Top 10 Best Gaming Headsets For Call of Duty: Warzone

By Nicholas Poe

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Warzone, the newest addition to the 2019 release Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, is the latest addition to the Battle Royale genre. You’ve probably seen all of your friends hop on the fast-paced first-person shooter at some point over the past week. Twitch is full of streamers loving Call of Duty’s newest attempt at a Battle Royale. Since it is free to play on every platform, lobbies are always full, and games are almost always fun.

In a Battle Royale, like Warzone, staying alert is key to survival. Warzone is all about having that extra edge over your competition. The slightest things can make all the difference to give you that advantage. In these tense moments, when you are pinned between two different teams, even the slightest sounds become weapons in your arsenal. Being able to call out to your teammates when you need help could save your life.

In order to have that edge and hear the slight rustle of a bush or the hushed footsteps on a floor above you, the perfect headset is essential. Here are the ten best headsets to make sure you are prepared for your next drop into Warzone.

The CORSAIR HS50 is a highly comfortable, highly durable headset that will bring you hours of great sounding gameplay. The memory foam earcups are adjustable, so they are comfortable and easily adjusted to the perfect size for you. This means that you’ll never have to give your ears a break from these.

The HS50 is a wired connection, which has its positives and negatives. There won’t be any sound delay, which is essential for Warzone, but also the cord may get in the way at those pivotal moments. This headset does pretty much everything well, but nothing exceptionally. If you are looking for a good, low-price entry to give you an edge in Warzone, the HS50 is the way to go.

For those of you that prefer a wireless connection, Steel Series offers the Arctis 7, a great sounding and beautiful looking wireless alternative to the HS50. Sometimes the cord can get in the way, especially when you are desperately trying to outrun the storm. Obviously, that is not an issue here. For wireless headphones, these have very low latency and exceptional noise cancellation.

Steel Series has long been known to have some of the best microphones in the game. If you’re planning on loading into Warzone with a few friends or recognize that you need to make friends with your random teammates to have any hope of winning the game, this microphone will ensure they hear you clearly and perfectly.

With any wireless equipment, you might run into an issue with battery life. The Arctis 7 boasts a 24 hour battery life, but if you happen to forget to charge it or if the battery runs down, it could be annoying.

Anyone who regularly plays or watches games knows the Astro brand. They have built a reputation for high-quality headsets. They have that reputation for a good reason. The Astro A40 headset is trusted by professional gamers across genres. If it’s good enough for them, you can be sure it is good enough to give you an edge against your Warzone enemies. The earcups are backed with synthetic leather to give you the best sound performance. The design is lightweight, but durable, and built to not overheat your head during long gaming sessions.

As if the legendary headset wasn’t enough, this also comes with the MixAmp Pro. In case you recognize how great you are at Warzone and feel like everyone else should see it to, this bundle has you ready to stream in no time. It’s the perfect way to share your gameplay with your friends when you make that risky, but game-changing move.

Besides just looking like it’s from the future, this Audio-Technica headset will deliver crystal clear sound and comfort. Audio-Technica is a long-respected name in musical equipment. Their gaming headsets deliver on what the name implies. This headset is especially useful for first-person shooters, like Warzone, because of the 53mm drivers that offer almost perfect sound reproduction. The earcups are designed around comfort for long hours of gaming.

The ATH-ADG1X has an open-air design, which comes with both positives and negatives. It makes the headset more comfortable and it won’t overheat your head, but it also could lead to sound leak. It also has a very simplistic design, which is used to ensure you can operate the headset with just one hand, but it also means it doesn’t have quite as many features as some of the other headsets on this list.

Some people may not be as familiar with the Creative Labs name, but their gaming equipment is phenomenal. Creative Labs recognize that the best headset most contain three things: crystal clear audio, fast and clear communication, and long-lasting comfort. The Creative Sound Blaster H6 headset is their attempt to deliver on all three of those things. The biggest advantage this headset will give you is clear directional sound. When you need to know where those footsteps are coming from, the Sound Blaster H6 sets you up perfectly to do that.

A somewhat technical, but cool, feature of this headset is that the bass frequencies are pulled away from the mid and highs. This means that those low, rumbling moments, when a plane is passing overhead or when a vehicle explodes, won’t drown out everything else happening in the game. That could be the difference between life and death.

