Top 10 Best Gaming Monitors For Call of Duty: Warzone

By Nicholas Poe

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Like every other Battle Royale, in Call of Duty’s Warzone, you are only as good as your awareness. Success on the battlefield is largely determined by how much you know about the surrounding area. Where are the other players? Where is the next shop or the next vehicle to help you escape the gas? Where did that snipe come from? All of that information is crucial to your success and having the perfect monitor that allows you to see all there is to see will give you a distinct edge over everyone else.

Warzone is the newest game mode from Call of Duty Modern Warfare. The battle royale game is free to play and currently one of the most popular games on Twitch, YouTube and other streaming platforms. In a game that is all about slight advantages, the gaming monitor you use could make all the difference in the world. Here are the top ten gaming monitors for Call of Duty Warzone.

Everyone knows the Dell brand; they are one of the most well-known and trusted brands in the world of computers. But they may not be the first name people think of when they think of gaming monitors. Dell has a lot to offer the gaming community and the Dell 24 S2417DG proves that. With QHD resolution – close to two times more screen details than HD – your screen will have stunning clarity. The monitor comes with pre-programmed modes that can be changed depending on what genre of game you are playing. The screen is flicker-free and designed for the most eye comfort possible.

The only issue with this monitor is it suffers slightly from narrow viewing angles. But pretty much every aspect of this monitor is adjustable, so that should rarely become an issue. Also, some people like a multi-use monitor, but this monitor really only shines for gaming. It is a great option for Warzone, but if you would also like a monitor that is ideal for Netflix watching, this might not be the best fit.

BenQ is one of the most trusted names in gaming monitors, and for good reason. Time after time, the BenQ team has produced stellar monitors that are well worth the price. The Zowie fits that bill and is a fantastic monitor for your Warzone needs. The refresh rate is truly phenomenal, which is essential for the fast paced Warzone fights. BenQ has taken serious efforts to reduce ghosting and lag, which, once again, is helpful and noticeable in intense Warzone action. The BenQ Black eQualizer technology is designed to make darker areas of maps easier to see into. This could be the different between life and death in some darker corners of the Warzone map.

This monitor is not without its weakness’ though. The image of this monitor does degrade a bit when viewed from the angles. The screen is also a bit on the smaller side, which may fit well with some gaming set ups, but not others. But its low input lag and fast response time make it a really easy recommendation, especially with Fathers Day around the corner! If you want to know more about this product check out our review!

This monitor from ViewSonic has Elite in the name for a reason. It truly is a premier gaming monitor and it will feel that way when you are using it. Some people have called it the king of motion clarity, a nickname which is well-deserved. This monitor appears to be created and built with FPS gaming in mind, meaning that it is ideal for Warzone. Every inch and feature of this monitor is created for lighting fast reactions and reduced issues when moving quickly. The blacklight strobing improves image clarity in fast moving objects. Think vehicles or shots from enemy players.

It’s screen resolution of 1920×1080 pixels isn’t quite perfect for its size. The price can be prohibitive for some people. It is not an entry-level monitor. This monitor is for people who want to elevate their game and take it to the next level. It is for squads taking their Warzone experience seriously. It will help your performance, and it is worth the cost.

Razer is yet another name that is probably super familiar for most gamers out there, especially those who have spent any time researching set up improvements. Razer are known for gear that looks incredible and the Raptor is no different. Having this monitor as part of your setup will make your gaming area feel like a spaceship. But it’s not all about looks. It also has IPS-Grade display for extreme clarity while gaming. It has a high refresh rate for advanced image crispness. The rich, vibrant color is really an area where this monitor shines. Warzone is known for a rich, vibrant landscape that is incredibly well-served by the color scheme of this monitor.

Beyond the technical aspects that make it a great monitor, the build quality is also first rate. It has a built-in cable management system that is truly a lifesaver for the more in-depth setups. It is made with high-quality materials that feel like they will last a long time. The only issue with this monitor is that its lower contrast ratio means that it’s not the best for gaming in dark rooms which could become an issue for some gamers. 

With the XB3, Acer provides another monitor that is for those looking to up there gaming set up to the next level. If you have decided that you want to take your Warzone playing seriously and make sure you don’t hold anything back in your pursuit of those wins, this monitor from Acer could be right up your alley. The XB3 has a full array of backlights to deliver an incredible amount of brightness. It also has a 144Hz refresh rate. Every part of this monitor is superb, from contrast ratios to frame rates. If you decide to use this monitor, you won’t have any excuses if you lose. This monitor will work extra hard to provide every kind of advantage possible for you.

