Top 10 Best Landing Spots in Apex Legends Olympus

By Jim Jones

Apex Legends has been getting players involved in the battle royal format for several seasons. With each new season of the game, the map changes and evolves to give players a new and exciting way to play the game. In past seasons, players could play on large maps like the classic Kings Canyon or the always hectic World’s Edge. For the brand new Season 7, Apex has finally released the long awaited Olympus map.

From its unique design to plenty of new loot to try and find, Olympus offers the player a new form of Apex combat with its city streets and large areas for combat. However, you need to know where to drop with your squad if you want to successful. Blindly landing in a strange area with no idea what loot is there is a surefire way to need a revive in seconds. With these 10 landing spots, you’re sure to get the loot and tactical advantage you need to make sure your squad comes out on top.

10. Carrier

Top 10 Best Landing Spots in Apex Legends Olympus - Carrier
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Olympus shows us a look at a city in the sky with lush vegetation and luxury amenities for those who used to live there. However, the carrier section of the map shows how all those goods actually got to the city. A very industrial style shows the working elements of the city and gives every squad different options for how they want to loot. Some smaller buildings are a good place to start looting while the real fun begins when you enter int the massive carrier craft itself to get some higher level weapons. Combat at carrier can be a little one-sided, so make sure you have good gear before going to and from the ship itself.

9. Elysium

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A very small area, Elysium is a floating vessel that is only going to be a place where just a few squads can stay without getting too cramped. This vessel is fun as it is not on the map itself, but it is a floating among the clouds that makes it hard to get on and off of unless you land there or use the zip lines. Not much loot and small spaces make this a favorite site for those players that want to get to combat right when they drop. It may help to see if many other squads are dropping here before touching down.

8. Orbital Cannon

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The orbital cannon is a massive weapon that has plenty of history in the Apex story. The clear highlight of the spot is the cannon itself, but the looting around that area is decent. You can loot around the cannon and there is lots of closed spaces at this drop. Some players will like this location as if offers plenty of opportunity for early game combat as you will be fighting with other squads for limited loot around the cannon itself. For those who like a central location with the potential for some good combat, Orbital Cannon is definitely a spot to check out.

7. Rift

Top 10 Best Landing Spots in Apex Legends Olympus - Rift
(© Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment)

If you love the way locations look, rift is unlike any other landing spot in any Apex map. This massive black sphere plays a key role in the story of apex and contrasts the otherwise very pristine and scenic city of Olympus. Inside the zone, you can find a perimeter of buildings that all lead to a central sphere of unusual energy that may not look like the place to go. However, stepping next to this rift sphere will have you sucked in and transported to another location on the map! You can loot at Rift and go through the portal to get the jump on some unsuspecting enemies. Keep your eyes on the sky at rift as enemies can fly in from the portal and catch you off guard.

6. Hammond Labs

Top 10 Best Landing Spots in Apex Legends Olympus - Hammond Labs
(© Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment)

A key element to the Apex story line, Hammond labs makes an appearance on Olympus. Unlike many other locations that utilize multiple buildings and spaces to loot, Hammond Labs is a singular building with a very intentional design. There are just two doors in and out of the facility, so you better hope you’re the first one in to get loot. It can be a risky location as if you get pinned down inside the lab, there is very little you can do to run away. Be prepared to take a vantage point and take down any squads that try to get in and steal your loot. For the player who likes risk and likes a surprise when they enter a building, Hammond labs is the place to be.

5. Turbine

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Almost right in the middle of the map, we have Turbine offering you a wide array of possibilities for getting through the rest of the game. This landing spot has some really cool visual elements including a turbine itself that can have some great loot if you look for it. Inside the turbine itself, you get a very vertical style of play that allows you to even stay on a turbine blade if you so choose. When someone lands at Turbine, they are likely thinking several steps ahead as they plan the rest of the game out meticulously. Turbine is a great space to grab some loot and then make a calculated decision as to where you should move next to find enemy squads. You are able to get to any other point on the map from Turbine as it offers pathways that help guide you to your next spot.

4. Solar Array

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Solar Array is easy to spot when dropping as you can see the massive solar panel from anywhere on the map. This location offers a fun chance for combat as there are a number of compounds surrounding the panel itself for players to loot and hide in. It is easy to hide from squads trying to hunt you down with vents and corridors all over the place to catch someone by surprise. For great loot, look around the solar panel itself and be surprised with what you might stumble upon. As a bonus, there is a rift portal at Solar Array that will allow you to get to other points on the map in an instant without having to worry about traveling by foot.

3. Docks

(© Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment)

Just like Air Base from previous maps, Docks gives players a very large space to loot and explore when they first land. Players who value their space and don’t want to get caught in a tight corner when looting will appreciate the large scale of Docks that makes it a sniper’s paradise. The simple layout of Dock is easy to navigate, but it is far from a boring spot. The multilevel design of Docks allows for more loot to be found and gives you a place to try out the new trident when you need to get away in a hurry. Docks isn’t the best for early game action, so it won’t be a favorite for players who like to drop and get into the action immediately.

2. Energy Depot

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Located right near Turbine, Energy Depot offers you a wide array of platforms and areas to loot when you first drop. It seems like this location may not be too popular in the early game as it is very similar in design to areas like Solar Array and Carrier with its very utility focused design language. This spot could be ideal for those looking for a quitter start to the game as it is rather large and has enough loot to keep a few squads happy before they have to face off with each other. In a similar sense to turbine, the location of Energy Depot also gives the player an array of movement options when it comes to next spots to check out.

1. Estates

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For most players, the last thing they want to deal with right on dropping is having to face off with several other squads in a small area. In the abandoned living area of Estates, its small size and multiple buildings allow your squad to get basic loot before moving to a more central location on the map. However, the lack of higher-level loot and smaller size of the location means you will be involved with very one-sided firefights depending on who dropped there first. What many players are bound to love about Estates is the central location on the map that allows you to make key plays as the game’s circle begins to get smaller. If you don’t need great loot off the get go and prefer a quitter first round, Estates could be perfect for you.


Olympus is the largest Apex map we have seen yet and opens up new forms of combat and moving around. Whether you drop in the rift and teleport around the map or try out the trident vehicle, you are sure to have fun on the massive floating city of Olympus.