Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboards with Programmable Macro Keys

By George Wood Jr.

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Not all keyboards game the same. While an entry-level gamer can soldier on with a standard-grade keyboard that they fished out of the bargain bin, an upgrade in gaming proficiency truly requires an upgrade in gear.

For a novice jumping into researching which keyboards would be a strong match for their playing style and choice of game, the multitude of options to consider can seem like a tidal wave of decision making. Price and brand are a basic shortcut for an easy choice, but this rudimentary level of research may lead to a purchase that isn’t a perfect fit.

On the other end, drowning in features like rainbows of RGB configurations, numbers of programmable macro keys, what angle a keyboard should rest at, and many others choices can lead to option paralysis, twitching and drooling in front of your computer from fried brain matter.

We here at GamingTopTens want to help you find that perfect match, so below we are sifting through the online data dump of technology specs and rating our top picks for gaming keyboards with programmable macro keys.

Aesthetically, I’m really drawn toward Redragon products because they consistently incorporate beautiful and simple RGB color bands into their designs. There are 5 programmable macro keys available (G1-G5) laid out on the top section of the keyboard, and off to the side of these keys are dedicated media buttons which make movie watching and Netflix binging much easier.

The buttons feature floating keys and OUTEMU Blue switches with a small travel distance, which means fast response times (a key feature integral to keyboardists who play Call of Duty Warzone) and gratifying clicky noises to punctuate a particularly intense firefight. This keyboard has a 50 million keystroke longevity rating, which is a perfectly ripe old age limit considering the low price tag on this keyboard.

For an even brighter key backlight, it’s hard to beat the Syber SK100. This keyboard is as reasonably priced as the previous option, with a more focus onto an ergonomic design. The raised keyboard backing gives the keys the appearance of floating which is a good look when combined with their luminesce. These raised keys, in addition to the blocky wrist rest, contribute to this being a solid ergonomic keyboard. Like all keyboards on here, this one also has programmable macro keys.

Featuring 6 dedicated macro keys, 3 different profile configurations, and a funky LED display that corresponds with the die cast volume roller, there is a lot to like about this keyboard. I’m particularly fond of the aesthetic, the G.SKILL breaking away from the typical rectangle in favor of a trapezoidal shape contained within an aluminum bracket. The blood red glow is ominous, and will remind you how much bloodshed will occur on your road to becoming a master at Escape From Tarkov, (if that’s your poison, try out these mice to aid you on your journey.)

At 50 million keystrokes, this keyboard is going to last, and with the contoured design of the keys and the ergonomic extended rest at the base of the keys, so will your wrists!

With lights as bright as this and a bold ultra-sturdy aluminum reinforced design I don’t know how the Alienware developers can title this keyboard as “low-profile” with a straight face. This keyboard, like the G.SKILL before it, features the highly-responsive, low-actuation Cherry MX keys, and a similar 50 million keystroke longevity.

What sets this keyboard apart is the signature Alienware quality construction and warranty option, which is a major key for gamers prone to putting their keyboards through serious wear and tear. While the price point is a bit higher than I’d like for what is offered, this is still a strong investment in your gaming evolution.

Similarly, sturdy in design is the Durgod Hades, the perfect keyboard for roasting your opponents in the fires of Hell, or just a well placed sniper shot if that’s more your speed. This keyboard may toast your budget but the quality here is elevated beyond the competition.

Besides the kit ‘n caboodle of whimsical light arrangement names, (Radar! Ripple! Nebula! Snake?) this keyboard also supports DURGOD Hera Engine software, which enables tricky Macro configurations and the option to seamlessly update your firmware drivers.

For those who really gravitate toward tenkeyless keyboard options but want to spring for something a bit more affordable, check out our list here.

The Razer Huntsman aimed right for my heart with this one, leaving me smitten with a strong range of features, a 100 million keystroke lifespan with a two-year warranty, and a mid-range price point that beats out a few of the previous picks.

The keys are boasted with a response time of the speed of light, and with a 1.5 mm actuation distance, this brag is not too far from the truth. Pair that with the Razer Chroma RGB light show, and compatibility with complex macro key assignments, and you’ve got a keyboard that will make you a deadly manhunter on the battlefield.

The Logitech Orion Spark boasts “next-gen” on multiple fronts, and I am inclined to agree. Where many keyboard manufacturers aim to fry your retinas with their RGB lighting, the Orion Spark plays down the brightness in favor of unique muted colors that remind me of Galaga numbers and spaceships.

Aesthetically, the breakaway from plain lame rectangular design is refreshing, but the keyboard still retains ergonomic appeal. This keyboard also delivers some of the fastest key response times among its peers, and 9 extra macro keys for quick gaming shortcuts. For gamers that are data hounds while in a match, the keyboard is equipped with a smartphone dock for easy reference of match stats.

We rave about Corsair products often on this website, because they continually deliver deadlysexy products like the K95 RGB PLATINUM. Aircraft-grade aluminum chassis means this keyboard is durable, with a beautiful brushed metal look at the top and a gridiron studding on the space bar, WASD keys, and 6 dedicated macro keys.

I adore the detachable dual-sided wrist rest as many other companies don’t really give the consumer customizability with this feature. Finally, triumphant actuation and clickiness is guaranteed with Cherry MX signature keys.

This is by far the most expensive keyboard on our list, but this is realistic when realizing the sheer superiority of this keyboard to the competition. First, this keyboard is tested for 100 million keystrokes which already puts its longevity higher than most on this list. Additionally, it features ultimate actuation customization with Omnipoint switches, that can be adjusted anywhere from 3.6 mm to a record scorching .4 mm.

As stated with the above Corsair keyboard, I am a fan of detachable wrist rests and the Steelseries Apex Pro accomplishes this magnetically. Finally, I’m quite intrigued with the OLED display that displays rapid fire game data and synchronized info from other applications as well.

Upgrade your keyboard’s armor class and your gaming tier with the HyperX Alloy FPS. This classicly designed keyboard eschews the wizbang features for a compact design that is dedicated to the needs of pro gamers.

Yes, this keyboard is in fact the only one on here with a solid steel frame and chassis. The proven Cherry MX key mechanism is the industry standard for gaming, and with this particular model it’s hard to argue when so many professional FPS gamers use this keyboard (of course, you’ll want to match it with the perfect mouse.)

Tested at 50 million keystrokes and a solid pedigree as a HyperX product, this keyboard is a crushing contender for the best of the best, especially at the high/mid-range price point.


There are many factors that go into purchasing the best keyboard, and with the ones we listed here you can’t go wrong. It should be reiterated that all of the above keyboards feature programmable macros, but also worth mentioning is that all of the above also feature anti-ghosting. This means that complex keystrokes aren’t lost when ripping across the keys like Beethoven, in order to rip apart the competition like Beethoven with a chainsaw.

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