Top 10 Best Milano Blueprints in Warzone

By Everett Zarnick

The Milano 821 represents a special class of players with unique skill sets that are becoming more and more essential in winning Warzone matches. Namely, being a jack of all trades at the cost of also exhibiting “master of none” cliches.

Submachine guns tend to be close quarters weapons that trade range for mobility, but the Milano is unique in that all of that mobility and CQC is matched with just the slightest ability to function at medium ranges in the right hands. This versatility makes the Milano the ultimate weapon for runnin’ and gunnin’ goodness. Today, we’ll be paying our respects to the Milano by going through its top 10 Warzone blueprints.

This list will be ranked solely on the blueprint’s aesthetic value and nothing more.

10. Heat Flash

Top 10 Best Milano Blueprints in Warzone - Heat Flash
Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

It’s a fitting gesture that Heat Flash makes this top ten during these cookin’ summer days.

Heat Flash is a blueprint of Epic rarity that takes the Milano’s compact body and vomits a “fresh out of the forge” lava orange and smoldering purple. The gorgeous colors are matched by the sheer extravagance of the weapon. With standard attachments, the only person who should be picking this blueprint up is the show off who wants to run and gun in style.

This toy-looking piece can be picked up in the short temper bundle.

9. Head Jammer

Top 10 Best Milano Blueprints in Warzone - Head Jammer
Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

If Heat Flash was the blueprint for the forge, Head Jammer is the blueprint for the cooler. A neon purple decorates one half of the weapon while light blue dances around the other half, giving off a futuristic chilled aesthetic.

An agency suppressor and SAS combat stock add a ton of length to the otherwise short weapon, while the holoscout optic and 50 RND drum mag help to add girth to the Milano. Obviously, the devs were trying to make the canvas for the Head Jammer as large as possible, and they just about succeeded as well as they could have.

If you’re the exact opposite kind of person to those who enjoy Heat Flash, then you’ll love the Head Jammer. It can be picked up through the Derby Destroyer bundle released in season 3.

8. Whiteout

Top 10 Best Milano Blueprints in Warzone - Whiteout
Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

Whiteout brings back memories of ice climbing with Cpt. Mactavish in MW2. As the name suggests, this blueprint is a whole lot of snow camo, sleek design, and not a lot else.

The original carbon design of the weapon has white tape pasted over it like a paint job done fast, giving this Milano blueprint a particularly personal feel to it. The white tape adds a quiet tone to an otherwise standard weapon that’s subtle, but somehow all the more prettier for it.

Much like the Head Jammer, Whiteout features an agency suppressor and tactical stock for increased length for extra length and a fair bit of width at the weapon’s business end. This Epic grade weapon can be purchased in the Frigid Frenzy bundle for all those who enjoy a quiet but gorgeous look that stays on the outskirts of a fight.

7. Razor’s Edge

Top 10 Best Milano Blueprints in Warzone - Razors Edge
Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

Razor’s Edge looks like something the Prince of Persia would personally carry with him at all times. The Vandal speed loader and sound suppressor give the Milano a much more compact look, while a sand-tan flutters across the body of the weapon, giving it a milk-ish texture that’s smooth on the eyes. 

Meanwhile, the golden design printed on the muzzle means that although this weapon is fairly easy to spot for those who know what to look for in an enemy, it’s also pretty on the eyes for those looking up close, which should be fairly often given the Milano’s strengths as an SMG.

Razor’s Edge is a legendary blueprint that can be picked up in the Hot Shot bundle released all the way back in season 1. This thing is a classic.

6. Blood Money

Top 10 Best Milano Blueprints in Warzone - Blood Money
Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

Infinity Ward has a habit of taking any and all SMGs they can find and asking the question, “How can we make this look like an M1921 Thompson?” Blood money is the Milano’s representation of that apparent need, and boy does it look pretty.

That classic wooden brown coating is painted across the stock and body of the gun, while a fat sound suppressor adds a bit more girth to make the Milano look like something you’d expect a gangster of Chicago to use 100 years ago. And how could you have something so iconic go without the 50 round drum mag? This blueprint has that and a classic tactical stock.

