Top 10 Best Legends in Apex Legends Season 5

By George Wood Jr.

UPDATED – 6/1/2020

The high-profile arena Skull Town is sinking into oblivion by the vengeful wrath of the newest Apex Legend, Loba. Hot on the trail of Season 4’s Legend, Revenant, the lupine-inspired thief Loba seeks to avenge the brutal murder of her parents by the cybernetic assassin. She has reduced one of the most popular spots in King’s Canyon to smoldering rubble, which is a hell of an introduction into Season 5 of Apex Legends.

Loba has proven she can take on demolition projects and steal our attention, but how does she stack up to the existing Legends? Below is our updated list on the best Apex Legends, Season 5 edition

10. Bloodhound

Top 10 Best Legends in Apex Legends Season 4 - Bloodhound
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The goggled huntsman Bloodhound is Apex Legend’s take on Predator, a stealthy stalker who can spot his prey through walls and kill without a sound. Despite his merits as a manhunter, he stumbles in many other areas that hamper his ability to dominate on the battlefield.

Bloodhound is a sizable Legend with a large hitbox. This size understandingly makes him a favorable target within the crosshairs. However, unlike Caustic and Gibraltar, this size vulnerability isn’t offset by a helpful 10% damage reduction.

His perks, though edgy and fascinating, lack practical utility. For example, his Eye of Allfather ability reveals enemies far away across the map, though the ability to see them through obstructions only lasts a few seconds. Thus, successfully timing a kill shot as a spotted foe turns a corner is a rare occurrence.

Similarly, underwhelming is Bloodhound’s Tracker ability. Activating Tracker highlights the other team’s footsteps in a distracting glow, diverting focus to the ground when it really should be toward the surrounding environment.

Bloodhound’s Ultimate, Beast of the Hunt, colors the world grey and highlights opposing Legends fire alarm red. This is supposed to aid in spotting foes but for me the visual effect is more unsettling than helpful. Bloodhound is a legend best kept in the kennel.

9. Caustic

Top 10 Best Legends in Apex Legends Season 4 - Caustic
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Fartlord Caustic is known as the toxic trapper, a heavyweight Legend whose pungent yellow gas clouds are lethal to any who get an unfortunate whiff. His giant stature presents a large hitbox for his adversaries, but this vulnerability is fortunately offset by a 10% resistance to damage.

Caustic brims with potential as a contributing teammate. His Nox grenades inflict appreciable area of effect damage, a shocking initial blast followed by a withering poisonous fog. Gas traps have a similar effect, while also crippling enemy movement. Stuck in a carcinogenic cloud, these coughing victims can be highlighted using Nox Gas Vision and finished off with ruthless automatic weapon fire.

Mastery of Caustic’s abilities in Apex Legends requires rigorous practice. In novice hands, Nox Gas can be equally harmful to your team as to the opposition. Nox gas slows down all characters enveloped in its smoke, all except Caustic. Not only that, but his signature smog indiscriminately obstructs vision, unless Caustic activates his Nox Vision ability.

Unless properly coordinated with a team of Legends, Caustic’s noxious gas can end up being a hindrance toward friendly victory.

8. Bangalore

Top 10 Best Legends in Apex Legends Season 4 - Bangalore
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Hailing from the planet Gridiron, Bangalore scored top of her class at the IMC Military Academy as a pedigreed super soldier. Out in the thick of the action, she is a battle-hardened survivor that always seems to avoid death right in the nick of time.

Her passive ability “Double Time” is like a shot of adrenaline into the chest. Each time a bullet narrowly misses her, or a grenade goes off in her vicinity, her energy spikes making her sprinting speed twice as fast.

Seasoned Bangalore players have a sniper’s eye when chucking her tactical smoke grenades, knowing exactly when and where to deploy a smokescreen. This impenetrable fog conceals a hasty escape from danger, as well as providing dense cover for a resurrection attempt.

Her Ultimate Rolling Thunder calls in a devastating artillery fusillade from the heavens, flushing out campers, denying an enemy resurrection, or staggering any within earshot of the explosive drumming.

