Top 10 Best Gaming Accessories to Help You Win in Call of Duty: Warzone

By George Wood Jr.

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So many so-called “gaming experts” will sit high upon the mountain with their lofty idealism and preach the notion that in order to be a master at Call of Duty Warzone, you have to put in the time and the rewards will follow. They will make a grand sweep of their arm, closing their eyes in ascended meditation, and say something holier-than-thou like:

“Be like the gardener, who toils away through the Spring and Summer to see the bountiful harvest of Autumn. The gardener judges their success not by the quality of their tool, but by the sweat of their brow”

Utter hogwash.

To be the best, you gotta have the best stuff. Take a look at our list of the best CoD MW streamers and see if any of them are equipped with substandard, dime-store rubbish. Thrift shop gaming chairs with someone else’s booty sweat or Craigslist keyboards with aged Cheeto dust caked between the keys; get on out of here with that cheapjack crap.

It’s time to treat yourself with a healthy helping of some self-respect.

Studies are still being conducted on whether or not owning this gaming chair will increase your movement speed in CoD MW, or even in real life, but at this point the answer is not a hard no.

However, it has been stated that resting your cheeks in this chair will make you feel like you’re brimming with 1,000 kilos of raw uncut horsepower, ready to sprint 24 hours of Le Mans and then swim the English Channel.

Just look at the color scheme on this piece! It’s as if Lightning McQueen drove into Staples and made sweet, sweet love music with whatever office chair he could get his wheels around.

I can’t go to the next item without taking a hot second to gush about the angelic ergonomic cushions on the GTRACING Gaming Chair. It’s 2020 people, time to buck the hunchback gamer stereotype. Plus, this chair kicks back to 170 degrees, which means that while you’re waiting for the Warzone lobby to fill up, you can take a quick power snooze and wake up refreshed once boots hit the ground.

Many believe that the Razer Deathadder V2’s name is just a continuation of the company’s affinity for snakey titles, but I have a different theory.

The Deathadder is named as such because using it will add so many more enemy deaths to your CoD MW kill count. Just look at how we rated the sheer tenacity of the Deathadder versus any other mouse on the market!

Spacecraft-inspired design, optimal button layout, the perfect responsive clickyness: All these traits and more contribute to the bloody crown sitting atop the Razer Deathadder V2.

Disclaimer: This mouse will likely add zero deaths to your real life kill count because this mouse, like most mice, is terribly ineffective as a lethal weapon. For these purposes, you’d probably want to go with the…

With an aircraft-grade aluminum frame, this keyboard might be just as deadly in-game as it is out-of-game.

The Corsair K95 RGB Platinum scored top of it’s class in our evaluation of the best keyboards for CoD WarzoneThis thing is a siamese dream of performance and beauty, like some unbelievable reality where the valedictorian is also the all-star high school quarterback, and can play like 5 different instruments and also has immaculate game in the romance arena.

Speaking of love, I fell into it immediately after first witnessing the transfixing coloration pulsating beneath the keys of the beautiful K95 RGB Platinum. I was brought back to a simpler time, driving along Rainbow Road with friends playing Mario Kart, or tripping colorfully at bygone music festivals.

Now, my face glows with a multicolor spectrum as I use this keyboard to gun down opponents in CoD Warzone in the wee hours of the night.

I recognize that I am but one man versus a conference room of salaried product managers and marketing specialists, but I look at this modem and the first thought that comes to mind isn’t Nighthawk. Maybe Nightbeetle? Twilight-Horsefly? NETGEAR, get at me, I’ve got some solid ideas here.

Titles aside, the NETGEAR Nighthawk X6S AC4000 will diligently pump your house full of the strongest Wi-Fis for all your devices.

Just imagine a world where you are no longer the skeevy, dirtbag lagger of the match with molasses internet connection. A reality where bullets that clearly hit the wall two in-game feet away don’t miraculously end up in your brainpan.

All this and more could be yours, delivered through the dark plastic antenna of the Nighthawk.

The Steroids Era of Baseball produced homerun kings the like of which has not been seen since testing was implemented in 2003. Blood doping was such an immense gamebreaker in the Olympics that the Russian government allegedly had a state-backed program to promote its use for Russian athletes. Red Bull has an entire stable of athletes promoting it’s stimulant drink.