Even though it is cheaper than other monitors that offer comparable specifications, this monitor can still be expensive for some people. It is not an entry level monitor. Much like the ViewSonic, it is a monitor for those who are more serious about their gaming and the price tag reflects that. Still, it is one of the best monitors available right now so it is well-worth the price for many people.

Besides obviously looking incredible and making all of your friends jealous of how awesome your setup looks, this monitor option from MSI packs a serious punch when it comes to features necessary for a successful Warzone fight. The ultrawide curve of the monitor really makes you feel immersed in the game, which helps you stay alert and focused. Your teammates will appreciate that. The 144hz refresh rate and 1ms response time combats ghosting and creates near-perfect response time. It offers a Night Vision feature which allows you to see more clearly in darker areas of the map and may help you spot that enemy crouching in a shed. It is designed perfectly for a multi-monitor set up and will fit seamlessly into almost any set up. Almost every feature of this monitor is customizable, meaning it will do what you need it to do.

The MPG341CQR has a high contrast ration, rich colors, and a wide aspect ratio to create a completely immersive experience. You will feel like you are on the ground with your team. Added to that is a ton of connectivity features to seamlessly pair this monitor with whatever other gear you may have. You can’t go wrong with this monitor for any gaming experience.

Alienware is quickly and quietly emerging as one of the standouts for gaming equipment. You are almost guaranteed to get a quality product with everything they offer. This monitor is no different. This monitor from Alienware is wide with a huge curve, but the aspect ratio fits it perfectly and makes the game come alive in a way other monitors try but fail to do. It might be the fastest ultra-wide monitor on the market right now. The design maximizes your field of view to create the most awareness possible for Warzone. The smooth display makes the game feel about as real as it can get. G-sync technology minimizes any distortion.

Really, the only issue with this monitor is that it doesn’t have a large amount of ports. It doesn’t feel necessary and you don’t really feel like you’re missing out on a lot by not having them, but sometimes it’s nice to have the options. This monitor is easy to recommend for any gaming, but especially Warzone and other immersive first-person shooters.

Heading into the top three, we have yet another BenQ to add to this list. If the curved monitors aren’t your style, but you still want a gaming monitor focused on immersion, then this is a great choice. With a 32 inch option, it is also larger than a lot of the other monitors on this list. The advanced IPS monitor is made for wide viewing angles so you can be aware of any threats on the battlefield. BenQ has eliminated screen flicker with this monitor, so your eyes will be comfortable shutting down the Warzone battlefield for hours upon hours. The image is highly detailed and remains so at almost any viewing angle. The vibrant colors make you feel like you’re part of the scenery.

This monitor is also not only good for gaming – though it is excellent for gaming. It is also good for media viewing or creation, work, or really anything else you might need a monitor for. Some people want a versatile monitor that is excellent across the board, and that is what BenQ offers with this.

Samsung is one of the biggest electronics brands in the world and their gaming offerings can often be overlooked. But it is impossible to overlook this magnificent monitor in any set up in which it appears. At a startling 49-inches, this wide, curved monitor gives the largest range of accurate image possible for a gaming monitor. Basically, with this one monitor, you are getting the equivalent of two smaller monitors side by side, but you don’t have to worry about integration. Samsung has done it for you. A large field of vision is a huge advantage in Warzone and the CRG9 offers that with a lighting quick refresh rate, fantastic color, and a crisp display. Just looking at this monitor makes it speak for itself, really.

Rounding out the list, we have a monitor from one of the gaming community’s favorite brands: Asus. The ROG Swift monitor is everything you could want in a monitor. The image is sharp, bright, and crisp. This monitor will make you enjoy loading into Warzone even more than you already do. The color is very well saturated and it comes with G-sync, an all but essential feature for any high end monitor.

With all of the features, a phenomenal build quality, and a nice style, this monitor is perfect for everyone. It is also cheaper than a lot of other monitors that offer similar, or worse, performance. If you want to see the pros and cons, check out our review!


Your setup is likely different than everyone else’s in the world and you need something that fits exactly what you are looking for. Maybe you want a budget 240hz monitor or maybe you want it as wide and curved as possible. Either way, there is something on this list for you. All of these monitors will enhance your enjoyment of Warzone and the perfect one for you comes down to personal preference. So pick out which one fits and get back out in the Warzone. If your having trouble hearing the enemy in Call of Duty: Warzone, check out our Top 10 Best Gaming Headsets For Call of Duty: Warzone article!