The downside here is the extensive time between triggering the move and the moment of impact. This pause provides would-be victims a large window of time to scurry out of the blast zone and into safety.

7. Lifeline

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The impish medic Lifeline is another Legend specializing in team support but, unlike Crypto, she isn’t hamstrung by her reliance on drones. Assuredly, her friendly Drone of Compassion and combat shield wall contribute to a character that is a mix between a small tank and a field hospital.

As an attacker, Lifeline’s small frame and swift movement make her a challenging target to mark, but even more challenging is flanking her shield wall. Talented Lifeline players can use the shield wall to bait opponent advancement, pepper them with some gunfire and immediately redeploy her shield. When this tactic is timed correctly, repeated use is enough to win any close quarters combat.

Primarily though, Lifeline is all about peace and love. Her DOC healing drone can be quickly constructed to heal entrenched comrades locked in a firefight. Should they lose, Lifeline can deploy the above-mentioned impenetrable shield wall to protect herself while resurrecting them. She is quicker than any other Legend when resurrecting fallen compatriots.

Finally, her Ultimate ability Care Package is a crowd favorite, delivering a potpourri of beneficial defensive gear for the home team. Compared to other Ultimates, Care Package rarely turns the tide of battle but hey, who can complain about extra shielding and first aid equipment?

6. Revenant

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A scorned hitman turned Legend, the nightmarish cyborg Revenant is an Apex savage. There is no other character who is able to instantly reverse death or temporarily amputate his opponent’s special abilities.

We’ll first start by talking about Revenant’s Ultimate Death Totem, which allows Revenant and any nearby teammates to create a checkpoint where, if they die, they will return to with similar health. It should be noted that once the Death Totem is activated, the user’s health will slowly deplete. That said, the steady speed at which this occurs allows ample time to inflict all sorts of evil carnage upon the world.

Revenant’s Silence ability is a damning poison upon any enemy affected by it, disabling use of all Tactical and Ultimate abilities, as well as Gibraltar’s Passive Gun Shield, for 20 seconds. Legends become feeble schmucks when afflicted with Silence, limping fawns just begging for the rifle.

These two abilities alone make Revenant a great one, not to mention the athletic bonuses he receives because of his passive. Every team needs a Revenant.

5. Loba

Top 10 Best Legends in Apex Legends Season 5 Loba

In the Apex Legends universe, who can say what would happen if Loba and Revenant scrapped one on one, besides the fact it would be a legendary fight to the death?

On this list however, I have to put newcomer Loba just short of Revenant’s position.

Loba’s tactical ability Burglar’s Best Friend is an acrobatic thrill to use, fluid teleportation through building windows, up sniper posts and in flanking positions around enemies. She moves as quick as the wolf of her namesake and can strike just as savagely.

That said, it is important to note that the wolf is most effective when supporting her pack. Loba is no different. With her Eye for Quality, she can spot the locations of epic and legendary loot from afar, even if they’re hidden in chests and behind walls. She can then use her Ultimate, Black Market Boutique, to instantly pick up two of any nearby loot items and allow her team to do so as well.

This ability is especially effective when used at the start of the match; while other players are wasting time scouring for good loot, Loba can immediately sniff it out and help her team maximize their battlefield advantage.

It’s worth mentioning enemies can also utilize the Black Market Boutique, but by the time they do it’s likely your team will have picked all the choice equipment

4. Wattson

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Defensively, no other Legend can outrank Wattson. Wattson is the electricity charging any home team holdout, whether that’s a contested hilltop or a lockbox-secure building.

Constructing an expansive network of electric fences using her Perimeter Security ability is an essential strategy playing as Wattson. Any foe who has the misfortune of passing through is immediately damaged and slowed down, making them ripe for slaughter. The wise Wattson player will coordinate with teammates to create an impenetrable border fence to repel any offensive push. Her defense-building capabilities benefit mightily from her Passive ability Spark of Genius which boosts her Tactical recharge time.

