Top 10 Best Melee Weapons in Valheim

By Justin Joy

Death is not the final end for any true Viking warrior and Valheim shows that perfectly. Surviving in the Norse wilderness against the monsters of chaos can be a dangerous job and in order to survive you will need to get your hands on the best tools in order to slay your enemies. Most weapons will require you to craft them and doing so will allow you to take on bigger and badder enemies. The combat features a punishing block and parrying system with a wide range of weapons to choose from for any playstyle. The primary method of advancing in the game is to summon primordial and dangerous bosses so you will absolutely need to be equipped to deal with monsters.

10. Bronze sword

You will travel back to the bronze age for this weapon as the Bronze sword is as you may have guessed made of bronze. In order to craft this sword, you will need a forge and a handful of resources. You will need to gather 2 wood, 15 copper, and 4 tin before you can craft the Bronze sword. Swords are the lightest weapons with the lower cost of stamina which combined with the fact that they don’t slow you down when you run makes it an excellent choice for a highly mobile character. Unfortunately, this comes at the cost of lower blocking and parrying capabilities. The Bronze sword has a durability of 200 and does 35 damage per slash.

9. Bronze Mace

The Bronze Mace is a blunt weapon which grants it a bonus to stagger damage upon successfully parrying an enemy attack. In order to craft this mace, you will once again need to heat up the forge. Inside of it you will put 4 wood, 8 bronze, and 3 leather scraps in order to craft the Bronze Mace. This “headache on a stick” has a durability of 200 and is capable of dealing 35 damage in addition to its increased knockback. The downside of the Bronze Mace is that you will lose 5% movement speed when carrying it. The upside is that a mace is the perfect weapon to bash some faces in.

8. Battleaxe

The Battleaxe is also lovingly titled “Skullsplitter” and it’s probably not too hard to figure out where that name came from. It is a two-handed weapon that specializes in killing Greydwarves and chopping down trees. In order to craft this axe, you will need a forge along with 30 ancient bark, 35 iron, and 4 leather scraps. The Skullspliter is capable of different attacks such as a sweeping attack that hits all enemies in 180°, a quick backhand stroke, an overhead smash, and finally a quick forward stab. It has a durability of 200 and deals varying damage depending on what attack method you use.

7. Iron Longsword

The Iron longsword is an upgraded version of the bronze long sword and possibly has the coolest caption of any weapon in Valheim. It reads, “The straight line between life and death runs along the edge of this sword.” If that wasn’t quite metal enough for you then you may be excited at the 55 damage this sword can deal out. In order to craft the Iron longsword, you will need a forge as well as 2 wood, 20 iron, and 20 leather scraps. Much like the bronze sword this will not slow you down as you run. Also, since the Iron longsword is one-handed weapon you can also carry a shield when heading into battle.

6. Stagbreaker

The Stagbreaker is a massive two-handed hammer that is capable of dealing AoE damage upon impact. Because of this it has a huge appeal for taking out multiple enemies at once. The Stagbreaker has a reputation of being the best early game weapon in Valheim. It is available after upgrading to a level 2 workbench and defeating Eikthyr. It is crafted with 20 Core Wood, 5 Deer Trophies, and 2 Leather Scraps. As there are not many weapons that deal AoE damage getting your hands on Stagbreaker is pretty important. With this in your hands deer all around the world will flee from you faster than the speed of light!

5. Blackmetal knife

The Darkling dagger itself, the Blackmetal knife is the fourth dagger available to the player. One of the major perks of attacking with a knife is that if you do so while undetected you can do 10x sneak attack damage. Once you have upgraded your forge to level 4 you will be able to craft the Blackmetal knife. You will also need 4 fine wood, 10 black metal bars, and 5 linen thread before you can be the proud owner of a Blackmetal knife. The Blackmetal knife deals 18 piercing damage and 18 slashing damage. Another perk of this knife is that it doesn’t reduce your movement speed at all.

4. Blackmetal axe

Like the Blackmetal knife, the Blackmetal axe is the fourth axe available to the player and can be crafted at a level 4 forge. In order to craft this axe, you will need 6 fine wood, 20 black metal bars, and 5 linen thread. The Blackmetal axe deals 95 damage and has 60 knockback. An axe’s windup and swing speed is longer than a sword’s or knives but in return you will have a greater chance at parrying and an increased block. It has a durability of 175 and is well worth it to keep this axe in good repair.

3. Blackmetal sword

You should be used to seeing weapons made out of Blackmetal and it is no surprise that the Blackmetal sword is at the top of these weapons. Like those before it the Blackmetal sword is the fourth sword available to the player and crafted at a level 4 forge. You will need 2 fine wood, 20 blackmetal bars, and 5 linen thread before you can craft this sword. It deals 95 slash damage and has a durability of 200. This sword truly is a thing of death and beauty and as a one-handed weapon it will pair beautifully with a shield. There is a reason that a warrior’s dominant hand is called their sword hand, so get your hands on the best blade you can in order to earn a reputation for yourself.

2. Porcupine

The Porcupine is a deadly mace constructed with fiendish spikes and iron and is every bit as prickly as the creature it is named after. It is crafted at a level 4 forge and with 5 fine wood, 20 iron, 5 needles, and 10 linen thread. The Porcupine is special because it deals both blunt and piercing damage and has a durability of 150. You will also find that the Porcupine has 20 block power, 90 knockback, and 2x parry bonus. In order to craft this, you will have to travel to the plains biome and fight some Deathsquitos to the death before you can pry their needles from their faces. Stick it back to them with this sharp and deadly mace, or just bash their skulls in regardless.

1. Frostner

The Frostner is a powerful two-handed silver hammer capable of dealing frost, blunt, and spirit damage. You will need a level 3 workbench before you can craft this hammer as well as 10 ancient bark, 30 silver, 5 Ymir flesh, and 5 freeze glands. In order to acquire Frostner, you will have to slay some Drakes up in the mountains. Ymir flesh can be purchased from Haldor, a trader that is found randomly in the Black Forest. As a two-handed hammer you will find this weapon has increased knockback, parrying, and blocking. It may not be Mjolnir but you will find that Frostner will make a close companion and deadly tool.


Valheim is early in its life having just been released but it has already achieved a high player count and a dedicated fanbase. As warriors you will need the best weapons to defend yourself and your companions as well as defeat the monsters that will be coming for you all. In order to get stronger weapons, you will need to defeat more powerful enemies to advance and craft even more potent weapons. From basic weapons to legendary weapons Valheim is full of treacherous creatures and hostile environments so the least you can do is equip yourself with some sharp and stick the monsters with the pointy end.