Top 10 Best Motherboards for NVIDIA RTX 30 Series

By Jim Jones

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With the mention of NVIDIA’s RTX 30 Series, many gaming fans are waiting to see what this new series will have to offer their gaming experience. The hype of these products has been very high, and people are expecting a lot. However, you don’t just need to think about this series itself, but what the best motherboards will work for them.

With the improved performance of this series, you will want a motherboard that has more to offer. These cards are far above what anyone has seen before, and you will need something bigger and better to get the best experience from them. So, you will need upgraded Ram modules, Coolers, SSDs, and a motherboard.

So, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best motherboards for NVIDIA RTX 30 Series to make it easier for you to find the one you want.

This motherboard is a pretty standard option that still comes with its wifi system. The black and white body makes it a cool option for those focusing on the look of the motherboard.

It has four DIMM slots, two PCIe slots, and has dual M.2 slots. Only one of the M.2 slots comes with a heatsink, but you could get one for the other. This option is also a heavy-duty option that comes with lots of armor for protection and active cooling systems.

This motherboard has an integrated I/O shield that makes the installation a lot easier and is a premium option that won’t hurt your wallet to purchase.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Integrated I/O shield
  • Dual M.2 slots


  • Only one M.2 slot has a heatsink

This motherboard a bit of a bare-bone option compared to the fancier choices available on this list, but it comes with everything you need. It is made as part of the ASUS TUF Series, which means that it has durable materials and is made to last through heavy use with less damage or wear.

They are a few different RGB lighting options for this model and you get two PCIe slots, four DIMM slots, and a chipset. You will also get two separate M.2 slots to improve your SSD storage and speed. There are USB ports, audio connections, and HDMI ports that allow for optimal connectivity.


  • Not fancy, but durable
  • Four DIMM slots
  • Two M.2 slots


  • No integrate I/O shield

The ASRock Z490 is a superb option that has a unique design that sets it apart from others. There is a lot of armor that comes on this motherboard, but it still manages to look sleek. It is gray and black but comes with white accents.

The slots are designed to have improved support for GPUs and it provides more protection for the slots as well. It also has a 14 phase Dr.MOS design that offers M.2 drives. This option also has a designated wifi system built-in so you do not rely on others. The wifi antenna is included in the box with the motherboard itself.

This option also comes with heatsinks to help control the temperature and fans that will help cool the system even faster.


  • Comes with armor
  • Unique design
  • Built-in wifi


  • The look is not for everyone

This motherboard is one that offers great cooling functions due to the need for overclocking. This is ideal for both second and third-gen processors and allows you to slot up to four modules for memory for better RAM capacity.

This option has two slots for connections that allow you to use two times the GPUs. There are also multiple ethernet and USB ports for the best gaming experience. This option also comes at a budget-friendly price, which may be the only option that some customers can afford.

However, though it is low in price, you are still getting a great choice that will allow for better compatibility and durability.


  • Heatsinks for cooling
  • Better connectivity
  • Enhanced memory


  • Doesn’t have dedicated wifi

This motherboard is an option that offers support for both second and third-gen processors, but it is also compatible with the newest options. It can also handle having four RAM modules so that you can have to boost your memory by a huge percentage.

This makes an ideal option for those who like to keep track of their progress on lots of games at once without running out of memory space. This option also comes with multiple cooling options to help keep the temperatures of the motherboard from getting too hot from long gaming sessions.

This choice also comes with an ability to add RBG lights that come in lots of effects and colors so that you can customize your setup as you please. It also has an audio boost feature that will be clearer for both game sound effects or music.


  • Good for a budget
  • Can be customized with RBG lighting
  • Supports fourth-gen ren processors


  • Difficult to set up initially

This is a special kind of motherboard that offers great looks and performance that both tend to exceed expectations. The white accents make it look like a futuristic option that seems to come with high-end features and functions.

This option supports for tenth gen processors. This makes it easy to use whatever chipset you have as long as it fits that description. There is a VRM phase that keeps voltage regulation at its best. You also have more support for overclocking and cooling, both using AI.

This motherboard also comes with fans that will come as whenever the temperature of the board gets too high. This means that you won’t have to worry about overheating.


  • Cheap price
  • Has AI features
  • Great style


  • Doesn’t have inbuilt wifi

This motherboard is a good option for those who want a medium-priced choice that won’t break the bank but still comes with high-tech features. Also, you will be able to use the RTX 3070 card with this option.

The MSI MPG Z490 is one of the best options for supporting RGB lights, which makes the style of this option ideal for those who want a particular look. It also comes with a cover made from durable aluminum that will keep your setup tough when the temperatures get a bit of the warmer side. Since you have to overclock the GPU and CPU, this is a necessary feature.

This is an option known for durability and even comes with a twin-turbo mode for the SSDs. It also has lots of connectivity options that allow for a high level of compatibility.


  • Great heatsinks
  • Good VRM
  • Supports premium GPUs and CPUs


  • Not ideal for extreme overclocking

This AUS ROG Crosshair is an AMD motherboard that uses enhanced features that make it a great option. It supports both second and third-gen processors and you can even change the BIOS in you would like to make any other enhancements.

This motherboard is made from very durable materials that make it a very long-lasting option that you will be able to keep for years. The materials used are metallic resistors and micro-fine alloy chokes. It also comes with the ability to support overclocking so you can use overclocking profiles.

This is also an option that comes with wide compatibilities for USB connection types. Although it can be a pretty expensive option, it is a DIY choice that you can upgrade yourself quite easily.


  • Has overclocking profiles
  • Five options for cooling
  • Aluminum heatsinks


  • Has a high price


The ASUS ROG Maximus XII is a motherboard that uses an Intel processor, which supports up to the 10th gen. Not only was this made to be compatible with the RTX 20 series, but it also is compatible with the 30 series. 

This model comes as a liquid cooling solution so that you can add cooling pipes without any issues. This motherboard is made for those who want a top-of-the-line option and comes with AI networking, cooling, and overclocking. This includes both bandwidth optimization and automatic fans for cooling.

There are 16 different phases for the regulation of voltage and for multi-GPU slotting, which allows you to use two cards at the same time without lowering the overall performance of this option.


  • Offers better performance
  • AI capabilities
  • Has extreme overclocking


  • For 9th and 10th processors

The Gigabyte X570 AORUS is one great option for a motherboard because it offers the threadripper processor is so efficient. Plus, with this choice having a ton of different options for additions to your setup, you will be able to customize your experience.

This Gigabyte motherboard has voltage regulation with its 14 phases Infineon digital VRM. This is one of the biggest features of this motherboard, however, it also reduces temperatures by using heatsinks. With such a high level of power, you could get another motherboard to heat up very quickly. This one will stay cooler than other options with its thermal guards and airflow casing.

This option also provides you with upgraded audio capacitors, a Smart fan 5, and shield armor for your base plate. And, talking about aesthetics, this looks great too with its RGB light headers and different color options.


  • Has many features
  • Will last a long time
  • Compatible and very efficient


  • One of the most expensive options


No matter which type of motherboard you would like, there is one on this list that is compatible with the RTX 30 Series that you will be able to use. Whether you have a large or small budget, you can get one of these options that will allow you to check out these cards and have the best gaming experience possible.