Top 10 Best Headsets for Escape from Tarkov

By Jim Jones

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Immersion is key to slaying your enemies in any video game, but it is especially true for the first-person shooter (FPS), Escape from Tarkov. The audio is a vital component of suspenseful gameplay. This game will have looting and shooting your way to victory as you collect rare armor and weapons.

Escape from Tarkov feels like a walk through a serene forest, as far as sound goes. The audio is so quiet that using gaming headphones is almost necessary. These are the best options.


  • + Designed for comfort
  • + Superb audio quality
  • + Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • + Dynamic software


  • – Controls overcrowd the left ear
  • – Lacking in Audio Presets

The Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero has a sleek design finished with a matte black color and gray accents. It’s an all-plastic design except for a metal headband. The foam padding provides plenty of cushions so that you can play for hours without having to readjust the headphones. They are lightweight and include numerous onboard control features.

15mm drivers boast a 12Hz-20kHz audible range that delivers plenty of texture and a superior directional sound for all your gaming needs. These drivers have an impressively flat response, although a punchier bass would make these headphones even better.

All in all, these headphones are great for Escape from Tarkov, however, there are better suited for first-person shooters.


  • + Wireless Connection
  • + Cozy fit
  • + Refined microphone quality
  • + Crisp Audio and programmable response


  • – Environment isolation needs improvement
  • – Wireless compatibility comes at a cost
  • – Better suited to computer gaming than consoles

The Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Headset is a wireless model of the BlackShark V2 and includes many of the same great features. It is made out of lightweight plastic and is incredibly durable despite its looks. It weighs in at 0.7lbs so you will never notice it as you are playing your games.

The Wireless BlackShark V2 comes with innovative tri-force titanium drivers with THX spatial audio software that allows for audio response tuning. All in all, the sound quality is superb. The experience that comes along with these studio-grade headphones is one that will completely immerse you within Escape from Tarkov.


  • + Comfortable and rigid design
  • + Additional velour padding
  • + Minimal leakage


  • – Microphone can use treble bleed-off
  • – Console performance suffers

The Logitech G Pro X was developed in collaboration with top E-Sport athletes, as such, they are one of the best headsets for competitive gaming. They weigh in at 320g, so they are incredibly lightweight but also rigid due to their rigid plastic frame. The velour padding surrounding the ears provides a leak-free seal while also adding pristine comfort.

50mm hybrid drivers provide a thumping bass response while also allowing for a crisp top end. The microphone provides great isolation and clarity so that your voice will never be muddied by surrounding noises.


  • + Great frequency response
  • + Long-lasting battery life


  • – Microphone could use a better noise isolation design
  • – Overall design quality
  • – Sleep mode function can be annoying
  • – Base station needed for operation

The Astro A50 improves on what the A20 model lacked. Astro redesigned the 2.4GHz base station to be more compact and efficient. The headset is designed for comfort and optimizes external noise isolation capabilities.

Superb frequency response is marked by punchy bass and well-balanced mid/treble ranges. A neutral sound profile and great isolation make the A50 a candidate for the best surround sound headsets on the market. Although they don’t quite match up with open-back models, the Astro A50 makes for a great pair of gaming headphones while you are immersed within Escape from Tarkov.


  • + Adjustable headband
  • + Quality materials
  • + Powerful, spacious sound quality


  • – Poor isolation
  • – Bulky design
  • – Split cable is a nuisance

A well-balanced audio quality that excels in the low-range makes the EPOS I Sennheiser GSP 600 one of the best bass-heavy gaming headsets on the market. EPOS did forget about the mids, however, as they blend harmoniously with both the bass and accentuated high end. However, poor isolation lessens the sound quality.

Many users also appreciate the adjustable headband. This feature allows you to easily change the tension that is put on your head, making them a lot more comfortable than other options. If you have owned a pair of headphones that squeezes your head in the past, you will understand the importance of being able to adjust the size.

Additionally, being able to secure the headphones comfortably allows you to receive improved noise cancelation when compared to other models. This is because a seal is created over your ears- keeping the sounds around you out, so you can focus on the game.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the quality of surround sound. They can benefit your gameplay, since you will be able to hear where enemies are approaching from. The quality is amazing, allowing any player to easily spot the needed sound cues.


