Top 10 Best Hats in Among Us

By Erika Lentz

Among Us is seriously one of the best online games out there right now. It’s so simple, yet so fun and has really taken hold of many gamers, both serious and casual. Streamers have also jumped on the hype and have begun to stream Among Us quite often. Among Us was actually released in June 2018 but, thanks to quarantine, it really blew up in the summer of 2020.

In this game, you and your crewmates must complete all of your tasks before the imposter, or imposters, kill you all. If you are selected as the imposter, it’s your job to kill everyone without being discovered and before they can complete their tasks. You can sabotage and hide in vents; just don’t get caught jumping out. In between rounds, when someone finds a body or calls an emergency meeting, the group will discuss who they think is the culprit and take a vote.

Of course, video games are about strategy and skill but you want your character to look good while you play. A majority of online games allow you to customize your appearance; a feature that many gamers hold dear. What your character looks like is part of your online identity and even mobile games like Among Us can benefit from this.

In Among Us, there are a few different ways to customize your character’s appearance; hats, skins, and pets. These won’t affect gameplay but they do look pretty cool. Skins and pets do have some free options for people who play on PC (purchased on Steam). However, many people choose to play the free mobile version. Luckily for them, there are both paid and unpaid hat selections available. Hats are also some of the most diverse looks your character can get. Here is a list of the top 10 best hats in Among Us.

10. Hard Hat

Top 10 Best Hats in Among Us - Hard Hat
Among Us (© InnerSloth)

The Hard Hat is available as a free default on PC. It can be purchased individually ($1.99) on as part of the mechanic bundle which also includes the mechanic skin (worn down blue jeans). This hat is a great choice for any hardworking man or woman who is there to get their job done. You have a lot of tasks to do, so you might as well be inspired to really get your hands dirty.

9. MIRA Security Cap

Among Us (© InnerSloth)

The MIRA Security Cap costs $1.99 on both PC and mobile. It is also available as part of the MIRA HQ bundle, which comes with three hats (Landing Headset, MIRA Hazmat Mask, and MIRA Security Cap) and three skins (Landing Official, MIRA Hazmat, and MIRA Security).

Here’s where some of the fun story in this game comes into play. Mira, often stylized as MIRA, is the company that you and your crewmates work for. MIRA HQ was recently evacuated due to imposters trying to take over the facility. Now you all have to fill in, completing tasks and trying to weed out the imposters before it’s too late.

MIRA HQ is one of the three maps available in Among Us with the other two being The Skeld (spaceship) and Polus (planet being used for research). So, it’s only fitting that you’d want to wear a security cap in order to sneak around. They’ll never suspect a thing.

8. Spooky Paper Bag Hat

Among Us (© InnerSloth)

Just in time for Halloween, the Among Us creators dropped several new hat options including the Spooky Paper Bag Hat. This hat, along with the others in the bundle, is free to both PC and mobile users. This hat is honestly adorable. It tries to be scary but doesn’t quite get there. Nonetheless, it is a great choice. It’s fitting for the season and maybe it’ll intimidate your victims or keep any imposters from messing with you.

7. Banana Head

Top 10 Best Hats in Among Us - Banana Head
Among Us (© InnerSloth)

The Banana Head hat is available as a default for both mobile and PC players. This hat is also very cute and a favorite for many players. We all know the old banana slip routine, so maybe this will get you prepped to slip away at a moment’s notice. You’ll need to be sneaky to get away with kills and to hide from the imposter. This is a winning choice for everyone.

6. Knife Hat

Top 10 Best Hats in Among Us - Knife Hat
Among Us (© InnerSloth)

Now, obviously, the objective of this game is to not get slapped in the head with a knife. But it does make for a pretty cool decoration if you do it yourself. The Knife Hat also comes as part of the Halloween bundle and is free to both PC and mobile users. Maybe this will trick the imposter into thinking you’re already dead? Probably not but it looks great.

5. Astronaut Helmet

Among Us (© InnerSloth)

The Astronaut Helmet is part of the astronaut bundle that also comes with the astronaut skin. It is free to PC users and costs $1.99 on mobile. Astronaut helmets are great for anyone on a space crew to have. Unfortunately, the crew of The Skeld didn’t get the memo since they choose to wear the Astronaut Helmets on top of their heads. Maybe this is only a crisis when the imposter decides to sabotage the oxygen supply. It’s still a fun choice, though, and really gives you a feeling of being lost in space.

4. Hazmat Mask

Among Us (© InnerSloth)

The MIRA Hazmat Mask is $1.99 for both mobile and PC gamers. It is also available as part of the MIRA HQ bundle; the same one mentioned under the MIRA Security Cap. Again, this bundle comes with hazmat, landing official, and security outfits.

There is definitely an assortment of tasks in this game where you’ll be dealing with some questionable substances. Inspecting and sorting samples (samples of what is never specified), cleaning the O2 filter, and emptying the garbage will certainly have you wishing you had a protective covering. And we’ve all seen plenty of movies that show the aftermath of curious astronauts who don’t take precaution.

3. Hockey Mask

Among Us (© InnerSloth)

Halloween is the best holiday of the year and the Among Us creators seem to agree. Yet another fun addition to the Halloween bundle, the Hockey Mask is a great way to keep your identity hidden. It is free to users on both platforms. Other masks available in this bundle that are not mentioned as part of this list include the Pirate Hat, Wolf Ears, Witch Hat, Pumpkin Hat, Mohawk, Devil Horns, Bat Wings, Cat Head Hat, and Plague Doctor Hat (pretty fitting for 2020 in general).

With glowing red eyes and a classic look, the Hockey Mask is perfect for any wannabe slasher trying to hack down crewmates in this game.

2. Ninja Mask

Among Us (© InnerSloth)

The Ninja Mask is a default mask that is available for free on both mobile and PC versions of the game. As ancient assassins, ninjas have long served as inspiration for many of our favorite movies and video game characters. Among Us is all about being sneaky so what better way to do it than dressed as a ninja?

The purple color featured on the mask has also long been associated with power and creativity, characteristics you definitely need to take out an entire crew of astronauts. It also signifies mystery and there’s obviously a lot of confusing things happening in this crew. A murder mystery game with a purple ninja is the perfect combination.

1. Knight Helmet

Among Us (© InnerSloth)

The number one favorite among us here at Gaming Top Tens is the Knight Helmet. This is a free default for both PC and mobile users. Taking from the other side of history, the Knight Helmet serves to signify strength and heroism. And you’ll certainly need a lot of that to make it through this mission. Will you be the hero to catch the imposter? Maybe you’ll try and be taken out when no one’s looking. And just maybe you’ll get to be the imposter disguised as a hero trying to fool the crew of MIRA’s Skeld ship.


Among Us pulls in a lot of great features from many classic games. Overall, there are 93 hats, 15 skins, and 10 pets available for you to use in order to customize your character. Though these do not impact gameplay whatsoever, these are a fun way to express yourself and make each round a special experience.

Make sure you get all of your tasks done before the imposter kills everyone. Remember that you’ll need to do your tasks as a ghost as well. Conversely, if you’re lucky enough to be chosen as the imposter, take out all of your unsuspecting comrades before they even knew what hit them.

Among Us is a pretty simple game but there are many tricks that the best players use to make sure they get away with their killing spree every time. On the other hand, while most tasks are pretty self-explanatory, there isn’t really a tutorial section of the game. So, someone may need to explain to you how they work. Be sure to check out some of the top streamers so you can know everything there is to know about playing this game. You can also see what equipment they use in case you want to follow in their footsteps for other games.