Top 10 Best Logitech Gaming Keyboards 2021

By Jim Jones

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A gaming keyboard is a must if you game with any frequency or intensity. Even if you are just starting, gaming keyboards can offer incredible benefits over standard keyboards. For pros, a good gaming keyboard can mean the difference in reliability that can cost you a tournament.

When it comes to keyboards, and gaming keyboards, in particular, there is probably no name better known than Logitech. Innovating in the human-computer interface industry for decades, it is no wonder that we needed to make a top ten just for their gaming keyboards.

No matter what you need or want from your next gaming keyboard, you can probably find it on this list. From budget bad-boys to top-end design and pro-quality portability, Logitech is still a defining force in keyboard design and performance. Let’s take a look.

10. G213

The Logitech G213 is a versatile and dependable gaming keyboard that features Logitech’s durable tactile G Mech-Dome keys. These keys are designed to give the user a solid tactile response that is similar to a conventional mechanical keyboard, with performance to match. The Mech-Dome keys are full-height keys with a travel distance of 4mm. The keys do have an audible sound, but they have a very quiet operation that won’t distract you from your match.

The G213 has LIGHTSYNC RGB that is set up in 5 zones, that can each be customized for a full palette of millions of colors. Each zone can also be set with its brightness level, further enhancing your customization abilities. Set your lighting to interact with your game content with the Logitech G HUB interface.

Built to withstand the daily rigors of hard gaming, the G213 even has a spill resistance of 60ml. The Attached palm rest and adjustable feet give this keyboard a relatively comfortable operation, while the integrated media controls mean you don’t have to leave your keyboard to make adjustments to your music or videos.


  • + Programmable RGB effects
  • + Spill-resistance up to 60ml


  • 4mm travel distance
  • Fixed palm rest

9. G413

This is a serious keyboard. With a housing made from 5052 aluminum alloy, this keyboard is light, strong, and ready to put in some work. If there are hitmen in the keyboard world, this is one of them. The sleek profile and functionality even extend to built-in mouse and headset cable management, as well as adjustable-height feet to fit your needs.

The G413 includes 12 faceted keycaps to use with any game-critical keys on your keyboard. This lets you navigate by touch alone, avoiding crucial mistakes and missed moments. The included key puller makes swapping keycaps nearly instant. These keycaps cover keys with Romer-G Tactile mechanical switches, with a 1.5mm short-throw activation distance. This gives you the edge in speed.

Hitmen aren’t flashy, and you find any vibrant and friendly RGB palettes here, just an elemental red backlight under each key. This keeps your keys visible, but not distracting, particularly during night gaming. The USB pass-through port lets you charge a digital device or establish a data link as you could with any other high-speed USB port on your chassis.


  • + Faceted gaming keycaps
  • + Gaming mode


  • Macros use F1-F12 keys

8. G613

The Logitech G613 is a more-than-capable wireless gaming keyboard, designed for gamers who love wireless operation but refuse to compromise on giving up mechanical switches. Featuring the LIGHTSPEED wireless technology, the G613 can give you wired performance and latency, without the cord.

The Romer-G Tactile switches in the G613 give you a precise mechanical feel with performance to match, with whisper-quiet operation. They give the same top-tier short-throw activation distance of only 1.5mm, which is 25% quicker than many other keyboards.


  • + Romer-G Tactile switches
  • + Short-throw 1.5mm activation


  • No RGB effects

7. G910

The Logitech G910 brings gamers the top levels of design, performance, and innovation that they come to expect from top-tier Logitech gaming devices. This keyboard is loaded with all the bells and whistles, like 9 fully programmable G-Keys, vibrant LIGHTSYNC RGB effects, and second screen capabilities.

Use the Arx Control app to integrate in-game info, system stats, or even game controls into your keyboard via an Android or iOS device. The dedicated media controls and integrated roller let you manipulate your media effortlessly.

The G910 also features a unique anti-ghosting feature on 113 keys, that ensures that your keypresses reach the computer even in the most frantic of situations. Each key is also coated with a UV protectant to fight against finger oils and abrasions.


  • + Second screen capability
  • + Protective coating on the keys
  • + Software 


  • Expensive

6. G512

This is a simple but effective gaming keyboard that employs a modest appearance, with the phenomenal performance of the advanced GX mechanical switches. The aluminum-magnesium alloy chassis brings a stately, brushed, and anodized finish to the keyboard.

LIGHTSYNC RGB gives you reactive and fully customizable lighting, using a wide range of presets as well as personalized animations from the G HUB software. The full-speed USB pass-though port allows data communications and high-speed charging directly from the keyboard.


  • + USB pass-through port
  • + Mechanical switch options


  • No dedicated macro buttons

5. G513

The G513 is a high-performance gaming keyboard with an attractive aluminum-alloy minimalist design. While it has a simple design, it has a gorgeous robust, and non-slip housing. While it may have an understated or even modest appearance, this keyboard is fully outfitted with great features.

The LIGHTSYNC RGB system in the G513 can be set to display countless effects, both preset arrangements as well as animations and sequences that you create. Even set the lighting to respond to your games, audio, or your screen for nearly unmatched RGB immersion.