Of course, the strongest buff she offers is with her Ultimate ability, Interception Pylon. If Perimeter Security is the moat around your team’s fortress, than Interception Pylon are the hundred foot walls armed with cannons, archers, and cauldrons of hot burning tar. This Ultimate is like an Iron Dome, intercepting all incoming ordinance launched by foes, forcing a head on attack. On top of this, all defenders in vicinity of the Interception Pylon receive a supercharged shield recovery boost.

If you are trying to overtake a team protected by the engineering prowess of Wattson, all I can say is, best of luck.

3. Gibraltar

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Gibraltar is a 6’4”, wild-eyed, armored war elephant of a character, successfully leading pushes on enemy territory while just as readily defending a position from any foolish enough to charge him.

His relentless offensive power is massively bolstered by his stonewall defensive capabilities. When aiming down the sights, his passive ability Gun Shield protects his tree trunk torso from any attacks. This shield, coupled with Gibraltar’s inherent damage reduction perk, makes head on attacks against this legend tantamount to suicide.

Try to attack from a distance, and Gibraltar will deftly deploy an expansive Dome of Protection, protecting him and any enclosed teammates. This shield also boosts friendly health recovery and resurrection speed. From that point, he will either dip in and out of the shield to shoot, or rain hell on an assailant via his pulverizing Ultimate ability, Defensive Bombardment.

Gibraltar is a titan. Underestimating him in the warzone is a mistake swiftly learned from, the instrument of education being his broad, unforgiving shield arm.

2. Pathfinder

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Pathfinder is zippy, upbeat, and a speeding harbinger of death in combat. This affable droid easily trounces Octane in the mobility department, swinging around the map like a cyborg Spiderman, shooting white hot lead at his enemies rather than webbing.

His grappling hook is without a doubt one of the most fun tactical abilities amongst his fellow Legends. Being able to hook into any surface and jet toward it allows Pathfinder to aid pinned down teammates, or blow past enemy defenses to wreak havoc from the inside. While in the air, he’s able to sever his line and grapple onto another surface, changing his trajectory completely to dodge sniper fire. The potential to dominate ranked matches with this ability cannot be understated.

When a team firefight gets too incendiary, Pathfinder doesn’t just grapple away to safety by himself. He brings the whole squad along, busting out his Zipline Gun to release a cable that he and the rest of his team can jump onto, making a hasty getaway to regroup.

These fantastic evasive abilities are a huge boon for the character, especially because the last update made his passive ability quite unremarkable. Since the update, now all recon-type Legends can use survey towers to ascertain the position of the next ring, not just Pathfinder. Still, this is a miniscule downside when weighed against the glorious, game-breaking opportunities offered by his wily cable slinging.

1. Wraith

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Apex Queen Wraith took a portal straight to the top of our list, with no objections on our part. She is a raging killfiend with a stacked set of warped abilities, all deriving from interdimensional powers she uses with distinction to obliterate any in her path.

Landing a hit on Wraith is a remarkably tough proposition. Physically, she has one of the tiniest hitboxes that pairs well with her rapid movement speed. On top of this, any time a shooter is scoping in on Wraith, she is alerted of this danger by a Voice from the Void, her Passive ability.

Should one finally pop off a few shots on Wraith, they will soon be crestfallen to lose her as she disappears into the void, becoming completely invincible for a temporary period of time. Into the Void, her tactical ability, leaves a faint blue light that tracks her path as she sprints to safety with a significant speed boost.

The real gamebreaker she offers is her Ultimate, Dimensional Rift. This 60-second cosmic wormhole connects two areas on the map via portals that any Legends can utilize.

The possibilities offered by it are as infinite as the alternate realities Wraith is likely creating any time she shreds through the spacetime continuum. Downed allies can escape through it to safety, as can teams who are pinned down by opposing rivers of hot lead. Wraith can use portals as a trap for the opposing team, waiting on the other side with a cocked shotgun. She can use it in conjunction with Into the Void to venture safely out beyond the ring for equipment.

These past couple passages have brought up how she uses these abilities defensively. God have mercy on any who faces the brunt of these abilities by an aggressive Wraith player… which, as it turns out, is just about the entire community of Wraith players. If you need tips for the right firepower to take down a wraith, check out our “Top 10 Weapons in Apex Legends Season 4” guide!

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