All this to say, performance enhancers can be a great thing. Take the Collective Minds Strike pack, which is a physical modification that can be snapped onto your controller and immediately boost your FPS capabilities. This includes auto-adjustments for recoil, customizable rates of fire, immediate reload and slide, plus heaps of other functions that sync with your controller and CoD Warfare performance without computer software configurations, or endangering your warranty.

What does The Dark Knight, Star Wars Ep. 5: The Empire Strikes Back, and The Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 controller have in common? All of these represent those rare occasions where the sequel is actually better than the original. In the case of the Elite Series 2, this is arguably the best controller ever forged in the Microsoft offices.

It’s certainly the most customizable. On the physical modification side, the D-pad, both thumbsticks, and all four paddles are magnetized and easily swappable with other variations that come with the controller. Pop off the left joystick and the tension on it can be manually adjusted between three different settings.

As if that already wasn’t enough, the Xbox Accessories app can be connected with the controller with even more personalization, offering 3 different profiles for button mapping preferences. Plus, with the offered shift button, each profile’s offerings expand widely.

40 hours of gaming isn’t too bad either. Too many strengths with this stealth bomber controller that is tested and Father approved.

The SCUF Vantage 2 Wireless is Playstation’s answer to the Elite Series 2, taking the concept of expansive physical transformation and raining down even more options.

Ol’ SCUFster has interchangeable joysticks, D-pad and paddles like it’s Microsoft cousin, but also allows the owner to manipulate the weight of the controller, and switch out the triggers and bumpers. Everything works with a snap! (Literally, snap on/snap off equipment.)

Another callout to the Elite Series 2 is prevalent with the Playstation’s decision to eschew the mirrored lower joystick arrangement in favor of an offset design and trigger pull adjustment. It does differentiate itself with a lengthwise paddle layout however, as well as the addition of two corner buttons that sidle the bumpers.

The Republic of Gamers, much to my disappointment, does not represent an actual political institution within the American democratic republic.

Of course, I can’t imagine a unified front existing among the gaming communities of different genres. Sure, you might be able to form a coalition between the high energy FPS gamers, virtual sports enthusiasts of FIFA and NBA, and warriors of Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas. What about the socially libertatian RPG party, or those RTS fans that are completely Machiavellian in their dealings? Personally, I think the polarizing views of those fiendish Mobile App gamers and radical Farming Simulator folks are irreconcilable.

The one thing that all these folks could agree on is the superior quality of the ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q as a gaming monitor. Across the board, the specs here are phenomenal, and the price offered here is just as alluring.

Let me paint two pictures of your possible CoD Warfare players: The first is a hooligan, the sounds of battle in Verdansk drowned out by the loud noise of blown out speakers pumping out hyped up trap, old school hip hop or metal. Typically, they’re headbanging their way all the way to the grave.

The second gamer is a warzone ninja, tuned in to the creak of a floorboard, the bang of a door, the pitter-patter of sprinting feet all made audible by the Creative Soundblaster G6. 

The little details are easily missed without this high-res DAC and headphone amp unit, an exceptional technology for vastly improving the sound output through your headphones or speakers on either a console gaming setup or PC. Of course, this hardware also does wonders for music and movie media. If yo want to see a more detailed rundown of the Soundblaster G6, check out our review!

While the Creative Soundblaster is an accessory toward achieving audiophile-approved sound clarity, the HyperX Cloud Alpha is the absolute pinnacle of gaming headset equipment for CoD Warzone.

The “Cloud” in the title likely refers to the fluffiness of the top cushion and memory foam ear cups that fit snugly on average to larger-sized heads, which is essential for maintaining complete focus during a firefight.

Dual chamber drivers within the headset eliminate extraneous outside noise so a virtual soldier can maintain complete immersion behind enemy lines. Above all else the HyperX headset, with it’s asphalt black fabric and crimson accents, looks like the tool of a champion.


Ignore these suggestions at your own risk of spending a lifetime stocking up on participation trophies. The alternative? Save up and then shell out and reap the rewards of achieving CoD Warfare mastery. Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you a larger CoD body count, which is basically the same thing.

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