  • + Balanced audio and microphone profile
  • + Immersive head tracking software
  • + Programmable LED lighting


  • – Audio quality is dependent on the headset fit
  • – Limited audio control features
  • – Noise cancellation isn’t up to par

Although its noise cancellation features aren’t the best, the JBL Quantum One makes up for additional features and microphone/audio quality. This model is so revered among gaming enthusiasts that competitive E-sport teams are even using them to win championships.

Its main selling feature is the head tracking software. As you turn your head, the sound quality changes – allowing for an almost too realistic audio experience. Pair this feature with the active noise cancellation software and a top-of-the-line gaming mouse and you have a recipe of complete immersion within Escape from Tarkov.


  • + Bass can be adjusted on each ear
  • + Boom microphone provides brilliant isolation
  • + Top-notch build quality


  • – Wired connection
  • – No control features

As its name implies, the HyperX Cloud Alpha feels like a cloud on your head as you get your game on. They are lightweight and provide plenty of cushions all the while retaining strength and flexibility. Beautiful stitch work around the headband makes this headset one of the most eye-catching on this list.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha headset also features an innovative split driver system. This driver uses a subwoofer for the bass and midrange and a tweeter for the treble along with a custom soft crossover. The driver’s pair with a great seal design so that isolating your attention will be no sweat.


  • + Excellent sound and stereo separation.
  • + Stable and comfortable design
  • + Split cables, both with inline controls


  •  – Expensive
  • – Cables can be a hindrance

For its price, you can’t compete with the features of the Beyerdynamic MMX 300. This headset features a boom microphone that provides great audio reproduction at the receiving end, although it could use extra emphasis on the mids. It’s a quality microphone that can be used for team chat as well as podcasts.

While expensive, you are going to get a lot of quality. The sound that comes from this headset provides an excellent range, as well as strong stereo separation. That way, you can hear easily what the game expects you to- providing you with a better reaction time.

With the split cables, you may feel that they get in your way. Still, they are providing you with amazing sound quality. You may need to find ways to position them where they do not bother you.

If you want a simple design, there is not a lot going on with this option. You do not have LED lights, designs, logos, or anything else on the headset- they are simple. Many users appreciate this fact, as they might feel other options are too over the top in their designs.

We also appreciated how easy they are to set up. Right out of the box, you can plug them into your PC or PS4 and they work without any hassle. If you do have an Xbox though, you will probably need to mess around with an adapter to get the equipment to work as intended. Still, they are mostly easy to use for a variety of games.


  • + Wired design eliminates lag
  • + DAC provides multiple customization options
  • + Versatile design


  • – Microphone is prone to distortion
  • – Bass and treble performance varies

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDac is a high-resolution gaming headset, which often isn’t seen in the market. The DAC unit included within the headphones comes with numerous auxiliary features such as mixing in-game audio with call audio and mid-game audio adjustment.

The microphone provides plenty of detail, although compression is evident in the audio reconstruction process. It lacks a resonating bass out of the box; however, the DAC will allow you to customize your sound. All in all, the microphone is a decent one at best due to its inclination to distort.


  • + Harmonious audio reproduction
  • + Comfortable and lightweight
  • + Bargain for its features


  • – Microphone volume could use a boost
  • – Leakage and isolation issues

An all-new white color scheme with red accents makes the Sennheiser Game Ones a head-turner in the gaming world. Plenty of ventilation was included in the headset’s initial design so that you will never succumb to sweat-related issues while gaming.

A boom microphone reconstructs audio with a crisp, crystal-clear definition. The drivers provide plenty of thump in the low end while also displaying a nice blend of mids and high-end frequencies. Since there was such an emphasis on ventilation, isolation and noise cancellation will be an issue with this headset. For a more detailed breakdown of the Sennheiser Game Ones, check out our review here!


There is a reason why popular gaming streamers use a quality headset. First-person shooters are meant to mimic real-life battle scenarios and Escape from Tarkov is no different – any advantage that you can get will do wonders for your in-game dominance. These headsets allow you to hear everything in the game’s environment from the wind blowing through the trees to enemy footsteps.  If you want to win, and win a lot, you have to buy a gaming headset.

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