Top 10 Best Honeycomb Gaming Mice

By Erika Lentz

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Gaming is about so much more than skill; it’s about comfort too. One of the newest trends in PC gaming is the honeycomb gaming mouse. Pair this with a great gaming keyboard, headphones, and mousepad and you’re good to go. There are a ton of different types of keyboards out there for you to choose from. Check out our lists for compact mechanical keyboards, keyboards with programmable macro keys, and tenkeyless mechanical keyboards.

The honeycomb design creates a super lightweight mouse with incredible air ventilation meaning no more hand cramping or sweaty palms. Having a good gaming mouse is essential for breezing through any objective. Here is a list of the top 10 best honeycomb gaming mice to get you started.

This gaming mouse from HK Gaming is a nice choice for everyone, being affordable and diverse. You get a choice of 10 different colors and two sizes. The Mira-M is a medium sized mouse whereas the Mira-S is a similar model, just a bit smaller in size. This mouse weighs just 63 grams. It has an adjustable cpi up to 12,000, 50 G max acceleration, 250 ips max speed, and 1 ms response time. It is ergonomically designed and has two side buttons, anti-slip grips, and a dust cover.

The main complaint we have about this mouse is that the side buttons and dpi/cpi switch are too close together, so it is possible to accidentally trigger the switch. In addition, this mouse does not last as long as other gaming mice we’ve had.

This mouse is a cheap option that is a great choice for any type of gamer. This comes in black, white, and orange, though the white and orange cost a slight bit more. This mouse also has RGB lighting and 8 lighting effects to give it a bit of a flare. It has an adjustable dpi up to 12,000 and a 1 ms response time. It also has a low friction copper braided cable, wear-resistant foot pads, and two side buttons.

The main issue that we have with this mouse is that the build quality does not feel the greatest compared to other options. They also say that there are more visually appealing RGB gaming mice.

This mouse from G-Wolves Hati comes in four different color options; faze red (pictured), white, aqua, and black/purple (color gradient). This mouse is durable thanks to dustproof switches and it is rated for 20 million clicks. It is also easy to use with a drag resistant cord and rubber mouse grips. It has a max acceleration of 50 G, max speed of 250 IPS, and max dpi of 12,000. It weighs 61 grams and has two additional side buttons.

This mouse is a more expensive option, though it is still quite affordable. The white version is a bit pricier than the other three options. This mouse will also require a special software to sync, which is an additional purchase.

This gaming mouse from Cooler Master is a decently priced option which comes in two different colors; glossy white and wilderness (dark green). It is lighter than many other options at 53 grams and also has a higher available dpi with a max of 16,000. This mouse has an ultra-weave cable to reduce resistance and low friction feet with a consistent glide. It also has two side buttons.

The main complaint that we have with this mouse is that the side buttons are not very high quality. They tend to wobble, meaning they can be triggered easily even when you don’t want them to. These can be complicated to program and they may also get stuck on occasion.

Another great choice from G-Wolves, this mouse comes in five different colors option including black, white, red, aqua, and white/blue (color gradient). It weighs 65 grams and has a lightweight paracord cable designed to reduce drag. It has RGB lighting which you can customize with five onboard memory profiles. This mouse has a dpi of up to 12,000, max acceleration of 50 G, and max speed of 250 IPS. It has two side buttons.

This mouse is a bit pricier than some of the other options but it is by far not the most expensive. Note that this mouse does not have the best connection. Also another negative is the side buttons tend to wear down quickly.

This gaming mouse from FinalMouse is one of the more higher end options available. It comes with several different thicknesses of Infinity Skins so that you can change the dimensions of the mouse. These skins are sweat and stain resistant. This mouse weighs just 47 grams and has a dpi up to 3,200. This is lower than other options but still sufficient for gaming. It has a braided cable to reduce drag. There are two side buttons.

This mouse is very expensive compared to other options and is the priciest on this list by a long shot. So, this is likely a better choice for more serious gamers. We noticed that after extended use the buttons would wear down. This wouldn’t be such a big deal on a cheaper mouse, however this is disappointing given the high price of this mouse

This mouse from Glorious comes in four different styles with black and white color options and either matte or glossy finishes. The matte models are 68 grams while the glossy models are 69 grams. This mouse has e-sports grade customization for dpi (up to 12,000), RGB lighting effects, and a 1 ms response rate. It feels great thanks to an ergonomic design, braided cable which prevents drag, and smooth gliding feet. There are two side buttons on this mouse.

This mouse is advertised as being ideal for people with medium and large sized hands, so people with smaller hands may find this mouse difficult to use. This mouse is a bit pricy compared to other options, though it is definitely not the most expensive choice.

This mouse from XTRFY comes in four different color options; black, white, grey, and blue, with black being the cheapest. It weighs 69 grams and has a flexible braided cable. This mouse has a 1 ms response rate and customizable dpi up to 16,000. It is durable and can last for 20 million clicks. This mouse also comes with customizable RGB lighting, which allows you to change the lighting effects as well as the brightness. It has two side buttons.

After extensive playtime our reviewers noticed that the cable on this mouse can be fairly poor quality, leading to the mouse disconnecting and producing lag. Reviewer also pointed out that the side buttons cannot be reprogrammed.

This mouse from Cooler Master is the prior version of the MM711 but it is a much more cost-effective option. It comes in both matte black (pictured) and glossy black. Both versions weigh 53 grams. This mouse has an ultraweave cable and low friction feet to reduce any drag. It has a max dpi of 16,000 and a 1 ms response rate. It also has two side buttons and OMRAN switches rated for up to 20 million clicks.

The main issue that we have with this mouse is that the left button tends to stick or fail. In addition, our reviewers say that the dpi is not always calibrated properly, so you may struggle if this setting is off slightly.

Another great choice from Glorious, the Model O mouse also comes in black and white colors with matte and glossy finish options. This mouse has a braided cable and smooth-gliding feet to give you a wireless feel. It has 6-step dpi up to 12,000 and is lighter than the Model D mentioned previously. The matte version is 58 grams while the glossy version is 59 grams. It is rated for 20 million clicks and has a 1 ms response rate.

This mouse is designed for people with small and medium sized hands, so users with larger hands may find this mouse uncomfortable. This mouse is also a bit pricy compared to the other choices, so more casual gamers may want to check out some cheaper options. The main issue that we ran into with this mouse is faulty wiring in the cord, meaning that the mouse may sometimes disconnect.


PC gaming can be ridiculously fun but only if you have the right equipment. You need to get a good keyboard and mouse at the very least and these honeycomb mice are a great choice for any style of gamer. They keep your hands cool and comfortable during long gaming sessions so you’ll never need to worry about hand fatigue again. You also won’t have to deal with the typical wear and tear that comes from sweaty palms breaking down the material over time. There are a ton of choices out there, so browse through this list and find the best one for you based on what kind of gamer you are. Then kick back, relax, and enjoy your game.