Top 10 Best LW3 – Tundra Blueprints in Warzone

By Everett Zarnick

When it comes to fighting from a distance in Warzone, anything beyond a medium range is best handled by a sniper rifle. The LW3 – Tundra, in particular, is becoming more and more popular due to its incredible bullet velocity (speed). When fighting from a distance, having a weapon with as little bullet travel time as possible is key, and the LW3’s velocity makes for long range shots with almost instant impact.

Today, we’ll be ranking the LW3’s top ten blueprints. These ranks will be based purely off of the respective blueprint’s aesthetic value and nothing more. Happy sniping!

10. Barren Waste

Top 10 Best LW3 – Tundra Blueprints in Warzone - Barren Waste
Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

There’s something to be said for blueprints that keep things simple, and Barren Waste doesn’t try anything fancy. Its name suggests the exact look it’s going for, with the original LW3’s paint job worn away, presumably through sand and time.

A white coat (or lack of black coat) is sprawled across this weapon, with black and white designs along the 29” barrel and PVS-4 Thermal optic. It looks like something you might see on Tatooine, but white.

You can grab this rare blueprint from the Thermal Tracker bundle, released in season 3.

9. Data Synapse

Top 10 Best LW3 – Tundra Blueprints in Warzone - Data Synapse
Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

Have you ever wanted to DDOS your opponents with the power of high magnification and bullet velocity? Data Synapse takes the green matrix look and runs all the way to the bank with it. The weapon features a neon green paint job alongside a SWAT laser sight for maximum computer-y goodness.

For the programmer that’s hidden (or not so hidden) in all of us, the Data Synapse blueprint manages to make do with very little. You can pick it up in the Terminal Failure bundle released in season 1 when Github just doesn’t cut it.

8. Barrel Hunter

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

There’s a few weapon blueprints in Warzone that feature a beach-like warlord vibe, but none do it quite as well as the LW3’s Barrel Hunter. The Barrel Hunter features a long streak of purple atop a sunset hue of sherbet orange, with a surfer painted on for the cherry on top.

Something about finding a high value property to then snipe your Warzone competitors from with a .308 stabilizer just seems right when it comes to the LW3, and makes this blueprint in particular a bit extra in terms of flavor and design.

You can pick up the Barrel Hunter in the Killer Surf Bundle from season 1.

7. Below Zero

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

For the special operatives among us, Below Zero functions as an attractive blueprint with a black carbon finish along its entire body. You wouldn’t expect a common footsoldier to wield this beast, and it reminds one of any special sniping mission contemporary COD games have put out. For a nice cherry on top, Below Zero adds a unique wrapped suppressor as the muzzle of this weapon, making it both sleek in design and one of a kind in looks.

You can pick up Below Zero in season 1’s Winter Sniper bundle, no kidding!

6. Ashwood

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

Ashwood takes the concept that Below Zero employs, and raises its personality to the power of 28. With a special operative look to it, Ashwood sports a 28” barrel and standard scope, with a light-black carbon finish that boasts a nice glare to its side so enemies can take a good look at you before your bullets hit home.

In addition, the body also supports a wavy mesh design that brings home the look of ‘custom paint job’ vs. ‘Standard issue’. Such a weapon was only unlockable through tier 51 of the battlepass during season one. If you didn’t get this epic-grade blueprint then, you’re out of luck!

5. Swiper Khan

Top 10 Best LW3 – Tundra Blueprints in Warzone - Swiper Khan
Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

There’s usually one or two skins of this kind for every weapon we rank, and in the LW3’s case, the wild jungle-esque blueprint is good enough for a spot at #5. Swiper Khan takes the LW3 and places a large tiger on it. No, that isn’t speaking liberally, we mean to say, literally, Swiper Khan is the LW3 with a big ol’ tiger.

Black and orange colors make up a striped swipe pattern across the whole of the gun, with a tigers face smacked right in the middle. Even the dropshot wrap around the grip of the weapon is tuned up for the color scheme. Additionally, this blueprint features a fast mag, so as to not take up any space from the canvas that is the weapon’s body.

You can pick up this weapon (and the attention of those within a 5-mile radius) in the side swipe bundle from season 2.

4. Disarmament

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

Prestige awards tend to be pretty grandiose, and Season 3’s award was no different. Disarmament is what would happen if the LW3 was made to be an on the move rifle with a barrel that’s fatter than the actual gun.

A skull explosion and red design sport an otherwise completely black and white carbon weapon, while the combat recon barrel and ultrazoom custom scope provide the weapon with the illusion of being shorter by making it taller.

The star of the show on this blueprint is really hard to pinpoint, which is the nature of some of the better blueprints by default. But everything, from the paint job to the muzzle itself, is unique in its own way. Gorgeous colors, great personality, and unique design. What’s not to like?

3. King Slayer

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

Is this weapon an homage to Martin’s Kingslayer? Is it a reference to marriage itself? What this blueprint lacks in tonal clarity, it makes up for in personal design. The entire gun looks like it’s wrapped in olive-green mesh, while woodland camo decorates its standard barrel and sound moderator muzzle.

A queen card is tapped to the stock with tape sporadically thrown about random parts of the rest of the weapon. Is this look going to appeal to everyone? No, but it will appeal greatly to those who want something personalized and unique.

(If you couldn’t tell, unique design goes a long way on these top tens.) You can pick up the King Slayer from the rubble (just kidding.) You can pick up the King Slayer from season 2’s Counter attack bundle.

2. Half Cocked

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

This legendary-grade blueprint is probably one of the beefier weapons in the game. With a wrapped suppressor and ember sighting point, this weapon becomes canvas to support its olive-green woodland camo finish.

The SAS combat stock and bipod underbarrel help to tie in the weapon’s theme of “big” together. There’s a bonus insignia in bright purple on the side to sport a familiar sign for those who use this blueprint often enough. It’s pretty, pretty large, and pretty much one of the more recognizable blueprints in the game thanks to its sheer size and camo design.

You can get the legendary-grade Half Cocked blueprint in the Deadly Hunter Bundle, released in season 3.

1. Cursed Bullion

Call of Duty: Warzone (©Activision and Infinity Ward)

Have you ever wanted to feel what $100K shoots like? Find out with the Cursed Bullion. This Blueprint, which earns the #1 spot on this list, features a smart grey carbon finish on its body with a golden barrel which articulates itself up to the scope and muzzle of the weapon.

It’s hard to look at this weapon while ignoring the yellow-golden trim along its outskirts and even on the grip itself. These colors play around each other intricately and make for some very pretty artwork to look at, both in and out of the match when waiting for foes.

It’s as objectively as possible the best, sleekest looking blueprint the LW3 has to offer and one of the smoothest looking weapons in the entire game. And you can get it from season 1’s Gilded Age Bundle.


When it comes to long range encounters, there’s no weapon that can match the LW3’s bullet velocity in a firefight, and it’s arguable if any of them can look as good as its available blueprints while failing to match up at range.

The weapon is becoming more and more popular, and so the blueprints are sure to follow. Be sure to get your hands on something pretty before the fad is over! And as always, GLHF.