styles. You’ll also need to think about the space you’re working with and make sure all of your equipment fits perfectly.

Of course, we aren’t just limited to gaming when it comes to our desk and chair setup. You want a great gaming session but you might need to use your setup for other purposes. For instance, many people have home offices that double as their gamer cave. Take a look at the top 10 best office chairs for gaming to get the best of both worlds.

This chair from AmazonBasics is a solid, basic office chair. Our choice here is black since it’s a classic design that blends well with any gamer setup. But you can also get this chair in brown or white. This chair has faux leather upholstery and a padded back and seat to provide comfort for hours. It is an adjustable height and full swivel. In addition, it has dual-wheel casters to improve durability.

This chair does have a slightly lower weight capacity than others, at 275 pounds. Users have also noted that this chair tends to wear down quickly compared to other options. For instance, you may experience the padding on the seat going flat.

This chair from SMUGDESK is another choice designed for long term comfort. The mesh is breathable and compliments the mid-height lumbar support design. This, along with the waist pillow, provide a comfortable experience as well as good spinal alignment. This chair has an adjustable seat height and rocking function as well. It has smooth-rolling casters for easy mobility.

Like our previous entry, this chair has a lower weight capacity than many others, supporting up to 250 pounds. Users note that the mesh on the seat is scratchy especially if you have bare skin against it. They also say that the materials are a cheap quality, so you may experience more wear and tear than usual.

This option from Neo Chair comes in four different color options; black, grey, pink, and sky blue. It is fully adjustable, with both tilted and fixed modes available. In addition, the seat padding is thicker than previous versions of this chair. It has great lumbar support and a breathable mesh back. It also has a pretty high weight capacity at 300 pounds.

Users note that assembly of this chair can be a bit complicated and that the materials used aren’t the best. They also state that this chair is hard to lean back in as it may tilt too far or even fall.

This chair from Hbada is an Amazon Choice that comes in both black and white options. It has a mid-back design with adjustable height. It also has high density back mesh and a foam seat designed for lower back support. This chair is a space saver, thanks to flip-up armrests, making it great for any gaming or home office setup. It has silenced rolling casters that add to this mobility as well.

This chair is a more expensive option than others on this list, so this is definitely more of a choice for someone in need of this higher level of support and adjustability. It also has a low weight capacity at 250 pounds.

This chair from Flash Furniture is very user friendly thanks to how many color and material options you get. It comes in eight different color options, with some having different options for frame color. You can also select different materials for the upholstery with the black selection. This chair has lumbar support and a mesh back for air circulation. It has a tilt lever and height adjustment as well.

This chair is another pricy option compared to others, though it isn’t the highest. Like with some of the previous options, the materials used are not always the most comfortable on bare skin. The cushion may also go flat after heavy use.

This chair from Alera is designed for comfort and durability. It has a breathable mesh back and premium fabric upholstery. In addition, you can use the multi-function mechanism to adjust both the tilt and height. The arms are also height and width adjustable. This chair contours to your body and has a waterfall edge to relieve pressure on your legs. It has a five-star base with high quality casters to allow for easy mobility.

This chair is premium quality but this is reflected in the price. It is expensive compared to other options, so this may be a better choice for someone needing more support and comfort. The main complaint among users is that this chair is difficult to assemble and the instructions can be confusing.

This chair from STAPLES comes in black, charcoal grey, and red. It has a high back with mesh upholstery. The seat is height and tilt adjustable and the arms are also height adjustable as well. In addition, this chair has neck support as well as a pressure-relief design for your legs.

This chair is another expensive choice that may not be the best for all gamers. Users note that this is not the most comfortable choice. It has poor lumbar support and both the seat and arms tend to feel stiff. This chair also only supports up to 250 pounds.

This chair from Nouhaus is marketed as a task chair rather than a basic office chair, meaning that it has many uses. It comes in both black and grey options. It is one of the strongest options on this list, thanks to an aluminum base and silent, smooth roller wheels. It is easy to assemble and has an adjustable height, tilt, and neck rest. This chair is also unique in that it has an integrated coat hanger on the back.

This chair is expensive compared to other options. One major complaint among users is that, despite being height adjustable, this chair seems quite short. So, people with lower budgets or those who are taller would probably benefit from a different option.

This chair from Steelcase comes in 15 different color options. It is designed for comfort with live lumbar technology that flexes with your movements to provide ergonomic comfort in any position. This mimics the shape of your spine and the seat also glides to match your movement. It is also very adjustable; seat height, back firmness, and armrest height, width, depth, and pivot. In addition to being incredibly comfortable, this chair comes from an environmentally conscious manufacturer, using 30% recycled material.

This chair is one of Steelcase’s most popular products but its premium quality is reflected in the price. It is the most expensive chair on this list by a long shot. So, while it definitely has a ton of comfort features that would be very helpful for many people, you may want to look at a cheaper option if you don’t necessarily need this level of support.

As our top choice, this chair from Herman Miller is a nice blend of versatility and comfort. You can get the PostureFit option (pictured), which has a back that promotes a healthy posture, or the Lumbar option that provides fantastic lower back support. It has a suspension textile made of two different materials to provide both breathability and adjustability. You can adjust the tilt and lumbar support as well as the armrests. This chair has pivot points that align with your hips, knees, and ankles that allow the chair to match your natural motion. It is a strong choice that can support up to 300 pounds.

This chair, being another premium option, is quite expensive. It is comparable to our number two spot in price, though it is slightly cheaper. Users note that assembly is difficult and many people say that it is overpriced.


Your home office or gamer setup needs to be comfortable if you want to be able to get anything done. Having a chair designed for multiple purposes is a great option for anyone who has a home office or just wants to be able to be productive when they’re not gaming. Durability, user friendliness, and versatility are some of the key features to pay attention to. Our list of the top 10 best office chairs for gaming provide all of these features thanks to breathable mesh, seat padding, adjustability, and great lower back support. So, make your choice and ramp up your home office or gamer zone to the next level.