You have your choice of any of the three advanced GX mechanical switch types. For gamers that like the audible click and bump of traditional keyboards, they have the GX Blue known as “Clicky”. For those that like a definite tactile bump in a quieter package, they have the GX Brown known as “Tactile”. Finally, for those that prefer a quiet and smooth operating similar to laptop keys, they have the GX Red or the “Linear”.

The memory foam palm rest has a leatherette wrap, that gives the foam a waterproof and sweat-resistant covering that can be wiped clean in a few moments. In a contrast to some other Logitech gaming keyboards, the G513 offers a detachable memory foam palm rest, so it can be removed or adjusted for optimal comfort.


  • + USB pass-through port
  • + Detachable palm rest


  • The thinner profile isn’t for everyone

4. Pro X

The Pro X is an extremely robust wired programmable RGB keyboard. It is built with pro gamers in mind, and includes a compact design, swappable switches, and is fully tournament tested. The advanced GX mechanical switches are created for durability, reliable performance, and responsiveness.

All keys can have the switches swapped out so you can customize the feel of each button exactly how you want to. There are no G-Keys so that the Pro X is always competition-ready, but you can program any commands and even intricate timed actions to your F1-F12 keys.

The super-compact design lets you give your mouse the main stage, without worries of running out of room and hitting your keyboard at a crucial moment. The USB cable is also detachable from the keyboard itself. This makes it perfectly portable as well, take it to tournaments or down the street, it travels effortlessly.

The LIGHTSYNC RGB system of the Pro X keyboard includes full custom setups. Blackout all but your critical keys, show your team colors, or setup animations. The Pro X even has onboard memory for a static tournament lighting scheme. All set up through the G HUB software.

Logitech has your comfort covered with the Pro X. The rubber feet keep the keyboard from going on a tour of your desk, and the feet have a vital three-step adjustment for optimal comfort when putting in serious gaming time.


  • + Swappable switches
  • + Compact design


  • No dedicated media buttons

3. G815

The G815 showcases some incredible gaming technologies in a super-thin and sleek design. This keyboard is only 22mm high across the entire length, but it doesn’t feel cheaply made at all. On the contrary, the G815 feels solidly built and brings that durability to your toughest gaming sessions.

The mechanical buttons are available in the three types Logitech offers, a silky-smooth stroke on the GL Linear, a noticeable bump from the GL Tactile, and an audible click and bump with the GL Clicky. Both the Tactile and the Linear are nearly silent, while the Clicky does have a soft audible click that isn’t obnoxious.

The LIGHTSYNC RGB and dedicated programmable G-Keys give the G815 a degree of control that gamers are unlikely to encounter outside of the Logitech family. There is also a full-power and full-speed USB passthrough port, so you can charge your digital device, or even power a mouse.

The G815 also uses the Logitech G HUB to give you complete control over your games and your gear. Customize your lighting across tech, create and assign macros, and more. You can even use it to tweak your settings according to what games you’re playing.


  • + Designed to be ultra-thin
  • + Intelligent RGB effects


  • 3mm button travel distance is a little long

2. G915 TKL

If you like a more compact tenkeyless keyboard, but still need the performance of a top-tier gaming keyboard, the G915 TKL is a gem. It’s wireless, which can be a turn-off with some keyboards, but this one boasts a huge 40-hour capacity at 100%  RGB brightness. That’s impressive, and even more so when you see the lighting on this beast.

The RGB effects can have two entirely different profiles stored onboard, ready wherever you are. The amazing LIGHTSYNC RGB is lit per key and can be used to show preset effects, as well as animations to truly show your style.

The three different low-profile mechanical switches that Logitech offers are available with this keyboard. The GL Clicky which gives you both an audible click and tactile feedback, the GL Tactile which gives you a gentle bump for tactile feedback, and the GL Linear which has a smooth keystroke.


  • + The compact tenkeyless design saves space
  • + Super-fast wireless response times


  • Four-hour recharge time is long, but not terrible

1. G915

The G915 is one of the most remarkable gaming keyboards on the market. The buttons have a 2.7mm throw, with a 1.5mm activation distance for crucial time savings in execution. The high-performance, low-profile GL mechanical switches were created for this keyboard.

There are 5 dedicated programmable G-Keys, with the ability to store 3 separate G-Key profiles. Dedicated media controls mean your hands never have to leave the keyboard to adjust volume, change tracks or videos, start, stop, and pause.

Even though this keyboard utilizes a rechargeable battery, the battery life is a massive 30 hours with the beautiful RGB effects at full brightness. The super-sleek slim design is only 22m thick but is so solidly built that you will never question the readiness of this keyboard. Features Logitech’s LIGHTSPEED wireless technology, as well as ultra-fast Bluetooth, so you can maintain two connections at once.


  • + Full-featured top-tier keyboard
  • + Dedicated macro & media buttons
  • + 7mm travel distance


  • Should include wrist rest for price.

Wrapping Up

Logitech is one of the most well-known names in keyboards, mice, and other interface devices for good reason. There isn’t a single keyboard on this list that’s a dud. No matter what you’re looking for, you can likely find a Logitech model that will take care of you.

From budget keyboards that don’t slack on performance, like G213, up to professional e-sports models with all the bells and whistles like the G915, there is something for everyone. Pay close attention to the key styles you prefer, the movement, and the feel of the activation, and you’ll have a high-performance keyboard for less than many competitors.