Logitech is another name that most gamers will recognize. Their headset, as you would expect, is full of quality. Where this headset really shines is the microphone. For Warzone, or really any Battle Royale game, communication with your team is one of the most important parts. You don’t want your voice to fade in and out or be staticky. You need those split-second communications to be on point. The G Pro X microphone will ensure all your comms are crisp and clear.

This headset also has an external premium USB sound card, so you can set your own EQ levels, or download one of the tournament ready EQ profiles that Logitech makes available. With the ability to set your own sound levels, crystal clear communication, and extreme comfort, what more could you want out of a headset?

For a lot of people, the name Sennheiser is synonymous with good headphones. As you would expect, their GSP 370 gaming headset offers truly superior sound quality. They have a long tradition of making excellent headphones and this falls in line. The biggest potential issue with wireless headphones is the delay. In high-pressure Warzone situations, even a millisecond delay could send you back to the lobby. Sennheiser provides truly low-latency headphones. You won’t be able to tell the difference between these and a wired headset. It also boasts a 100-hour long battery, so charging will never come between you and a gaming session.

Much like the Logitech at number 5, this headset offers you the option to customize your own sound settings. The closed-back acoustic design of this headset offers insane noise isolation. This headset truly does make you feel completely immersed in the game.

Coming in at number three, we have another option from Steel Series. Unlike the Arctis 7, the Arctis Pro is a wired connection, so you lose any of the latency or battery life issues you might find in the previous entry. But you get all of the benefits. This headset was designed for pro gamers and it shows. The sound quality is extraordinary. This headset features the first Hi Res audio system in gaming, meaning the directional sound is off the charts. You’ll never have to wonder in what direction that rustling bush came from.

The Arctis ClearCast bidirectional microphone is one of the best and clearest microphones in gaming. Communication with your teammates will never be a struggle. The only downside of this headset is the price tag, but you’d be hard pressed to find any premium gaming headset of this quality for any cheaper.

Being able to control your audio and frequency settings externally is a game-changer for any gamer. You don’t have to rely on the headset to perfectly fit what you want; you can adjust it yourself. That is what this premium headset from Turtle Beach offers, when it is paired with the Tactical Audio Adapter.

Turtle Beach has long been known as some of the most comfortable headsets on the planet and the Elite Pro fits that mold. It offers Aerofit Ear Cushions to deliver cooling comfort for hours. All of the cushions are adjustable to give you the perfect fit. This headset also comes with unprecedented features and controls including team chat settings control at your fingertips, background noise limiter, outbound mic boost, and mic monitor levels.

The LCD-GX is a particularly unique headset for Warzone and, for gaming in general, is likely the best headset in existence. Audeze’s fluxor magnets and “Uniforce” diaphragms bring a level of audible control from a technological standpoint that’s unheard of for a gaming headset, pun entirely intended.

In fact, the quality in the LCD-GX is that of an audiophile headset, which the LCD-GX unabashedly calls itself. This means that it has professional / studio levels of audio output and input with its microphone. Its audio drivers, which Audeze advertises as being “twice as large as other gaming headsets” is going to provide players with a few distinct advantages: Firstly, the audio quality from a treble standpoint is going to be so clear that not only are Warzone players going to be able to identify approaching enemies quicker, but they’re going to be able to do so much more reliably and with greater positional accuracy than otherwise possible. Additionally, the large drivers will provide much lower bass output than other gaming headsets are going to be able to, and at a much higher quality as well.            

All in all, the LCD-GX by Audeze is far and away a higher quality gaming headset than most people are going to use, likely because it’s a high-end headset with a steep price that’s reflective of the sheer endgame craftsmanship you’d expect from a studio level headset. If you want the absolute best headset for Warzone, there’s no passing up the LCD-GX.  


Every first-person shooter, but especially Battle Royales, come down to whatever advantage you can get over your enemies. Call of Duty’s Warzone is no different. Perhaps the best advantage available is situational awareness. When someone moves, you need to know that. If someone is creeping up behind you, you should be able to hear that. If you need help, you need to be able to communicate that to your teammates.

In all of these situations, having a headset that delivers when you need it to is crucial for Warzone success. All of the headsets in this list will give you a competitive edge over the competition. Which one fits your style? Which one delivers the kind of comfort and sound that you need? That’s, ultimately, for you to decide. With Fathers Day coming up, any of these would make a great gift for you gamer dad!