Are you a fan of old Chicago gangster films? You can pick up the Blood Money blueprint in the Scar Tissue bundle, released in season 1.

5. Milly Blossom

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

We’ve reached that blueprint on the list. Like all anime-inspired blueprints, you’re either going to love it or hate it. But if there’s one thing you can’t deny about the Milly Blossom, its that it has a unique look you’re not going to find in any other Milano blueprint.

Pink flower petals, characters, and an overwhelming purple hue breathe life into this weapon, while artwork of a person in the ever-popular anime style provides the focal point for the aesthetic.

The large agency suppressor and fast mag complete the look by making this Milano blueprint absolutely absurd. And why not? If you’re buying this blueprint, you’re going for a truly outlandish look, and more power to you.

You can pick up this legendary blueprint in the Blossom Anime tracer pack and some interesting tracer rounds for your trouble.

4. Evasion Protocol

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

Evasion Protocol takes the Milano and turns it into the true survivalists weapon. A woodland camo you’d come to expect from a jungle soldier is painted across its body, while a truly rough wrap is thrown around the suppressor and tactical stock.

The suppressor wrap, in particular, looks truly amazing. When you notice the detailing around the ripped up fabric and flawed (almost rushed) handy work done on the wrap itself, it’s hard to not forget you’re looking at an artist’s creation and not some photo taken of a real weapon.

The other blueprints might be extravagant or unique, but this weapon is just gorgeous in a very realistic way. You can grab it in the Beyond the Grave bundle, released in season 1.

3. Vidame

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

Chinese New Year red and gold are the stars of the show on the Vidame blueprint. These colours are absolutely shining on all the usual spots you’d expect them too, but also overwhelm every part of the gun that are normally reserved for standard attachments.

A snubbed barrel, 55 rnd mag, and holoscout optic make this particular Milano almost as wide as it is long. All of them are coated in the brilliant red and gold you’d hope for. Additionally, artwork of eastern architecture is designed over this blueprint tactical stock for extra spice.

While other weapons might show themselves off as weapons of a flashy competitor, this blueprint is truly extravagant, but for royalty. Available in the King’s Court III bundle, released in season 3.

2. Mahogany

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

If the Blood Money blueprint was the Tommy gun from 100 years ago, then the Mahogany blueprint is the Tommy gun of today. As you’d expect, this blueprint features the most iconic of wooden designs, a mahogany stock and frame. Additionally, a slightly neutral desert camo is sprawled across its barrel.

While the magazine, muzzle, and grip don’t completely follow suit with the mahogany look, they do sport an especially clean carbon look that screams of premium quality. And the magazine, in fact, does have a little mahogany thrown around the rim of its structure.

The Mahogany blueprint is probably the cleanest blueprint you’ll find for the Milano. Perfect for matching your clean gameplay. Can be purchased in the Deadly Drip bundle, released in season 1.

1. Xoxo Love Lost

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

Xoxo Love Lost is a blueprint that takes the Milano and does exactly what you think it would while also being a complete surprise. The Xoxo Milano is taller than it is long, completely pink, and precisely what someone roleplaying as Harley Quinn would want to wield, thanks to its unapologetically sloppy paint job.

The dropshot wrap over the 55rnd drum mag, as aforementioned, is the seasoning on this dish that makes it so tall. Something every flashy player will be happy to hear. Additionally, the imperfect nature of the paint job means that you have some purples and pinks spilling over each other, which distracts the eyes from the heart and “xox” characters which are spray painted over each other in amateur fashion.

It takes a real master to intentionally look sloppy, and IW walks that line masterfully. You can pick up Xoxo Love Lost in the Rose reactive bundle, with some complimentary tracer rounds for your troubles.


The Milano is a unique weapon that offers mobility, speed, and short to medium distance firefight strengths. This adaptable nature is represented in its blueprints, as many of them either go full flamboyant and aggressive or stay realistic and slick with wooden designs and human-like additions you’d find on a weapon that’s had its home and owner for years.

Enjoy the personality and duality of the Milano, and be sure to refer to this list when trying to find a blueprint that suits your personality. Best of luck, and have fun.